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Newspaper reading

I tried to do it for The Hindu. But couldn’t do it properly at I need either the newspaper or epaper, which isn’t available. Anyways, it doesn’t matter much as 2 examples (ToI and ET) are enough to get … Continue reading

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Tips on covering the books

I would like to point out a few things before I start. Firstly, as I have always said, it’s better to read one book 5 times rather than reading 5 books once. Whichever book you have selected on a particular … Continue reading

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GS Prelims

I am putting up this post for all those who are going to take the prelims in 2011 or later. As far as I know, the GS paper is going to remain the same for prelims and the changes being … Continue reading

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Test series for pub ad

I spoke to Pavan sir today. He told me that he is going to start test-series from June 23. It would also include discussion and analysis on the same day itself (as many students have to travel long distances). During … Continue reading

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Coaching classes, test series, correspondence courses I attended/enrolled for

In light of the advertisements appearing in various newspapers and magazines, I have been asked by numerous aspirants whether I attended a particular class, correspondence course or test series, etc. Therefore, it behoves me to clarify as to which all … Continue reading

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How to choose the optionals

This is one of the most important decisions one has to make while planning to take the Civil Services exam.  There are 25 optionals one has to choose from. I assume you know the list and the combinations not allowed … Continue reading

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Essay strategy – Puneet Gulati, AIR 319 with 140 in Essay (2009)

Essay is often seen as a poor cousin of the other more important papers in the Mains Examination. While GS and each of the optionals are worth 600 marks each, Essay contributes a small 200 marks to the total. But … Continue reading

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