Importance of mains

Without a doubt, Mains is the most important stage of the exam. It decides whether you are finally selected or not.

Interview comprises of only 300 marks and I am of the opinion that it is not in your hands. A lot of it depends on luck.

But a good score in the mains is certainly achievable if the right strategy is adopted. As I have pointed out earlier, there were some fundamental mistakes I committed in my previous attempts.

I would like to share those mistakes with you so that you can guard against them.

Paper 2009 2008 2007
General Studies I 170 136 166
General Studies II 165 142 127
Essay 102 110 130
Psychology I 157 150 153
Psychology II 165 156 140
Public Administration I 183 130 157
Public Administration II 184 157 152
Mains total 1126 (+228) 981 (+28) 1025 (+20)
Interview 183 177 135
Total 1309 (+182) 1158 (-16) 1160 (-65)
General category cut- off 2009 2008 2007
Mains 898 953 1005
Final 1127 1174 1225

Year 2007

  • Joining Vajiram for GS Mains was not a very good decision in spite of the fact that teaching was good. A 6 hour class everyday after the prelims result is just too much. There’s no time to study the optionals or any other GS material.
  • I joined Vajiram for pub ad. As I pointed out, following others blindly and joining an institute just because it is well known and puts up ads featuring top rankers doesn’t mean it’s good. The faculty at that point of time was totally out of touch with the requirements of  the exam. As a result, I had the wrong approach for pub ad and always scored average marks. Even then, I continued to use some of the content taught in the class in my later attempts and that is why I say, knowledge never goes waste.
  • In GS 2 paper, I expected 180 and ended up with 127. I agreed with others when they said UPSC is unpredictable. But during my preparation in 2009, I realised why I scored just 127. Unpredictability is certainly there, but to the extent of +/- 20.

I will explain it through a sample question:

Biometric ATM (3 marks): in 2007 I would have written: biometrics involve identification of an individual using his physical characteristics such as fingerprints, iris scan, etc. ATM is an automated teller machine used to withdraw money. Biometric ATM involves integration of these 2 technologies to access financial services.

In 2009 I wrote: Biometric ATM involves an ATM which uses physical characteristics for identification such as fingerprints and iris scan. It is planned by the government to introduce this technology in rural areas as there is widespread cheating and leakage of funds by moneylenders, government officials, etc owing to widespread illiteracy. It may be integrated with the UID project.

It is not only “what it is” that is being asked. More importantly, “why was it in the news” that is to be written. Newspaper reading is therefore vital.

  • Psychology paper 1 & 2: I wrote examples given in the book and explained all the experiments and researches in 100 words or so. This led to an average answer and hence an average score. Didn’t underline and specify key words.
  • Pub Ad paper 1 & 2: Again, relied on all the wrong sources. Case studies from IIPA journals and emphasising too much on names and quotations.

Year 2008

  • GS 1 & 2: The mains exam started with disaster. I felt the GS paper 1 was easier than 2007. But here lies one of the biggest mistakes I committed. I got carried away after looking at the questions that I knew everything. Aimed at writing everything in each answer and ended up short on time. I had to finish 100 marks in the last 30 minutes. First time in my life that I wasn’t able to manage time.

To top it all, I used to study in an AC room all the time. Mumbai is very hot and humid in October. So had a harrowing time while writing the paper. It seems a really foolish thing to happen, but it did happen nevertheless.

After the paper, I felt like running away. Instead of focussing on GS paper 2 and revising stats and other topics, I kept thinking about my chances of making it to the next stage. Went with the wrong mindset and to top it all, the stats portion was tough. Again, messed it up. Expected 120, but did get 142.

  • Essay: It was the worst ever essay I wrote during my civil services exam tenure. Carried the bad mood of the previous day into the essay and hence it got reflected in the marks I secured.
  • Pub Ad 1: Completely wrong approach. Took examples from each and every country I could think of. Tried to apply concepts and names rather than writing an answer from every possible perspective. Differentiated between paper 1 & 2 as I thought paper 1 was not about India.

I missed final selection by 16 marks. Had I not been so foolish to commit these mistakes, who knows? Therefore, always go into a paper without thinking about what happened earlier. Whether the previous paper was good or bad, it has no bearing on the next one.

Year 2009

  • Essay: even though I felt the essay I wrote was certainly better than during the one in 2008, the principle of +/- 20 may be applied as I expected around 120.

One of the reasons might be that I crammed into the essay too much factual data as I wrote on health, which might have led to a boring and monotonous essay.

But as you can see, Mains decides whether you are going to make it or not. Securing merely 20-30 marks more than the cut-off for mains is going to make it extremely difficult to get selected finally. Focus on getting at least 100 marks more than the mains cut-off by adopting and adhering to a given strategy based on the exam pattern of the last 1-2 years.

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  1. Gagan says:

    gr8 analysis Anay !! its introspection into what your mistakes were in the past years and wat UPSC expects that led to the splendid success in 2009 ( not to forget the extra hardwork etc…) !! Good luck for the future…

  2. Keshav Kamal prashar says:

    Plz upload your psycho answersheets if possible .. it wud b of grt help ..thnx again!

    and yes .. where can i find your psycho notes ? did u distribute them that day?
    i want to see how psycho answers are to be written.

    have a nice tym sir !

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi keshav, i have uploaded 2 answers for psychology which i got checked by mukul pathak sir.
      i don’t have any psycho notes right now. That day, the notes which u saw were actually my pub ad answers that i wrote while taking guidance from pavan sir…

      • Keshav Kamal prashar says:

        thanks a lot Sir .
        yep …i got to see those answers … this strategy is great..m sure .. will work for me 🙂

        thanks again !

  3. Simar says:

    Hi Anay
    Did you sit in O P Minocha’s class at vajiram? I was planning to join him for Pub Ad?? I really would benefit from an honest feedback before inversting my time and money.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi simar…yes, i attended his class…he is not exam oriented…he might have all the knowledge about public admin, but u need someone who is exam-oriented…

      • Simar says:

        Oh okay…thanks for the reply 🙂
        I am coming to conclude I should prepare for public administration myself. What I am scared about is the process of evaluation. How do i evaluate if my answers are upto the mark? Are they appropriate for UPSC level. Can you suggest of some solution?

      • anaydwivedi says:

        are u in delhi? as u said u were planning to join op minocha…i assume u r in delhi…u shud definitely meet pavan sir…his number is 9911366520…call him up and in my opinion he’s the best for pub ad guidance…

  4. Simar says:

    Heyy..i know the pavan sir ur talking about!! My friend is going to him…even she said he is really informative.
    Ok so before i speak with Sir and my friend i have a question from you…the guidance you took from sir was it concentrated on answer writing practice or covering of the syllabus?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi simar…
      the guidance i took from him was about how to approach a question and what kind of an answer to write..i didnt need content as its easily available for most of the topics…but for some topics, i did ask sir to explain and got the content from him…so it depends on what kind of requirements u have…he conducts regular classes as well…which aims to cover the syllabus…and evaluation of answers is the most important aspect of pub ad preparation…

  5. anaydwivedi says:

    yup…i will clarify it…i will put up a coaching classes, study material, etc post on my blog in a day or two…

  6. abhijeet sharma says:

    Hello anay sir,

    Sir i have started my preparations from march only….i have pub adm and psychology, i hope about pre clearance with pub adm as pre. sub….sir i am working in PSU and located at distant place, as i am not able to go for coaching nad all for psychology, i brought morgan and baron but not able to comfort myself with the sub. as you said you relied mostly on mukul pathak sir notes, than sir should i go for that i mean can i completely rely on that , moreover there is less time nad other sub and GS , Essay yet to do….. i am not getting what to do i am totally confused as i also cant for the other sub in a short span of time.
    pls guide me ..also if u have time i also want to talk to you sir if possible…
    mail id :-

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi abhijeet
      since 4 months are left and u r working…i guess lot of work needs to be done to ensure u clear the mains and tht too with a good margin. i would suggest that you read newspapers regularly and since you are hoping to clear the pre, m sure you would have studied at least something for the pre…so be confident of what all you have done till now…
      as pub ad is ur 1st optional, m sure ur pre preparation would take care of the basics. try to go thru previous yrs’ papers and find out how much u can answer. if u find u r not ready, then go thru the books mentioned by me and cover the topics frm there…but if u feel u have basic idea abt the concepts, try to focus on newspaper reading and practice its application to previous yrs’ question- papers…
      remember, for the optionals get the basic books i have suggested. go thru them topic wise as is mentioned in the upsc syllabus.

      for psychology, i feel you should definitely get mukul pathak sir’s notes as they cover the entire syllabus and provide you with a good base. searching on the net,etc requires time which i feel is useful only when u have the basics ready. so right now, concentrate only on mukul pathak sir’s notes and the books for psych preparation. But do keep in mind that u can use the knowledge gained in any of the papers. so try to integrate what all u read in the newspapers into ur answers for psychology as well.

  7. Abhishek krishna says:

    hello sir…………
    can i opt sanskrit lit. and any science paper for mains exams.. is it valid choice..
    and discuss about scaling is done in upsc , give emphasis on gs mains..

  8. amit says:

    Hello Sir,

    First of all congratulate to your success and your efforts in guiding aspirants like us to do better in exam.Now coming to the question what i am going to ask.
    Let me first explain little bit about my situation and then about preparation stuff.I am working in software company in Bangalore and fetch good salary also so cant think of leaving the job and prepare for the exam.This is why I have targeted IAS next year keeping amount of time in my mind.

    I am planning to take Sociology(optional) and Public administration(Pre and Main).I have started my preparation also.So i need your help in answering few of my concerns
    1.Assuming i study 3-4 hours daily keeping office work in mind will it be sufficient for me to gain knowledge to compete with students spending huge amount on daily basis.

    2.According to you Combination of these subjects is good ?? Give your blunt advice 🙂 i am ready esp for sociology.

    3.Is there any necessity to take some kind of coaching during the preparation time ?? If i stay focus and study by heart then it should be doable to crack it.

    Please give your opinion about it.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi amit..thanks
      1. even i was working when i took the exam in 2007. i cleared my prelims and after tht i left my job. it entirely depends on ur abilities…there is no need tht each and every person must leave his/her job to prepare for CSE…in my opinion wht is required is consistent effort…if u study for 4 hrs daily…without missing out on a single day…it is more than enough…i never studied more than tht but there wudnt be a single day during the prep when i didnt study for the exam…
      so do keep in mind tht even if u have to meet deadlines and other work related commitments, ur prep for the exam shud continue without any break…
      the only testing period wud be the week before the prelims and 1 month just before the mains…u will have to manage it somehow…mayb take leave…
      2. abt socio and pub ad combination…there’s no definite good/bad combo..gng by wht u have said…u seem to be confident abt socio and have interest in it…so start with it right away…as i said, only interest and aptitude matter..whether its Mech engg and anthropology or pub ad and hindi litt..entirely depends on the person…
      3. no need for coaching for the prelims…esp subjects such as pub ad do not require coaching for prelims…u can go thru the last 5yrs’ papers and get an idea…but keep in mind tht the pattern may change this yr and CSAT might be introduced…so keep urself updated abt tht development…for mains, answer-writing and the right orientation is necessary…but tht comes at a later stage…right now, focus on the pre…

  9. Santanu Chakraborty says:

    Anay , I guess this year general category cut off is little more than 898 as .. I got that number but did not get interview call.. 🙂 ..any way ..excellent explanation you have given..will look forward to your other posts..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi santanu…u missed it by a whisker..898 was the cut-off but not every1 on 898 might have been selected because if 2 people r on the same score..then the mains rank is decided on the basis of GS marks if i m not mistaken…so there might have been some people above u on 898..or mayb cut-off was 899…

  10. yash thodge says:

    hi anay,
    i just had a query regarding newspaper reading and making notes…i am appearing for the exam in 2011,so do i have to start the whole process now…or after october..i mean when the mains are done…it takes a good abt 1.5 to 2 hrs…thats why i am asking this…

    Congrats on your achievement


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi yash
      newspaper reading shud be started as soon as possible…even if it takes 2 hrs…in my opinion it’s worth it..the pattern and trend of the exam now is such tht newspaper reading cant be left out…so keep the cuttings and a year or so of cuttings wud give u a solid base provided u revise them frm time to time…
      i did it for 4 months and there was a marked improvement in the answers i wrote for GS mains exam…

  11. hi devadi sir., thanks for ur supportive guidance to identify the main idea to become a civil servant. i expect from you to post ur answer writing of question paper as of tanvi rank 6. if any.thank you sir

  12. hariom says:

    Dear Anay congrates on your grand success……..
    i have mechanical engineering one of my optional in mains…can u please suggest books for mechanical frm ur friend circle if possible….. why u have not selected mechanical as a optional as it was ur base subject in four years…is there any drawback?? i have seen two people in top 20 rank u & Rashmita Panda(rank 13) BE in mechanical but optional was not mechanical…..
    is there any serious drawback..plz suggest
    Anyway ur analysis is very useful its hats of u sir….
    please do the needful….
    thankx in advance.
    hariom sharan

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi hariom…thanks
      the only reason y i didn’t take mechanical was because i had no interest in it… i did engg because i needed a backup… mechanical engg coz i always wanted to be a civil servant and knew tht only 3 branches r possible to be taken as optionals in the cse…but studied only to get marks…
      the only drawback i guess (provided u have interest) is tht it’s vast…a friend of mine maitrey kulkarni took mechanical as his 1st optional…he has secured 103rd rank this yr…he had mechanical as an optional in the mains as well…i have asked him his mail id…will let u knw when he replies…

      23rd rank also had mech for prelims…but not for mains…i dont know him personally…
      as for rashmita…u can ask her on her blog… (no dot between www and rashmita..paste it as it is)

      as for ncert books..i didnt go through them…kindly c the gs prelims post…
      magazine: read any one of ur choice…whichever u r comfortable with…i read the civil services chronicle…

  13. Gaurav Mallik says:

    Hi Anay,

    congrats for ur success…

    I have some doubts and some concerns regarding CSE. I am a software engineer working in bangalore. I have done BE in electrical. Last month i have started my preparation for CSAT 2011. As i have started newspaper reading Hindu and Times of India regularly and as i have opted Pub.Ad as my first optional. I am confuse about the second ..can u please suggest me that??
    Is Coaching necessary? as i am in Bangalore so dont have any idea about any good institute here.
    I am studying 5 hrs daily including newspaper reading. Is that fine.
    For GS i am referring these books.
    –indian economy by Datt and sundram
    –constitution BB Basu
    –history NCERT 11th n 12th
    can u help me in understanding the nature of the exam for pre and mains both.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi gaurav…thanks
      1. kindly go through the post on choosing the optionals…i have given all the suggestions i could to help u make tht decision…
      2. coaching isnt necessary for the prelims…for mains, subjects like pub ad need answer-writing practice as u can write n number of things on a topic but not necessarily all r gng to be relevant…moreover, since u r an engineer (like i am), and dnt have a backgrnd in pub ad, answer-writing and evaluation is all the more important…
      3. it doesnt matter how many hours u study…frankly speaking, i studied on an avg 4 hrs a day…wht matters is ur concentration and retention ability…
      4. dutt and sundaram is good but very vast…since u have started early, u might be able to cover it…dd basu is the best for constitution, ncert is good for history but i didnt go through it…i suggest u ask rashmita panda (air 13) about history basics…her blog is (paste it as it is)…

      for understanding the nature of the exam, 1stly go through the last 5 yrs’ papers for both pre and mains…u will get a good idea about wht is required…u can go through the posts on my blog and of course, feel free to ask as many questions as u want netime…

  14. vishal sangal says:

    tell me that for psychology mains how i will evaluate my answers.i have attened mukul pathak sir way back in 2004-05.there is a dilemma that whether my answers are up to the mark or not?plz do tell in case i need to join any test series?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi vishal
      as far as i knw..mukul pathak sir is gng to start a test-series this july…enquire…i dont knw about other classes/test series as i never went to any…
      heard frm some frnds about shoubhik sen…not a good feedback…
      i guess u just need to write 4-5 answers and show them to pathak sir…getting the basic idea is more than enough rather than writing 20-25 answers…

  15. shashank says:

    hi sir .,,
    i hv completed my mbbs tgis year n hv come to delhi for preparations..
    sir i hv opted for pub add and psychology as of.urs.

    i m facing lot of problem with pub add sr ..i have joined op minocha ,kaizer academy from 7th june,,
    during initial days i was totaly not able to connect my self with wat was being taught by him ,but in previous 2-3days i m getting him..
    inspite of this i m not sure whethr i made rite choice regardibg selection of minocha sr…SHOULD I LEAVE IT?

    joined pathak sr fr psycho.

    sir pls help me how should i start my preparation regarding both optionals and gs.

    which books should i follow for pub add ,psycho and gs (mainly pub add).
    did u prepare notes ,if yes wat should be the way to prepare.

    sir i m really finding myself ib trouble ,i donf have any body who can guide me ,i need ur precious advice as my mentor.

    if u hv time i would like to meet and talk u sir ..

    pls snd me ur no .to –
    my no 9654435997

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi shashank
      do not panic…relax
      kindly go through the blog…i have answered many of ur questions in my earlier posts…
      as for pub ad…go to pavan sir across the road…tell him about ur situation…m sure he will help u out…
      i m not in delhi…u can ask as many questions as u want here…i will b gng to chicago for a month…so this is the best way to keep in touch…

  16. shashank says:

    thank u sir ,,i ll meet him today itself sir.,,,,

  17. shashank says:

    sr how and from where should i start my preparation forpub add …keeping in mind that i dont have any humanity background
    wat would be the books to begin with,

    appearing in2011

    do pavan sir provides coaching for pub add?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi shashank…go thru the pub ad mains post…u will get the idea…
      yup, pavan sir teaches pub ad…meet him if u r in delhi…go thru pub ad test series post to knw abt him…


    hello sir
    sir as you said that Pavan sir is very good for public administration then please tell me should i join his classes? please be honest bcoz its Do or Die condition for me and des he run regular classes for pub administration?

  19. vikrant says:

    i have pub ad as one of the optionals..and im giving cse 2011.
    as of now i ve covered most of the syll myself..should i still join any coaching class and particularly pavan sir u mentioned..please advise me..thanks

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi vikrant…good to know tht u have gone thru it urself…
      i guess u shud join test series to hone ur answer-writing skills now tht u have the content almost ready…

  20. Avink says:

    hi anay
    i have appeared in prelim 2010 & hopeful of getting through.i desperately need your help n guidance .i have taken up psychology as second optional and have just started with Robert A. Baron..i have not completed the psychology syllabus once before prelims (which ideally should be done )so this is my first read… kindly let me know what all strategy n books u had gone through for the psychology mains & also tell us the mistakes (if any)u had done during preparation….thanx in anticipation 🙂

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi avink…as i said in the psych mains post…do not concentrate on finishing the books…study topic-wise…kindly go thru the post…u will get an idea abt the strategy i applied and the mistakes i committed earlier…

  21. hemant says:

    thanx 4 ur valuable comments.

    sir i want to know
    *some sociology tips and for
    *pub ad are arc reports necessory ? if yes from where i can get these reports in booklet form.
    *upsc mains answer sheet me line hoti he ya fir blank sheet hoti he.
    *how many words we can write on a single page of mains answersheet ?
    *if there is a cut off 4 gen hindi and gen english?
    * if these paper requires special preparation?
    *many time it happens that we cant understand the meaning of qs asked in pub ad paper than what to do?
    *jab in pub ad qs comment, elucidate, criticise etc likha ho tab we should give examples or not?
    * shubhra’s book on pub ad is useful or not?
    *suppose in gs if he qs is on indo pak relations then what we answer
    -histo time line
    -or current relatiions only
    -or implications for india or
    -suggestion for both 4 their good relations.
    *hoe do u motivate ur self at the time of unsuccess?
    *is prp 4 mains can be done with job?
    *how much of time we devote daily for mains prp?

    please answer and obliged.


    • anaydwivedi says:

      * for socio…contact tanvi sundriyal (air 6)…
      * yup arc reports r imp…go thru the recommendations only and not the whole report…download it frm and write down the imp points urself on a paper…
      * blank sheet hoti hai
      * depends on ur hand-writing…i wrote approx 110 words/sheet
      * there is a cut-off..but i dnt knw how much it is…isnt disclosed by upsc…
      * no they do not require special prep if u r confident enough…go thru last 10 yrs’ papers..available in the mkt…and see for urself whether u need special prep..
      * hmm…ye kaise bataoun…give me an example…but generally speaking…agar koi choice nahi hai aur answer likhna hi hai..then divide the question into parts..and concentrate on wht u knw abt the different parts…aur fir link kar do subko ek doosre se…
      * there’s no difference b/w comment, elucidate..etc etc…answer subka same hi hoga..kindly go thru my pub ad mains post…eg to lene hi lene hain…
      * i dnt knw abt her book…in fact abhi suna tumse…sorry, idea nahi mujhe…
      * depends for how many marks the question is..if 2/3 marks then current only..if 10 marks current, implications and suggestions…if 20 marks…sub kuch thoda thoda…
      * padhte raho har din…motivation wagairah aa jaayega apne aap…
      * surely it can b done…and many get selected while they r working…
      * depends on u…i studied 4 hrs..some toppers say they studied 16 hrs…u might feel comfortable with 8 hrs…tumpe hai…quality is more imp..concentration ke saath padho jitna bhi padho…

  22. Indra sharma says:

    Sir, i want to know that in krawic chaplin psycho what are the chapters imp. I have read it and i found it is written in historical fashion. Ex. Kindly tell me in ch 4.5.6 sensation which is imp.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      i read the whole book…cant help u with it as i dont have the book or the notes i prepared frm it…
      if u have gone thru it once…revise only the imp lines u marked…

  23. indra sharma says:

    i have some doubts in psycho 1. Please clarify from where i take ref. For the-
    1. signal detection and vigilence. 2. Factor influencing attention including set and chartr of stimulus. 3. Ap. Of psycho. To society. 4. Rel of psy. To other and sc. 5. Promoting psy. Wel being acros major stage of lifspan. for paper 2 in psy. Please sugests books or notes as i think toi only is not suffient.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      SDT and vigilance: internet…i do not remember the sites…but it’s given nicely on the net…
      factors influencing attention: mukul pathak sir’s notes
      appl of psycho: mp notes+ internet
      well-being: WHO report 2005..look up on the net…also, other websites…
      toi??! toi is for GS and pub ad….not for psycho…u will rarely get nething for psycho in the newspapers…except the GS info which u might use in taking examples…

  24. vishal says:

    ALL D BEST……………………

  25. indra sharma says:

    sir, kindly tell me what is the best approach to tackle the psy. And pub ad. Paper 1. Do we heavly realied on standards text books or notes of any coaching inst. Or both. Since it seems very time wasting approach to cover both. I think it is good to me to take one or two book of good standrd and totally ignored the notes of coching since i feel that all coaching inst. Also prepared notes from the boks. Tell me what is good approach to paper 1 of both. Ultimately we have to study the standard text book, since notes can only give intial thurst to us as they covered the topics surfacely. What is ur advice to me?

  26. prashant tembhare says:

    Hello Anay……..
    Congratulations buddy……….
    I read your each and every blogs.all are really goods.
    plz keep blogging ……….
    best of luck for ur future…….
    waiting for ur next blog………..
    take care

  27. prashant tembhare says:

    Hello Anay…..
    Thanks for ur reply…..i know ur out of india……
    but i need ur advice on coaching u suggest me any good classes in mumbai….
    bcoz iam staying in thane………..
    waiting for ur reply…….
    thanks again………prashant

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi prashant…i m leaving in a couple of days…still in india…but have got lots of things on my plate these days…
      as far as i knw, there arent any good coaching classes in mumbai i can suggest…the only 1 i have heard of is the one in front of metro near xavier’s college..the state instt of admin studies or something…havent been there…so cant comment on how it is…

  28. prashant tembhare says:

    Hello Anay
    thanks for ur reply…….
    Could u plz tell me,,,,do u have any idea abt RAUs Ias institute in Delhi ?
    bcoz iam planning to order Pub Admin notes (Mains) from there?
    Waiting for ur valuable reply.

  29. prashant tembhare says:

    Hi anay….
    Iam really confused…from where i get a quality notes on pub admin main exam……
    could u suggest me any institute names …..from where i get good quality notes on pub admin through postal……..
    thanking you…….
    Replu soon if possible……..

  30. Aakanksha Singh says:

    Hi Anay,

    My heartiest Congratulations to you !!!!!!! 🙂

    Could you please let us know where are you posted (I mean in which state: Most Probably it should be maharashtra 😉 right?)

    and from which date and month your training will be started?

    With Warm Regards,
    Aakanksha Singh

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi aakanksha…thank u
      cadre allocation comes only next yr…my home state is maharashtra and 1st choice is maharashtra as well…lets c wht i get…
      will undergo training at mussoorie…lal bahadur shastri nat’l academy of administration…it starts on august 30…

  31. prashant tembhare says:

    Hi anay……
    could u plz tell me……from where i get a notes on pub admin of pawan sir
    actually you mention pawan sir name in ur blog
    Thanking You
    Wish u a happy journy
    take care

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi prashant…thanks
      pavan sir didnt dictate any content to us…he emphasised on orientation and approach…
      i asked him for content only for few of the topics…he has 3 of his registers which u can get at sriram’s mukherjee nagar…
      he’s also coming out with a book soon…i will let u knw through a post on the blog when it is available in the mkt…

      • prashant tembhare says:

        Hi anay………
        thanks a lot
        iam waiting for ur next blog……..
        plz keep blogging……..ur blogs are source of energy …which gives me positive approcah towards IAS exam………
        thanks again………
        enjoy ur journy………
        take care

      • anaydwivedi says:

        thanks prashant…and all the best!!!

  32. asif says:

    hi anay…i have a confusion regarding what to read for history mains….as i have started studying for my second optional psychology only now and time being the constraint will it be ok if i read history spectrum or should it be bipin chandra as you said ?and there are 2 other books of spectrum that is facets of indian culture and the other is gandhi,nehru and tagore…should i read them too?please guide…….

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi asif…
      i m sorry…i dnt think i m the right person to ask this question to…as i said..i left out ancient history and culture and just wrote in the exam whatever i cud think of…just went thru bipin chandra…
      plz ask rashmita panda (air 13)…she had history as an optional and wud certainly knw the best sources to refer keeping in mind the time constraint… or u can ask her on orkut…

  33. prashant tembhare says:

    Hi anay……..
    how are u.i hope u enjoying…….sorry to disturb u….
    could u plz tell me from where i get the books on pub admin as suggested by u…..(Shops in Delhi)
    thanking you
    take care

    • anaydwivedi says:

      i guess they shud be available at the sood bookstore opposite vajiram…thts the only bookstore i knew…
      there’s another one opp big apple little ahead…in the old raj nagar mkt itself..u can try tht one…

  34. prashant tembhare says:

    hello any.
    iam starting preparation from august full time……….iam targeting 2011 could u suggest me … this period sufficient or iam late…….
    thanks…….take care

  35. Raju Radder says:

    Congrats Anay….
    I saw ur photo in JTS bangalore… But after reading ur blog came to know that u atteneded coaching in delhi also…
    Dude i have some Queries pls do clarify…
    1. I am working prof, and prep 4 CSE but as u said since i’m from tech (BE Comp sce) bagrnd we need to know the answer writting practice, so thinking of joining JTS Institute B’lore can u pls advise me on that…
    2. I’m taking 1st opt Pub ad but confused abt 2nd one… I’m interested in Kannada Lit…. If u wer in my place which one u whd have selected being an Soft prof which ll be interesteing and not boring oprional… pls give ur advise..
    3. Again same Qn can u pls Give me ur Planning u used for prep when u wer working
    4. and also give me list of books u used(Optimal since working don’t much time to spend on many books) and also News papers and Magznines etc… and also how much one shd allocate time for them

    Pls Don’t forget to mention abt JTS … bcz had interview with them sked me to take admission bfr 20th

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi raju
      1. i wasnt a student at the instt…so cant comment
      2. it depends on ur interest and aptitude…kindly go thru the “how to choose the optionals” post…
      3. i have put up the plan in the gs prelims post…keep the numbers of books low and emphasize on revision…
      4. i have already done tht…kindly go thru the gs prelims and gs mains posts
      i m sorry…as i said…i dnt knw abt their classroom coaching…so cant comment

  36. Avink says:

    Hi anay,
    i m one of those blessed people who has constantly benefitted frm ur blog…thanx a lot for that..plz let us know what all books should be read for economics (GS) & way the answers should be written… Thank u.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi avink…thanks
      for economics…newspapers r the best source…look up the terms u dnt understand on the net and maintain a word file or notes whichever u r comfy with…
      other than tht…economic survey shud be enough…i have mentioned how to go abt it in the books post…
      for specific data, internet is good…i always referred the net…but if u find it inconvenient to search on the net…dutt and sundaram for reference is good…

  37. prashant tembhare says:

    Hi anay……
    i wana important advice from u………can i studied both the optionals with general studies of main simultaneously……….thanking you
    take care

  38. MANISH says:

    ,may be u smile when u see my email id , but i like to distr. smile
    sir i read ur Intw. in current issue of PD , sir i want your help
    sir nobody in my circle who can guide me for this exam, so since my childhood i rely on PD and topper INTw
    sir i dont know to much about coaching institute ,i got info from topper Int and NEWS ,and Some magazine only
    my subject are PA and psychology so sir please suggest me books and coaching institute in delhi for GS,PA,and Psychology
    in which institute mukul sir teaches
    sir currently i have completed my b-tech(eee) this year
    i read m.Laxmikant for pa for RAS(pre) in sept28 2010
    and ncert for Psycho
    sir i believe in self study but i know that i need good guidance
    sir in my mind i am planning to join VAjiram for GS ,Sriram For PA ,mukul sir Fo psycho ,which i have decided from topper intw specially from your intw still i need your sugges.
    because i don’t have good edu .back

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi manish…
      u already have a good idea where to seek guidance frm…pavan sir (at srirams) is really good for pub ad, pathak sir (at vajiram) is really good for psych and for GS u can surely join srirams if u feel the need…
      for books and strategy, kindly go thru the posts on the blog…dont forget to look up the archives…gs mains, pub ad mains, psych mains posts…

  39. prashant tembhare says:

    Hi Anay………..
    how are u man?
    can u plz tell me that……book title “STATISTICAL ANALYSIS GRAPHS & DIAGRAMS”By Spectrum” u used for Mains……… i right?
    Take care
    thanks again

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi prashant
      i m sorry, i dnt remember the exact name of the book…it was some 300-400 pages…
      concepts and various stages of statistical analysis r explained first…and then sample papers and Qs asked in previous years…

      • prashant tembhare says:

        Hiiii Anay…….
        thanks buddy…….
        i have one doubt regarding statistics … there any theory questions asked on this?
        thanks again……….

      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi prashant
        yes, theory questions might b asked…in 2007 5 theory Qs were asked (2 marks each)…if i remember correctly…
        go thru the previous yrs’ papers…u will get an idea abt it…

      • anaydwivedi says:

        oh i just checked…4 theory Qs were asked for 1/2 marks each…

  40. Keshav Kamal prashar says:

    hi sir 🙂
    wassup ? .. just hope that ..u r having fun in NY .
    apni toh lagi pdi hai yahan ghis ghis ke 😛

    sir.. what was ur optional in pre ?
    if in case.. it was psycho(or whichever subject in general..PA would also work ;)).. please let us know about the strategy u followed in cracking its pre xam ?
    thanks a lot sir .
    keshav !

  41. Keshav Kamal prashar says:

    PS : i would like to know the books for the optional n strategy(overluking any particular topic or something), incase they are differnt from the ones which you have already mentioned .
    thanks for guidance .

  42. shashi says:

    hi anay congrats for your success.
    i am now in 3rd year engineering. i have been reading hindu, IE, chronicle. i think i have fair knowledge of current national and international issues. my optinals are also decided- history and economics. i have 1 more year before i start serious prepartion. so what you would suggest i do now. i was thinking that maybe i should start preparing like i was going to give cse11. then after seeing que. papers i will understand my mistakes and so i will not repeat them for my real exam cse 2012.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi shashi…thanks
      u seem to be gng really good…if u can manage reading the newspapers and chronicle…and get a net score of 65-70 in the GS prelims papers…then u r on the right track…with this kind of prep u shud be scoring more than 80 (net score) when u take the exam in 2012…also, keep an eye on the mains GS papers and try to get an idea of the kind of Qs asked…
      but also, u need to study a bit of traditional topics…so kindly go thru the gs prelims post to get an idea…spectrum (the 2000 pages one) is a good book…

      as for the optionals, whichever is ur 1st optional…start preparing for it…mayb right after u finish ur engg…coz GS with engg is in itself a big task…even with the’s better u finish one of the optionals before the prelims…so if it’s history…right now get a basic idea of wht to read…etc…and go thru the books later…u can get in touch with rashmita panda (air 13 with 356 in history)…she’s there on orkut and fb..her blog is

      all the best!!! feel free to ask Qs…

  43. Karan says:

    Dear Anay,

    Can u plz give detailed list of various books which are to be referred Chapter wise for Pud Ad mains… It would be great if u could illustrate some startegy for mains…….

    • Karan says:

      Dear Anay,

      Can u plz give detailed list of various books which are to be referred Chapter wise for Pub Ad mains… It would be great if u could illustrate some startegy for mains…….

      I have been referring to Laxmikanth, Awasthi and Fadia, but cannot make out, what to study from which book, so if u cud elaborate plz..

      • anaydwivedi says:

        pub ad was my 2nd optional…so i didnt go thru laxmikant…but one thing i observed was tht it has been copy-pasted frm fadia…so fadia is more than enough…
        kindly go thru the 4 books i have mentioned in the pub ad mains post…the strategy was to go thru the topics one by one as mentioned in the syllabus..refer the books first…add my own points frm newspapers and the internet…and for those topics which i cudnt find anywhere…like political culture..etc… discussed with pavan sir…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi karan
      i have given the book list in the pub ad mains post…i didnt refer any other source except the books and few govt websites here and there…
      moreover, for examples and facts, i depended heavily on the newspapers…

  44. Karan Singh says:

    Dear Anay,

    Can u plz give detailed list of various books which are to be referred Chapter wise for Pub Ad mains… It would be great if u could illustrate some startegy for mains…….

    I have been referring to Laxmikanth, Awasthi and Fadia, but cannot make out, what to study from which book, so if u cud elaborate plz..

    Also, is vajiram red book is helpful?

  45. chandan says:

    sir u belonged 2 engineering background but u have not choosen a paper like mechanical engg. u have choosen 2 new papers i dont think these 2 r related with u in ur study .so from where did u got the proper advice 2 achieve such a big goal. sir i have decided that i will choose electrical engg(prem) and psychology as my opt papers .and as u know 4 civil service talent & luck both r quite my decission is good or should i choose some different topic?????

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi chandan
      i did engineering only as a backup…moreover, i did score well in engineering but didnt have interest in it…so for an exam like CSE…u need to choose a subject in which u r interested and have aptitude…as i said…i love maths…but i dnt think i have the ability to take it as an optional in CSE…
      choose optionals which evoke interest in u…i chose psychology as i went thru some books when i was in college for psych…and really liked it…pub ad coz i was always good in polity and had lots of info abt govt deptts and their working as my father is also a civil servant…so i chose these 2 optionals…
      for psych…kindly go thru my blog…might be of some help…
      for electrical engg…kindly get in touch with prakash rajpurohit (AIR 2) if u havent yet…his blog is
      feel free to ask Qs…all the best

  46. chandan says:

    thanx 4 ur response its my pleasure 2 ask u another question…. sir, it has come 2 notice dat civil service 2011 is going to b changed or some make over will come in it if it happns in sir as per ur knowledge what will b d new face of cse (prelim )-2011.what would b d exam pattern.wheather it would b 1.general studies 2.aptitude or what ever may b and if the second one is aptitude is reasoning will b added 2 it and sir pls suggest me some books for aptitude???

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi chandan…yes, the exam pattern has been changed…it has been notified on the PIB website…but nothing has yet been declared about the new syllabus…
      only tht the prelims will have the GS paper and an aptitude paper…both will b common for all candidates…so i guess GS paper pattern will more or less remain the same…but for CSAT…we will have to wait…
      it’s best to prepare GS and 1 optional at the moment…and wait for the CSAT syllabus…

  47. Karan Singh says:

    Dear Anay,

    Thanks for the guidance on Pub Ad books …………
    I went thru the pub ad blog…..
    I took out the print out and analyzed that all topics are not fully covered in fadia and other basic books… if u could plz list out the books that cover fully paper 1 and 2 and whether classroom notes do really help?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi karan…
      yup, there r some topics u wudnt find in the book…or for tht matter in any book…such as new localism, political culture, etc…i searched the net for those topics…and i discussed them with pavan kumar sir…there’s no other alternative i guess…u may refer notes provided by some instt, u or some frnd of urs might have, or b aware of…

  48. chandan says:

    sir den according 2 u cse-2011 is going to be changed sir xcept the general study books which aptitude book i should prefer???? and sir does it included reasoning part with it??? should i go for r s aggarwal or any thing else???
    and sir i like ur comments published on pratiyogita darpan dat it is better to read a book five times dan to read five books at a time.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi chandan…
      nope, right now nothing’s clear abt the CSAT…wht the syllabus or pattern is gng to be…so no need to prepare for it…as we dnt knw wht exactly it is gng to be…
      as for the comment…yup, u have to understand as well as remember the things u go thru..for tht revision is vital…no point in gng thru a book and not remembering most of the things u read…

  49. chandan says:

    sir as u have suggested me i am preparing myself for the general studies .and i am also taking some guidance from my uncle as he is a (state civil servant). he has suggested me some books 2 develop my knowledge in general studies which is must wheathr the pattern is changed or not and simillarly i can go 4 the optional paper4 my preparation.and sir uncle has told me dat psychology is a mark fetching paper but today i had visited 2 a book seller and looks the public administration books by spectrum i feel more comfortable with that book .so sir pls give me advice as u know the both paper which one would better 4 me as i have d engg background. sir pls gave me ur opinion 4 the subjects

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi chandan
      GS syllabus will remain the same i guess…so go ahead with ur prep…
      it’s a difficult call… both the subjects r quite different in their approach as far as cse is concerned…
      + of psy: lots of material available on the net, quite predictable as far as marks r concerned
      – of psy: requires thorough prep
      + of pub ad: doesnt require much prep, overlap with GS, newspapers very good source of info
      – of pub ad: very general in nature…so quite unpredictable compared to psy, orientation and approach most imp…so will have to b in delhi if u feel u r not upto the mark

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi chandan…
      choose the optional where ur interest lies…do not take an optional just because others tell u to…u have to study and u have to take the it shud be ur call…
      i have given + and – assuming u r equally interested in both psy and pub ad…
      but if u saw pub ad books and liked it more than psych…and feel u will do well in pub ad…then go ahead with pub ad…but dont be in double minds…think carefully before u decide and once u have made the decision…stick to it and prepare to the best of ur abilities…

  50. Karan Singh says:

    Dear Anay,

    Which book is better for polity – DD Basu or Polity by Competition Wizard……
    For pre and mains perspective….
    I found Wizard easy than DD Basu …. Which one could u suggest or is there any third alternative ?


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi karan
      m sorry…i haven’t gone thru the wizard book…but if u find tht to be easier, go ahead with it…u just need to know and understand what the articles and terms used in them mean…so any book can be a good book if it serves the purpose for u…

  51. NEHAL says:

    congrats sir, on your splendid achievement.
    I have done my B Tech in EnC from PU. To be precise i wanted to know how much time is required to prepare for Public Administration as an optional? Are 3 months(full time) sufficient as u have mentioned in one of the magazine that paper 2 can be prepared in conjunction with GS !!!!!!

    with regards.

  52. Karan Singh says:

    Dear Anay,

    I have gone through 11 and 12 NCERT books on History , Geography and Economics….
    Will this suffice or are there any other good books on these subjects….
    Plz advice…

    One more thing, can u suggest me where can i get good notes on sociology …..


  53. ASHISH says:

    Dear Sir
    I read your interview in PD. It was awesome and provided a overview of the journey you have undertaken . Sir you have stated that a lot of material is available on the internet in Psychology. Sir I want to know some useful links since I have just started my preparation and I am new to the subject .
    Also sir it will so kind of you if you provide some information regarding CSAT.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi satish…thanks
      i searched the net randomly…starting with wikipedia and moving on to yahoo and google if i didnt have enough content by then…so i dnt have any particular sites/links i referred…
      kindly go thru my sample notes for psych to understand better…i just copy-pasted, edited and took printouts…
      as for CSAT…nothing’s clear as of now…upsc hasn’t declared the syllabus or pattern…so u shud just concentrate on GS and any one optional for the time being and wait for the announcement…all the best

  54. Karan Singh says:

    Hi Anay,

    Can u plz suggest me, where can i get some good pub ad notes….. in del…….

    As i have not joined any coaching, i will be going to del and try to get my hands on some useful notes… Kindly suggest………

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi karan
      y not meet pavan sir…at mukherjee nagar centre of sriram’s…
      notes arent tht imp in pub ad…at least not for the strategy i followed…so can’t suggest any source for it…

  55. Karan Singh says:

    Hi Anay,

    I would meet pavan sir, but, is there any center in rajinder nagar?

    Also, i want to refer to GS manual, which is better, tata mc graw or spectrum….

    Also, how did u go abt yr initial stages of preparation… was it self oriented or any guidance i.e from a specialised person is needed….


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi karan
      no…even though sriram’s is at rajinder nagar as well..pavan sir’s classes r in mukherjee nagar…
      i havent gone thru tata mcgraw…so cant comment…but u can get whichever u feel is better…there r many other publications…might b equally good
      i did consult a few people regarding books, etc…but prepared all by myself as i was working in mumbai…so concentrated on spectrum for gs and chronicle magazine…
      and morgan and king and mukul pathak sir’s notes for psychology prelims…

  56. Karan Singh says:

    Hi Anay,

    Can i have pavan sir’s mobile no, if u have……. Also, does spectrum cover everything in GS apart from current affairs…….


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi karan…
      pavan sir’s number is 9911366520…
      spectrum is not for current is only for basic knowledge of history, geography, economy, polity and science…
      for current affairs newspapers and any 1 magazine need to be relied upon…kindly go thru the gs prelims and gs mains post if u haven’t…

  57. Swati says:

    Thank u v much. Your blog is enlightening and helpful for the preparations.
    Could u kindly suggest me classes in delhi which are good for sociology and pub ad?

  58. Reema says:

    Hi Anay
    I decide to stick to study from the sources mentioned below.Wanted your advice on the same. (GS)
    Paper 1
    -History of Modern India Bipin Chandra
    -Indian culture by Spectrum
    -Geography NCERT+newspapers
    -Polity-DD Basu+Kashyap
    Pls suggest if this is fine.Also I need your inputs to handle the Science and Technology section.
    Also I have just started preps for pre 2011.As of now I am reading the newspaper making notes and have started with thinkers in pub ad.
    Is this fine? What all should I have completed by Dec 2010.Pls advise
    Thanks in advance

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi reema…
      history of modern india bipin chandra…m not sure abt this one? is it a book? or u mean to say modern india from bipin chandra’s india’s struggle for independence? if latter, then ok..if the former…i m sorry, i m unaware of it…
      the other sources r good and it is absolutely fine if u stick to only these sources…concentrate on revising them as many times as u can…
      for s&t, read the newspapers regularly and mark the terms and look up on the net…other than tht researches of last 4 yrs’ nobel prize winners for physio, phy and chem shud b gone thru…but i didn’t refer any special book for s&t apart frm this for the mains…for prelims, i did go thru the s&t section of spectrum (the 1200 page one)…but tht was for basic knowledge…
      by end of dec 2010…all 4 shud b completed at least once… apart frm newspapers and 1 magazine of ur choice…

  59. Reema says:

    Hi Anay
    Thanks for the info. In addition to these what should be my strategy for optionals? Should one reading of full course both the optionals be completed by Dec 2010?Would you also advise to make bullet points for each chapter of the optionals
    Thanks for your help and immediate response

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi reema…it depends on u
      i wud say one shud aim at finishing one optional till dec 2010…together with gs…then start with csat if something is declared by then…
      other optional after the prelims gets over…
      but if u can manage more than problem in gng thru the other optional before dec 2010…and just try to get an idea…
      yup, i did write down points for the topics…helps remember the concepts and link various topics…

  60. mrunalpatel says:

    You’re 999% right. One must try to achieve so high marks in mains otherwise the dream to become IAS/IPS can’t be fulfilled. And a person ends up getting 700th rank or even worse (like me) no interview call.

    Thanks for giving this whole analysis of your three attempts, I can feel how tiresome and painful this journey had been.

  61. mrunalpatel says:

    I salute you, because you gave mains three times in your three attempts!
    I could give mains only once in my three attempts.

  62. AS says:

    Hi Anay,

    Is your training for UPSC started?


  63. Twinkle says:

    Hi Anay,
    You’d mentioned somewhere that in GS-II, you’d attempted statistics first. I’d like to know whether you started from the last question. Or, after doing the stats part, you started with ques.1 . Is it not necessary to attempt serially? Or we can attempt at random. Please throw some light. Thanks..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi twinkle…
      i started with stats…u can start with any Q u r comfy with…only the sub-parts need to be together…ie 1 a b c need to b together… 7 a b c together and so on…

  64. KRITI says:

    hello ANAY Sir,
    i read ur interview in pratiyogita darpan nd by chance came across ur blog nd seriously blieve me i was desperate to be guided by the some1 who have already qualified nd when it comes 2 talk 2 a topper i really feel myself very lucky that now i can clarify my doubts.i m a student of B.S.c 2nd yr. i wish 2 prepare for SOCIOLOGY nd PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION as my optionals. As i dont have the above two subjects in my graduation, KINDLY suggest me the BEST way as to HOW SHD I BEGIN PREPARING THESE SUBJECTS, GETTING THE CONCEPTS CLEAR coz i have 2yrs time b4 i go 4 ny coaching and all. hope u vll understand what m trying 2 conveying 2 u. otheR than this do suggest me HOW SHD I PREPARE GS right from this moment.
    Thanking u nd congratulatng 4 ur success.
    Regards Kriti.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi kriti…thanks
      for pub ad…kindly go thru my blog…pavan sir in delhi is really good…contact him…
      for GS..yes, u shud start with it as soon as possible as it is the most imp aspect of the exam according to me…kindly go thru my posts on GS..
      for socio…plz get in touch with tanvi sundriyal air 6…i have provided her blog address in the references post…
      all the best!!!

  65. devahoti says:

    hi sir,

    congratulations.I am preparing for CSE-2011 and have immensely benefitted from your keep blogging and continue guiding us.


  66. Pushpanjan says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am a software engineer, and an aspirant for CSE 2011. My optional subjects are Public Ad. and Sociology. I have not started my preparation till this time , but i will start just after your reply on this post for sure 🙂 . Please tell me the books for GS(both Prelims and Mains), Public Ad and Sociology. I am ready to devote more than 4 hrs with concentration. I have gone through your previous posts and understood that for prelims there is no need of coaching, but i want to know that for mains can i prefer correspondence course or should i prefer coaching for that. My basic is zero in both of the subjects but only one thing i have is the interest in GS and both optional subjects and i am very desperate to crack civil services.

    Pushpanjan Kumar

  67. hema says:

    hi sir,
    congratulations for your great success.. i have a query : Comparatively who teaches good o.p.minocha or pavan kumar sir? Please help me as I’m confused near whom to take guidance for pub Adm?

  68. rushikesh says:

    sir,plz tell me which newspaper should be read as i cant get The hindu.,most of the successful candidates advice to read it.then..??

  69. rushikesh says:

    sir,plz tell me which newspaper should be read as i cant get The hindu.,most of the successful candidates advice to read it.then..???

  70. sagarkatdare says:

    Hi Anay Sir,
    [First of all congrats for your grand success and thanks for putting in so much blogging efforts.]
    my 3 doubts here:
    1. For Paper-I
    I have been referring Prasad & Prasad which is really good. For the remaining portion, I am referring Mohit Bhattacharya, which is a little bit tough [u have also mentioned it to be not so useful..but i recently came across your blog]..So shall i stop referring Mohit and switch over to “Fadia and Fadia: Administrative theories and concepts”? I believe in not referring to too many your suggestion on this dilemma would be of great help.
    2. For Paper-II
    I follow your approach of studying by what is mentioned in the syllabus.
    I have been referring “Fadia & Fadia: Indian Administration” which single handedly covers most of the syllabus of paper-II. But, what I felt is, it gives more of info rather than analysis like different organizations for central/state/local level administration, their structure,powers,elections n all. But, questions are never directly asked based on all these aspects (though it is imp to know about this ‘structural’ info). So, how should our approach be while studying for Paper-II ?
    3. In almost all the cases, I have seen toppers recommending to study IIPA journals. What would u advice on that? I have gone thru some of the journals, they seem to be having good amount of data. But, going thru the reqd books, making notes n all itself consumes much of a time that I wanted to know about importance of journals.

    (Thanking in anticipation)

  71. tejaswi says:

    hi anay,..
    from prev papers i obsrvd that not much quesns are asked from ancient india..nd also for general science part..quesns are from latest developments than core theory,,.so is it safe to skip them..
    pls reply..
    thanks in advance,

  72. sumit bhardwaj says:

    hello sir,
    im doing p.a mostly i heard abt that “go through ignou notes” what is this to which unit
    and plz tell me from where i got that notes

  73. sumit bhardwaj says:

    thank you sir

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