Psychology Mains

Before talking about my strategy for psychology, I would like to point out that it was my first optional and I was thorough with the standard books and Pathak sir’s notes. I firmly believe one book should be read five times for the prelims rather than five books once.

For those with psychology as a 2nd optional, gaining an insight into various topics is very important. Do not aim at mugging up names, researches, experiments, jargons, etc. Instead focus on getting an idea about how to link various topics as questions being asked are quite difficult to predict.

First and foremost, do not aim at finishing books. You have to cover the syllabus topic-wise.

Take a printout of the syllabus from the UPSC website and try to cover the topics one by one. I prepared the full syllabus as I felt anything can be asked for a 60 marker. Do not study something thinking that it is for paper 1, etc. Everything you study can be applied anywhere.

I counted the number of topics in the syllabus (x in chapter 1, y in chapter 2, z in chapter 3 and so on. total x+y+z…). I aimed at covering 5 topics everyday. While finding content on a particular topic, I referred standard books, Mukul Pathak sir’s notes and above all the internet.

But once I prepared a given topic, I never picked up the book or notes again to refer what was given. I relied on what I had written on that topic from then on. The strategy should be to revise your notes again and again at least 7-8 times.

I started this exercise in the first week of June and aimed at finishing it by September 1st. But eventually was able to do it by September end.

Before explaining it further, here are the sources:

Books and notes

I have given a list of books. It doesn’t mean I read them from cover to cover. I went as per the topics in the syllabus and tried to find the content in these books and notes.

1. Morgan and King
2. Baron
3. Ciccarelli
4. Chaplin-Krawiec (try to go through it only when you are confident about the basics)

Notes: Mukul Pathak sir.

1. Wikipedia
2. Google search
3. Yahoo search

Books and notes are not enough as 95 % of the people taking up psychology go through these books and Pathak sir’s notes. Therefore, they should be treated as basic information one should know.

The key to scoring in psychology is writing your own examples, diagrams, flowcharts, and key words you can think of and those you may find on the internet.

Introduction to psychology: Definition and scope.
I would first pick up Morgan & King and find out how it defines psychology. It might say: psychology is the scientific study of human and animal behaviour and its application to human problems.
I would compare it with what Baron says. It might say: psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and mental processes.

So I now conclude that psychology is the scientific study of human and animal behaviour and mental processes and its application to human problems.
This way all the sources need to be referred to and the comparison also leads to gaining an insight into the developments in psychology over the years.

Strategy (contd)
Once I went through the books and Pathak sir’s notes, I would try to find something about the topic on the net. Since 5 topics have to be finished per day, I did not invest more than 30 mins on a given topic if I already had enough content to write a 60 marker.

If I couldn’t find anything in the books and the content is not enough, then went about searching on the net for about an hour or so. Topics such as gender bias, sports psychology, ROC, etc have been explained very nicely on the internet.

Once I had enough material on a given topic I tried to compress the 700-800 words I had written as follows:
1. Identify the key words from that particular topic and write it in a pocket notebook under that topic.
2. Draw the diagram found in the books/notes/internet and if there’s none, try to think of a diagram. This is to avoid wasting time during the paper thinking of something to draw. Also, pictorial representation is always easier to remember.

I did not take any coaching in psychology during all my 3 attempts. The best coaching I can think of is definitely that of Mukul Pathak sir. In fact, I don’t think there is any other person who can be compared to Pathak sir.
I took his guidance for answer-writing during my 3rd attempt and will share with you his inputs.

It is a key element of scoring marks in the optionals. For the same content, person A might score 30 whereas person B might score 35. The right way of presentation of an answer is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.
I totally neglected this aspect at my own peril in my 1st two attempts. Thinking that it was all about knowledge and content rather than presentation, as it was the UPSC exam and not some school test, I did not focus on some key elements of an answer.

1. Underlining: it is very important as the examiner can have a look at all the key words straight away and save effort and time. Always underline with the pen as you write as there isn’t enough time for pencil,etc
2. Key words: they should be written straightaway in the answer and hence no need to think of introduction, body, conclusion, etc during the paper.
3. Diagrams: always try to draw a diagram in every question. Do it freehand and with a pencil. No need to use scale, etc. as there isn’t enough time in the exam. If still running short on time, draw it with the pen. No problem.
Also, try to modify the standard diagram in the book so that it looks different.
4. Graphs/flowcharts: topics such as brainstorming can be explained very effectively through flowcharts. Graphs can be used to explain ROC curves and internet is a good source.
5. Language: Use simple language. Do not show your vocabulary. Whenever using jargons, explain in one line immediately. It has to be assumed that the examiner doesn’t know anything about psychology.

Therefore, writing in the middle of the answer,”…one of the examples of nature vs. nurture debate is LAD. The debate is still unsettled.” Do not assume the examiner knows that LAD is language acquisition device of Chomsky.

6. Examples: never write the standard example given in the book.
7. Answers can be written in points if you have enough content and time and word limit constraints matter.

Use your General Studies knowledge in psychology.

Let us take the case of social learning. Do write that it was a concept most famously put forth by Albert Bandura’s Bobo Doll experiment. But do not use 1 page to explain the experiment. Do it in at most 3 lines. Instead focus on giving your own example:

In India incidents of mob violence have been on the rise. The Gujjar agitation involved people blocking highways and damaging public property in order to force the government to start talks. People all over India observed the issue on TV. When similar but unrelated issue erupted in J&K over the Amarnath issue, similar tactics were applied by certain groups in order to make the government listen to their demands. This chain of events further continued and the Tata Nano Singur controversy was also one of the issues where people resorted to violence. Roads were blocked and tyres were burnt. This is a classic example of social learning.

Remember that once notes have been prepared, the sources should not be referred again. Focus on revising the notes and remembering the diagrams and key words on each and every topic.

Broad perspective
Do not focus on one point. Writing 10 points in 2 lines each is better than writing just 5 points, 4 lines each.
Example: the question asked in 2009 regarding gender differences with respect to substance abuse in India.

Substance abuse:
• It doesn’t mean only opium, heroin, cocaine, LSD, pot, alcohol, etc.
• People addicted to tea and coffee is also substance abuse.
• Elderly taking sleeping pills and aspirin is also substance abuse.
• A hypochondriac depending on excessive medication is substance abuse.
• People in urban areas addicted to soft drinks and energy drinks is an example of substance abuse.
• Not only cigarettes and bidis, but chewing tobacco and pan masala is also substance abuse.

Gender differences:
• This would not only include male and female differences but would also involve further classification into rural and urban areas.

Keeping in mind the above points, an answer can be written for 20 marks.

Sample answers
I wrote few answers and showed them to Pathak sir. I have uploaded 2 of them.

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103 Responses to Psychology Mains

  1. raja says:

    Hi sir.extremely thanks for answering my questions yesterday.i have two more questions sir and i assure you wont disturb you much after this. do you make use of net.for example last time they asked roc curve and bernoulis theory and all.did u read all these from the internet?if so how much depth we have to go into while reading?same question for g.s sir.for example a topic in nanotechnology may include lot of subdivisions in the we do we just read whatever comes in the current affairs and related to that?

    2.any particular material or gud books for social issues in g.s paper 1 or just read w.rt. current affairs?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi raja…u r most welcome…plz feel free to ask as many questions as u want…
      i did read ROC curve as it is explicitly mentioned in the syllabus. but yes, there are certain questions every year which are out of the blue…like the bernouli’s theory..

      for optionals, you should prepare every topic for a 60 marker…do not invest so much time in a given topic that other things are left out…for GS the max a question requires is 250 prepare just the basics of every topic u go through rather than gathering 10 pages of info on it…

      no special book for social issues…just the newspapers.


    sir please tell us which Ciccarelli book is to be referred??

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi mahendra…if i remember correctly the book is introduction to psychology by ciccarelli. i studied only a few topics from it as i said that i have covered the syllabus topic-wise. maslow’s theory, for example, has been explained very well in ciccarelli…

  3. kumar says:

    sir,being a beginner please guide me how to use Mukul pathak sirs notes , especially the class notes seems haphazardly arranged as i picked them up from a book stall..they of course took pain to bind them.thanks in advance

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi kumar… as i said, cover the syllabus topic wise as is given on the upsc site…so when u r gng through pathak sir’s notes…kindly find out wht he has given on a certain topic in the notes…no need to cover his notes in one reading…


    sir, kindly guide us how to start attacking the psychology…is it through notes of pathak sir according to syllabus or through books as per syllabus….

    • anaydwivedi says:

      as i said, i studied topic wise frm the syllabus…so if it’s intro to psych…searched the books, looked up pathak sir’s notes and then net if required…

  5. raju says:

    sir…….we r waiting for the pathak sir inputs given to u ….


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi raju…i have included all the inputs of pathak sir in the answer-writing tips…key word, underlining, diagram,etc…these r not mine…i realised their importance after being told to do so by pathak sir and pavan sir…

  6. raju says:

    Thank u very much for your prompt replay sir …..

    i hv a doubt sir …….i could not make out wt u mean by the following point..

    “”2. Key words: they should be written straightaway in the answer and hence no need to think of introduction, body, conclusion, etc during the paper””

    does it mean that no introduction to the key words …..or for the Q in general ..
    secondly i presume that key words means words that r central to a topic .which r more likely to be technical ….n u suggested avoiding them (pl correct me if i m wrong )

    let me try to be clear with an example ………lets say that q is about memory …which lead us to mention key words STM, LTM, store working memory etc …….which r quite technical …

    to cut the long story short ….there seems a contradiction b/n making answer simple n using key words without explanation …..

    so my q is how to balance this

    if u may give us an example of key words ….


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi raju…
      kindly see my answers for psychology…u r correct regarding key words tht they r the words/concepts central to the topic…but i have explained them then and there in my answers…even when you write an answer and in the intro u introduce the key words…the body is made up of explaining those key words…tht way u needn’t think what to write…explain the key words and link them…
      key words r imp (and this is one of the tips by mukul pathak sir..not me..) coz without wasting words and examiner’s time u send the message across tht u r well aware of the topic…repetition is avoided as it’s clear in ur mind tht how many key words u have and whether u have explained them one by one or not…so u can then concentrate on giving examples and answering other things asked in the question…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      just to add…in the example i have given regarding LAD and nature and nurture…here LAD isn’t a key word…it is an example which i m giving to emphasise the difference b/w nature and nurture…so avoid just mentioning LAD and leaving it then and there…explain in brackets (language acquisition device of chomsky tht we r innately capable of acquiring language and this is explained through this concept put forth by him…).

  7. simply me !!! says:

    hi sir,
    you suggested that-
    //Key words: they should be written straightaway in the answer and hence no need to think of introduction, body, conclusion, etc during the paper//
    what does it really mean??? since i heard from some of my seniors that it is more effective to give a good intro and also a well ended conclusion.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      will key words make the intro bad? my strategy to introduce the key words was to make the intro good…rest depends on u…it was mukul pathak sir’s advice which i found to be good and so i applied..
      if u think there’s some better way…sure apply tht one…there’s no one way of writing good answers…it all depends on wht u r comfortable with…

  8. Mehul sharma says:

    Sir i being a beginr am not very sure of wat to read and wat not to read…………if possible for u sir cn u just giv me sum tips to begin my preparation……….lyk hw to start,which book to go for………..I m a 2012 aspirant……..

    Thanking u in anticipation……….

  9. Mahak khanna says:

    Thanx for the blog sir……….its really helpful………….
    sir I m a 2013 aspirant wnted to kno hw to start preparing for UPSC………..lyk which buk to go for and all………………sir i hv heard that dere is a possibility that by 2014 optionals will be removed from mains also…………is it true??????????
    sir if u hav ny idea plz let me kno…………

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi mahak…thanks
      i have written abt GS prelims…kindly go thru tht…start with spectrum if u havent yet…
      yup, even i have heard there r gng to be changes in the mains as well frm 2014 or so…but right now, even the changes proposed to the prelims exam havent been announced…so it’s best to start your prep with general studies…go with 1 optional side by side and wait till it becomes clear…

  10. Mahak khanna says:

    sir is dere ny means to get Pathak sir’s notes for pub add……….lyk if dey are available at buk stores…………..????????? or is it compulsory to join his classes to get his notes???????


    • anaydwivedi says:

      mahak…pathak sir doesnt teach pub ad…he teaches psychology…so let me knw whether it’s psychology notes u want or pub ad…

      • Mahak khanna says:

        thanx for replying sir
        sir i wanted PUB AD notes only……… if u could jst tell me bout that……..n hw do i get dese notes or study material or so………………..

  11. manoj singh says:

    Thank you sir, for the wonderful guidance you gave us but sir . I have a small dout ……..plz let know exactly which book you r talking about as in market two book of ciccarelly meyer is available .one is psychology south asian edition …n…other one is mumbai university edition …………

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi manoj…
      yup, i too had bought the mumbai univ edition by has many chapters missing…as it is according to the mumbai univ syllabus…
      kindly get the south asian edition…

  12. shriram lokaranjan pradhan says:

    Hello sir,
    I have Pathak sir’s class notes that too of 2008. Do i need to buy printed materials. some say those are lengthy. am askin coz am not based in delhi… so i have to order thru other ppl. Does class notes content changes significantly every year???

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi shriram,
      yup, u should get all the material pathak sir has provided…
      yup, i believe class-notes do change every yr…sir keeps adding content to many topics…

  13. manoj singh says:

    thnx sir ,


    hello sir 1st of all congratulation sir
    i”ll be appearing for 2012 exam i want to know any alternative of Mukul Pathak sir class. Is there any other institute which can match Vaji Ram and Ravi for psychology?
    could you please suggest me the best coaching center for public administration and GS CSAT

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi yogender…as i said in the psychology post…i dnt knw neone other than mukul pathak sir for psychology…
      have heard about shoubhik sen frm friends…did not get a positive feedback…
      i studied psychology on my own…using pathak sir’s notes…didnt join classes…he guided me on answer-writing during my 3rd attempt…so it’s NOT necessary tht u HAVE to join classes…
      for pub ad…and csat…kindly meet pavan sir at sriram’s mukherjee nagar…9911366520…

  15. Pavan says:

    Hello Sir,

    Thanks a lot in taking your valuable time to answer everyone’s queries.
    I have 2 queries,
    my 1st Optional is Psychology and 2nd is Anthropology.
    given 2010 prelims. Studied Psychology on my own for Prelims as am not based in Delhi. I have gone thru all 3 standard books one time and taken notes and it was very useful for prelims. But I have heard from others like Shubra, that we shouldnt take notes upon one reading. How did you prepare yourself in this regard?..did you go through all topics in all these 3 books more than one round and then MP sir’s notes before jotting down your own notes?.Me bit confused in this regard.. Actually it makes sense to go 2-3 times before preparing notes..but given a shortage of time, could you please suggest the strategy-Something like , select one topic, refer each book once, make make a note and then refer MP sir notes one time and then add the contents to your own handwritten notes or Repeat the steps multiple times before writing notes on my own.

    Also could you please give any person’s contact if you someone who has cleard Anthropology.

    Thanks a lot again in going through my lengthy mail(Now I really feel I need to work on my answers to compress them according to the scenarios :))

    Thanks& Regards,

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi pavan
      every1’s method of study is different…i always made notes during 1st reading and added/modifed them when i went through the book 2nd time (sometimes i just went thru the notes, not the book, if i didnt have much time)…

      nope…when i took the prelims in 2007, i had gone thru only morgan and king…6-7 times…and mukul pathak sir’s notes of 2005…6-7 times…thts it…i didnt even know the other books as i was in mumbai and was working…in dec 2007, i went thru baron…i bought cicarrelli in 2009 3 days before the prelims…just glanced thru it…then after the prelims…referred it sometimes when i was making my notes…coz by now i had understood 1 thing…for mains, no need to read the whole book…had to go topic-wise frm the syllabus…
      hope i have answered the query regarding note-making…feel free to ask for clarification…
      i m sorry, i dont have any frnd with anthro as an optional…

      • Pavan says:

        Thanks a lot Sir,
        Now I am clear about the doubts I had.
        I am based in B’lore and working. So I am very much short of Mukul Patak or any expert in Psychology to get my answers checked.
        Sir, would it be possible for you to just glance through my answers and give your valuable feedback. If you have enough time, I will send them next week.
        Sir, please dont think am using “Foot in the door” method 🙂
        Thanks again for all info.

      • anaydwivedi says:

        haha…good one pavan…

  16. Pavan says:

    Hi Anay,

    One more small query. you said approx 30 mins for each topic.Does this mean when you prepared notes for the first time, you went through all resources(3 books+MP notes+net) in 30 mins along with Writing in a notes? if possible could you please share the list of topics? I have prepared a list but want to be sure there are no slippages.
    Thanks for all the guidance and directions.


    • anaydwivedi says:

      nope…30 mins of internet…not 30 mins of note-making…once u r thru with mp notes+ the 3 books…then devote 30 mins if u have enough material or 1 hr of internet searching, etc if u r not confident yet…i aimed at finishing 5 topics/day…but was able to do on an avg 4…topics: everything tht is mentioned in the syllabus….left nothing…

  17. Viraj Deshpande says:

    Hi anay, i have a very basic question. Can we use the symbol of Psychology in mains answers or do we have to write the whole word?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      nope…u can use the symbol…it’s ok…
      also, when u plan to use an abbreviation…first time, mention it in national rural employment guarantee scheme (NREGS) and thereafter just NREGS…

  18. vishal sangal says:

    sir i attended mukul pathak sir’s classes in 2004-05.After that the syllabus of psychology has i will i be coping up with these changes

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi vishal…
      get mukul pathak sir’s latest notes…he has included the new topics in his notes…
      apart frm tht, as i said, u have to look up on the net for addl info…

  19. Adibh Gajbhiye says:

    Hi Anay,
    I have gone thru the Mukul Phatak 1st Set, but i want to study from the basic ground…many people have suggested to study NCERT XIth & XII th std Psychology…

  20. arun says:


    i hv been following ur blog for quite sm time …n i found ur suggestions realy helpful
    hv started working on ur suggestions straight away….

    i hv been working with my notes as u hv said…google n all
    n it has really been a slow process…
    is it possible to get access to your notes sm how or r u planning to get them published

    kindly ignore if it is hell of a demand ….
    though i must mention that making notes itself solves a lot of problems n make things clear much better.
    so kindly take ur call keeping in mind the social good…(me included)

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi arun…
      i dnt have my notes with me…i prepared notes only for psychology..but gave it to friends…i have a few pdfs here and there but tht wudnt be useful as i dnt remember wht i copy-pasted frm them, etc…it’s best to prepare ur own notes and key words as u will find it very easy to revise them…my notes neways r acc to my convenience and let me tell u tht my frnds find it rather difficult most of the time to understand the points i have written telegraphically…
      it is no doubt time-consuming but at the end of the day the exam is such tht it requires dedication and consistency over a long period of time…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      even i had asked one of my frnds who got into ias last yr for his pub ad notes…but eventually was not able to get them as he had already distributed them…glad it happened tht way as i guess had i studied frm his notes and not searched for things on my own…wudnt have gained the required insight into various topics…

  21. Indra says:

    Anay sir, for paper 2 of psycho from where we take reference. Kindly sugests some sources.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi indra,
      for paper 2…as i said…internet is the base…and std books+mukul pathak sir’s notes…try to relate the topics in paper 1 and paper 2…

  22. arun says:

    thanks sir for ur prompt reply….

    i think i got late in early bird prizes any ways …. 🙂

    i must say that i fully agree that its best to prepare our own notes…however long it may take ..

    i hope that it proves as an opportunity in disguise as it did for u …..

    thanks again for ur valuable suggestions.

  23. Indra says:

    Thank u sir

  24. Indra says:

    For paper 2 psycho which book do u suggests as base book

  25. indra says:

    thanks for your valuable advice.

  26. Girish says:

    I did Ciccarelli along with Pathak Sir’s notes and used internet for my last attempt.
    1. Morgan and King
    2. Baron
    3. Ciccarelli
    4. Chaplin-Krawiec (try to go through it only when you are confident about the basics)

    From your above given booklist would you advise me to go through rest of the books now ? Will it give additional insights and help in generating examples ? I do have time in hand.


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi girish…
      try to revise the syllabus topic-wise…i wud say u shud search the net again and try to add points to ur notes…also think of points frm other perspectives which u might have missed earlier…
      chaplin-krawiec can be of use…but do it carefully as it is very advanced and may take time…

  27. satish says:

    hello sir,
    we met at yashada pune.built the confidence after u r the problem is notes making.taking to much time.but as u said to arun we have to make our own notes.some time the net search was not fruitful,can u suggest some strategy for searching the topics.specialy for METHODS OF PSYCHOLOGY and RESEARCH METHOD.OR tell the notes were this topic is properly given.thank you

  28. sumit says:

    hi boss i want mukul pathak sir’s notes for psychology, so plz provide me the address and mob no….of sir………hope u dnt mind….

  29. sumit says:

    ok boss………

  30. sampath says:

    hi sir,
    congratulation sir….
    can you give a brief & comprehensive note on “promoting psychological wellbeing across life span(60marks)”
    …….it will be better if you give the answer just like you wrote for 2009 mains….and what are the points that you felt that you missed…………
    and what are the areas i have to cover for “Computer application in the psychological laboratory and psychological testing”

    and i have to admit that……few people like you who are sharing the strategy of cse prep with US……….people from rural area are abled to have confidence that they too can clear without costly coaching…… thank you very much.(plz continue this help)

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi sampath…thanks
      kindly find out the WHO report on the net…it came out in 2005…and is really very good…i prepared this topic frm the report and added points on india frm current events
      as for comp appl…just went thru the topics in the syllabus and thought how comp cud be testing, expt research, randomization, counselling and therapy, distance learning, privacy, impact of globalization, etc etc
      tht is wht go thru the syllabus at least once every 2-4 days…just remembering the topics and applying them in certain Qs can itself lead to a complete answer…

  31. SAMPATH says:

    hi SIR
    [congratualtion SIR……….]
    SIR can you give me a brief and comprehensive note on “promoting psychological well-being across major stages of the life span(60 marks)” … would be better if you give me just as you wrote for 2009 mains along with whatever you felt that you missed to write …
    additionally…..give me a view on areas i have to cover for “Computer application in the
    psychological laboratory and psychological testing”……it will be GREAT/grateful.

    SIR i have to admit that few people like you who share the strategy for preparing
    CSE……is etremely helpful for people from rural area to have confidence that they too can clear without attending costly coaching or going to delhi………[PLZ continue this help]


  32. tejaswi says:

    hi anay..
    i want to get pathak sir’s notes but im not based in delhi..nor have any friends in delhi..
    so can u suggest me how to get them?do they have nything lik postal delivery?
    nd im confused wat exactly the pathak sir notes in some blogs bout printed and hand-written..wat shld i get?
    is the notes which we gonna get is written by sir himself or one of his students..?
    i want a clear picture bout the notes..coz nyways i wont be getting it personally to check it before buying..!

    sorry too much questions coz of too much of confusion..
    sorry if i sounded naive…
    do not mind 🙂

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi tejaswi
      i dnt think they have postal delivery…there’s no option but to make a trip to delhi and get them…even i got them tht way in 2007 as i was based in mumbai and had no frnds in delhi…
      get all the notes…hand-written as well as printed…hand-written is wht he dictates in the class…and printed is wht he provides to the students in between…frm books and other sources…
      the hand-written ones r usually written by 1 of the students…his notes (both hand-written and printed) cover the entire syllabus…but u need to add to them as almost all the candidates who take psych go thru his notes…
      no problem at all…btw ur queries suggest u r on the right track…good Qs…all the best

  33. Indra says:

    Anay sir, How can we prepare notes for such a vast topics like psychoanalysis. Since i started to prepare notes for the topic i crosses the word limit of 600-800 despite the repetitive efforts of writing the matter in synoptical formate. Please guide me.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi indra
      u must be gng too much in depth… i suggest u divide each topic into diff heads like intro, history, main concepts, adv/plus points, disadv/flaws, present and future scenario…and try to write wht u get in points…do not go for more than 10 points in any of them…tht way i guess u will b able to cover the topic in arnd 1000 words…

  34. Indra says:

    Anay sir, Whether in case of psy. it is very essential to qout the authers heavily at and after each line. Or simply we focus on concepts, & place only at where research evidences r required ex- in case psychoanalysis they must be given at the end for support/against the theory. What do u sugests?

  35. amit says:

    sir will u plz tell me frm where i’ll get mukul sir’s notes

  36. Girish says:

    Hi Anay,
    Which edition of Chaplin and Krawiec did you use and where did you get it from ? Hard to source it I think.


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi girish
      i will have to look into it when i get back… i dnt remember exactly which edition i had…but it isnt available easily…try to look for it at old rajinder nagar photocopy shops or some1 who graduated in psychology…

  37. Simran says:

    Hi Anay,
    First of all, I really appreciate the amount of help you are offering. Its a big deal. Thanks a lot 🙂

    Coming to my query:
    1) I m based in Pune.Just got Pathak Sir’s notes. There are 8 sets of registers. ( mostly printed + a few handwritten pages in between) . I guess these are only the printed notes. I m not sure if the handwritten notes are different. How can I verify that ?
    2) I have read NCERT 11th and 12th. And Baron. Just 1 reading since had no background. I m a comp engg graduate and 2011 would be my 1st attempt. But reading your blog, it makes sense now to start making notes topic wise. So, I should be referring these may-be-only printed notes ( since they are huge and I dont think are dictated in class) + baron + net or should I wait for the handwritten notes since they would be much precise and help in making notes?

    Waiting fo ur response.


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi simran
      1. if there r 8 registers…i guess it will b all…but then, only few hand-written pages in between seems to be odd… kindly go thru the syllabus and try to find out if u can find most of the topics in the notes… pathak sir doesnt cover all the topics…but u shud find at least 70% of the topics in the notes… i cant think of another way to verify… mayb u can try to find some1 in pune who has got pathak sir’s notes and compare the 2… try gng to yashada or other institutes…m sure u will find some1 there…
      2. i dnt think u shud wait…in any case, ncerts+baron+mp sir’s notes which u have+ net is more than enough…get morgan & king…it was my base book and has got very good content… again, gng thru the query…as u said, they r huge…i guess u have all the notes he provides…but do verify…
      u shud start with psych as soon as u can and try to cover 70% of the topics in the syllabus before the prelims…as 2 optionals just after the prelims is gng to be a bit difficult…

  38. Simran says:

    Hey Anay,
    Thanks a lot for your quick response.
    1) I found out that these are what he gives as handouts and not his notes in class. And honestly, just started making notes yesterday, I m getting a little confused making my notes from 4 sources. The main problem being, should I write in brief points, include egs or not, if i write very briefly then its impossible to refer back from where i got it…and if in detail ( which is necessary coz i feel i wont remeber the relevant points after a year , then i ll have to make very precise notes -(1 -2 liners )later out of these notes for fast refernce. Also, detail notes are taking too long, say 3-4 topics per day. May be its just the start. Thats why getting stuck. If you could guide me on that, may be sample pscyho notes, the way you have shown for Pub-Ad. That would be a great help.
    2) Apart from Sir’s notes and net , notes from baron or Morgan or both ? ( Please dont say both 😛 )
    3) I jsut came to know about the new batches starting in October in Vajiram. Wondering whether to join it since as it is my 1st time and have no clue, it would give a direction to study ( in terms of GS and other optional and even psycho). Personally, I feel self studying at home helps. No tension regarding other things. But is it worth going to delhi? (No financial issues )

    Sorry if I m troubling you a lot :).

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi simran
      1. i m gng to upload some of my psych notes after coming back to india…so kindly wait for 3-4 days…i wrote some of the topics in detail where i cudnt find much in the books…and others in points where enough content is available in the book…simple method is tht u right alongside the points the page number and book frm which u took it…so if u have just written milgram’s experiment…and havent written nething abt the expt in the notes as everything is explained in say morgan and king on page x…just write MK pg x..tht way u wudnt waste time in finding out frm where u got the point…similarly i wrote MP 4- 112, etc if i took some point frm mukul pathak sir’s notes- 4th register page 112…
      this way u can compress the notes which makes it easy to revise + all the points r in one place which makes it possible to relate everything
      2. hehe…i m sure u knw the answer…it’s both…once u r done with writing ur notes and covering the syllabus once…it isnt gng to be a big deal to revise…and we r just covering 2-3 sources apart frm the net…there r many others who go thru at least 7-8 books…which i feel is just too much…whtever u go thru…revision is very imp…
      3. hmmm..its a tough Q to answer…u will have to find out wht suits u best…there r some advantages of coaching classes..and some pitfalls…so care has to be taken…for some1 like mukul pathak sir…i wud definitely say yes…if pub ad is an optional…pavan kumar sir is the best…but if u talk to them..they will tell u tht there’s no substitute for self-study…
      so decide accordingly…i might b able to guide u on very specific Qs…like wht u can expect frm classes…wht to guard against, how much time goes into it, etc…but u r the best judge of the big picture!!!
      feel free to ask Qs…in fact, i might come up with a post on coaching classes as i feel this is one of the biggest issues with exam prep…but for the time being specific Qs r welcome…

  39. meera says:

    Sir i ve opted pshycology as my optional i heard mukalpathak’s class notes is the best.. can u pls tell me if i can get those notes in any books? Can u pls provide me with the details of it

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi meera
      pathak sir’s notes r available in photocopy shops in delhi…u can also get in touch with some1 who has joined…
      his notes arent available in any books as far as i knw…
      get all of his notes…there r printed notes which r taken frm various books and the hand-written ones…which sir dictates in the class…

  40. meera says:

    thanks for replying sir……. Am a computer engineer i ve chosen geography as my 1st optional and working on it ………….. Am thinking to choose pschycology as a second optional coz of my own interest in the subject… Is the subject so vast? Can we people from engineering can crak it?

  41. Naveen says:

    Can anyone tell where can we get mukhul pathak’s notes in hyderabad………

  42. Himani says:

    do i have to order notes from or can i get them in the open market also.

  43. himani says:

    the EXAMRACE.COM notes.

  44. himani says:

    another thing, that the sample answer u have provided for the grounded theory is brilliant in its content and its approach too,what was the source for it because class notes (MP sir’s) does not have the same content .

  45. himani says:

    thanks a lot !

  46. kumar says:

    may not be the right forum,still a reminder regard to Bipin chandras chapters which could be skipped!! Thanks in advance.

  47. Anant says:

    I’ve got MP’s notes and it is a collection of 6 spiral bound copies. All of ’em are handwritten and there is no printed material. Should I also arrange for the printed material and if,yes, then – please, tell me from where to get it from?


    • Anant says:

      To add to it – In Paper II only 5 out of the 13 topics are covered in the notes , so usually only 5-6 topics are covered or the shop-wala duped me? 😦

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi anant…
      yup, u shud get the printed material as well…m sorry, i dont knw where it will b available…i got it from a friend of mine…
      abt paper 2…yes, some topics might not b there…for them, u have to search the net…and try to think of the points urself…

  48. Dr.Param says:

    Anay sir
    m preparing for cs 2011 with psychology as one of my subjects….. ur words r very helpful… sir please guide me about the need of coaching……believe in self study…. u hv also mentioned about the pitfalls of attending coaching classes, please elaborate it… m lookng forward to your intelligent reply…….. Thanks

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi param…
      for coaching…just go according to ur needs and dont worry too much abt wht others r doing…u can do self-study and take guidance only for those things where u feel u need assistance…so whtever u r comfy with…just try to implement it…

  49. Pritam Maske says:

    Hi Anay,

    I am not able to decide on sociology or pschology….
    I have gone thru some blogs..but still not able to decide..
    I have chosen pubadmn as one optional…
    As i wd not be able to go delhi for pschology…Is pschology done by self stdy?
    Pls advice…
    Thank u

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi pritam
      yes, u can do psych on ur own…kindly go thru the psych mains post to understand my strategy…
      ask garima mittal on her blog…she had both psych and socio as her optionals..mayb she can provide u with some pointers…

  50. Vikas says:

    hello sir,
    Its a great effort to help people.
    I have doubt regarding the paper 2 syllabus topics. Ncert,baron,morgan and king -these books covers mainly the paper 1 topics.From where should I study the rest of the syllabus topics like community psychology,rehabilitation psychology and so on…
    please guide sir…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi vikas…
      kindly go thru my sample notes on psycho…i relied heavily on the net for paper 2…and for most of the topics…made up the points myself…

      • Vikas says:

        Thanks for the reply sir.
        Another question that I would like to ask is about Psychology NCERT books of XI and XII.
        Can they be used as base books for the mains preparation?

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