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39 Responses to Public Administration Answers

  1. erajmeen says:

    Hi anay,
    First of all let me congratulate you for your success and for your this extremely helpful blog.
    My case is similar to you I have also appeared for 2 interviews in my previous two attempts 2007(-39) and 2008(-20) but could not make it to the final list.I didn’t appear for 2009 exam and am appearing again in 2010.

    Even I committed similar mistakes like you,like joining vajiram for Pub.Ad(2006-07) and my scores also are almost near to yours.

    I completely buy your arguments for G.S. preparation and writing answers as I have also realized the same.

    But I want to clarify on some points regarding Pub.Ad. as your score is exceptional:-
    1.Do you adopted the same writing style for paper 1 (it would be very nice of you if you
    post 1-2 paper 1 answers also)
    2. Do you really didn’t gave any attention to type of question like comment,discuss,analyse etc.
    3.What kind of help do you got from pavan sir(I met him only once and feel that he is very kind and knowledgeable).
    4.How you managed all these facts in your mind (It would be a lot of stuff..I suppose)
    5.Any other personalised advice you want to give me.

    Thank you

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi erajmeen, thanks and i hope u make it this time…all the best!!!
      1. yup, had the same answering style for paper 1…ok..i will try to do it tomorrow…will have to find out some answers first..the approach to paper 1 and 2 isnt any different…just keep in mind the question and answer it…do not pay any attention whether its paper 1 or 2…
      2. nope, not at all…its only wht is being asked and wht it is tht is being asked abt it…if SHGs or CPM/PERT…etc have to write the basics as well…only the size varies…whether a 20 marker or a 60 marker…
      3. i showed my answers to pavan sir..attended the tests he conducted every week and on the next day attended his analysis of the test…his assessment of the answers and advice was exceptional…approach and orientation has to be spot on…not much studying is required…certainly no mugging up,etc
      4. i did remember the facts as i emphasised on revising the cuttings…it helps u have a broad perspective… its not abt remembering sth specific…its about thinking in different directions which pavan sir taught so very well in the class..the facts automatically clicked in my mind…
      5. i wud say u need to apply ur own strategy and analyse wht u r good at..if u cant remember so many facts..there’s no need to..there r other ways of writing good answers..there’s no one-size-fits-all solution…so do attend the test series,etc if u can…and the process of learning the right approach is gradual…if u start now…i guess by mid-september u will urself start realising the difference…

  2. Ashwin.N.R. says:

    Hi Brother,

    Please can you tell any of your friends who took sociology option because i want to know the books which is required to clear the exam.

  3. vineet kumar says:

    what are the basic books to start with public admns ? as i am an civil engg. student 3rd yr..? hearing that civil engg. as an optional has never been preferred so i opted for public admns …i am unable to find the material and coachings for civil engg. as well if possible can u suggest plzz

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi vineet
      pub ad was my 2nd optional…now with the csat…i guess u can approach the way i did…
      get the 4 books i have mentioned in the pub ad mains post…first read the syllabus and go thru mains Q papers of last 5 yrs…try to get an idea abt the kind of Qs asked…
      for coaching…if u r located in delhi…u can contact pavan sir…kindly look up the pub ad test series post…
      if not, then neednt worry…basics have 2 b prepared frm the books mentioned, newspapers and the internet as i have mentioned in the pub ad mains post…

  4. lata sisodiya says:

    hi anay.
    i hv read ur answers……..dey r really very nice..u hv different stuff to write..usually i avoid graphs n diagrams in my answers
    did u apply same approach dis time also?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi lata…
      whtever i have written on the blog is what i applied during this attempt…all the answers that i have posted were during my prep for cse 2009…before that i didn’t practice answer-writing…

      • lata sisodiya says:

        hi anay
        i askd u bcoz u hv written point wise n a wellknwn teacher askd me to write in paragraphic form so i was confused
        bout format of d answer…..he also recommnded me to avoid diagram n graphs..

      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi lata
        i used to write in paras earlier…thinking tht point-wise isnt good…but then i started writing in points as i was more comfy with tht
        even pavan sir gave me very valuable feedback on the answers…and wht i realised in the end is tht u shud write in whichever way u r comfy…
        there r certain ways to write an answer point-wise which i have shared in the answer-writing section of gs mains, pub ad mains and psych mains posts…
        u can also go thru my answers…i wrote whichever way i was comfy…
        also, very well knwn teachers tell not to write this and tht in paper 1 and how it is diff frm paper 2,etc etc… doesnt mean they r always right…

  5. aditya prakash singh says:

    congrat anay
    ur sample answer checked by whose?

  6. Anshul says:

    Hi Anay,
    I am Anshul and am an M TECH, i seriosly never thought to appear in IAS however one of my frnd who is actually preapring for and opted P AD as one of his subject, asked me to go through your blog.and thats how i got to see, and i am seriously impressed, and its amazing that you used the simple way in the most optimal manner and panned the best possible result one could get.
    i would like to congratulate you for that.
    I hope your thought would make India a Better, more sequre place to live.

  7. lata sisodiya says:

    thanx anay for ur promt reply………..hop u wont mind dat i hv a no of qs……

  8. tariq ahmad says:

    hello sir
    i have opted PA for mains
    some statements i find very difficult to comment on coz very little information is available in the books, especially when their wtage is more than 2o marks
    compared to my other optional (zoology) very less volume remains to be presented
    does such questions demand to be answered in less volume

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi tariq
      no the answers need to be of the same length…20 marks for approx 200-250 words…and 60 marks for approx 600-650 words…
      the basic premise is to relate everything u knw on an issue/event while writing an answer…
      say in pub ad…if mary parker follett Q is asked and u knw just 4-5 points abt her…then instead of just finishing ur answer in 100 words…try and relate wht chester barnard, simon, fayol, gullick-urwick, etc said on the particular issue… and relate all of them with mary parker follet’ss writings as the Q is abt her…
      similarly..if say SHG mvmt’s impact on women is asked for 60 not forget to write abt the history of SHG mvmt, its characteristics, wht u mean by women empowerment…present situation and future scenario…so do not just aim and think abt shg’s impact on women…also divide it into sections such as political, economic, social, cultural, etc and think of as many points as u can…
      another easy way to write a complete answer and especially in situations where u r not sure whether u have enough content is to divide the Q into parts and write 100-150 words on 1 keyword and similarly on other keywords and relate all of them in between…
      so if a Q like 1 d, paper 2, 2009 is asked…civil service activism and civil service neutrality…rather than jumping directly on relating them to each other…first explain cs neutrality..then cs activism…then relate…so try to write various aspects of neutrality and activism…tht way u can have the complete answer…

  9. vineet says:

    hi anay,vineet here!i tried a lot to contact u bt smhw cldnt…if anytime its poss b4 the exams it wud b a gr8 favour..i have some queries regrding ppr1,value addtn,concepts,pavan sirs apprch etc..if nt pssble 2 cntct ill explain it here itself…

  10. vineet says:

    hi!actually,anay,this year in pub ad my first papr was bad.i believe one of the reasons was not writing in indian apart from that anay,i found the questions this time a littl traditional-all theory based-what matters in these questions?.one is hw mch can one wrk on tht.what can we do to add value to such questions.what kind of examples or applications one can make in a qn like taylors contribn qn this year,decision making qn the last yr,a qn like-Taylor neglected socio psychological factors..hw to use nwspprs in these.anay can u pls expln wid an eg…actually i had worked a lot on pub ad still got a 128 in ppr 1.ppr 2 was arnd 180..gud enuf…ur guidance has already been of gr8 hlp

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi vineet…
      yes, even i scored 130 in paper 1 in 2008…and i realised the wrong strategy i had when i took guidance frm pavan sir… after i went thru the 2008 Qs again while preparing for the 2009 mains..i felt i cud have easily scored 165-170 tht time had i adopted the right strategy…
      as for 2009 paper…yes, u r absolutely right abt the fact tht paper was completely bookish in nature…difficult to use our creativity and put in examples to make the answers different…
      but the way out is to use as much of ur theoretical knowledge as u can…and stick to just 1-2 examples…so when u r answering taylor…put in others in fayol, simon, mp follett, chester barnard and keep relating their concepts to taylor…tht way ur answer will b different frm others…also, use some psychological concepts given by herzberg, maslow, argyris, etc and say tht even taylor spoke abt person-job fit which is very similar to job design and job enrichment and enlargement… tht he emphasised on standardization as it was lacking during his time and hence he paved the way for later thinkers to elaborate more on the behavioural aspect…
      as for newspapers…i used facts in between…like in the CPM/PERT Q…i used the fact tht out of the 500 or so big infrastructure projects in india…more than 320 are behind schedule…leading to cost overruns…etc and tht such scientific procedures r urgently required to prevent such losses…in NPM i used newspapers and current events to show tht market cant be relied upon completely to bring abt inclusive dev of society..more so in developing countries like india…gave the example of govt intervention even in countries such as USA which r considered to be the best examples of free market economies…so NPM is not abt pushing the govt out..but abt ensuring the right balance when it comes to direct participation, facilitation and regulation as far as the govt is concerned vis-a-vis the private players…

      • vineet says:

        thanks anay…excellent!!got it.i was working in the wrong direction.i thought it can be made to look different by including current relevance,as for eg sc mgmnt used by second arc in its report on nregs,or sc mgmnt movt going on till nw n related egs 4 a qn on taylors cntribn last yr.even using management applns.basically focussing on relevance till date or highlighting contribn in this way.what do u think? is it wrong totally or can b done, as well . anywy,anay thanx 4 the new idea of cmparison u am short of not have such a command over theories.will put in the best of my efforts.hope it works this time.thanx once agn,lookin fwd 2 spk 2 u once u cm bck…tk kr,frnd!

  11. Pritam Maske says:

    Hi Anay,

    I went through sriram’s website but only GS is mentioned there and no details about public admn..Where does pawan sir teach and conduct test series?
    where to contact pawan sir in delhi?
    Thank you

  12. varsha says:

    could u pls tell me the sources for 2nd chapter(specifically constitutionalism and political culture) in paper 2 of pub ad…i referred internet as well but i couldnt find adequate material….

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi varsha
      yes, i cudnt find tht topic either…one of the few topics where books and internet both failed…
      i went thru pavan sir’s notes for it…constitutionalism and political culture were both explained very well…there r 4-5 types of political cultures…m sorry, i dnt remember now…
      try to get in touch with some1 who attends his class/test series…if u r not able to do tht…do let me knw…i will ask my frnds whom i gave pavan sir’s registers…might b able to put it up for u…

  13. aashima sharma says:

    Hello sir,Congratulations on your success…

    Sir,since going through your blog i thought of stressing on newspaper reading to supplement the answers with latest development but as i read The Hindu I think that nothing can be supplemented in pub add apart from some state news.i have gone through newspaper reading post also but did not help.Could you please give a brief review in that concern please…

    Thanks a lot.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi aashima…thanks
      kindly go thru the answers which i have uploaded…for paper 1 answers, i deliberately chose Qs which were entirely theoretical in nature…so u wudnt find much data frm the newspapers…but for other Qs like the one on corruption…almost all the data i have written…is frm the newspapers…police ratio, conviction rate, black economy, crime rate, etc are frm newspapers…infrastructure project delays, etc was frm newspapers which i used in the cpm/pert Q last yr…even answers to Qs like drought mgmt asked last yr in paper 2 was entirely based on wht i read in the newspapers…like % area of india which is drought prone, monsoon distribution, sources of water like groundwater, tanks, wells,etc…

  14. aashima says:

    hi Anay thanks for reply

    hey how exactly you prepared for topics from Govt. web sites can you please give as a detailed example for any site like planning commission or anything else.

    and i am also unable to find diagrams and flowcharts there.please help 🙂

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi aashima…
      ok let’s take the example of disaster mgmt…go to the ndma website…
      in the ‘about us’ section the structure of the org is given…i copied it as it is and wud have drawn it in the exam had it come…
      NDRF, NDMRC, NIDM, etc is given…so these wud have been my points in the answer (just a brief description)…
      note tht it is highly useful as answers have to be india based…
      for basics regarding disasters…classification has been given on the site: natural and man-made…
      DM cycle has been given…(diagram in the approach to DM section)
      check out the related issues section…u will get 10 more points…so this much wud be enough…
      apart frm this…the 3rd report of 2nd arc…on its site provides at least 30 points which can b easily remembered in the exam…u can write them as ur own suggestions…

      similarly, the org hierarchy has been provided on the CGA (controller gen of a/c) website……flowchart 1…so tht was enough for me to write 200 words…types of accounting, etc can be found on the net…so u have the basics+ india-centric info to add to it…

      hope u got the idea..

  15. aashima says:

    Yes sir its very helpful…thanks

  16. kamal kishore says:

    hello sir,
    this year i appeared for upsc prelims and i opted public administration as optional paper. sir but i could not decide my 2nd optional paper yet. i started reading psychology and i found it interesting. i read the topic PERSONALITY from Baron and i could say i got the things but when i saw mukul pathak sir’s classnotes i found more different topics and i feel that to know every aspects of a topic only through notes is difficult specially from upsc examination point of view. then sir i think about sociology but one of my senior suggests that 2nd paper of sociology that is INDIAN SOCIETY is tough because material related to “case study” is not available easily. so sir please suggest me that which paper could be more fruitful for me and what are the efforts and directions required for psychology and sociology and which one i should choose. sir i would like to inform u that i’m from engineering background so i don’t have any past knowledge of these two papers but when i go through these subjects i don’t feel uncomfortable with these two. sir give me some time and guide me in right direction. thanks…….

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi kamal
      as for psychology…yes, extensive prep is required which might take some time…but if u like it, then it wudnt be tht big an issue…kindly go through the psych mains post for more…yes, mukul pathak sir’s notes r quite extensive..and u need to be thorough with them…
      for socio, plz contact tanvi sundriyal (air 6)…her blog is… u can also contact her on fb…
      kindly get in touch with garima mittal as well (air 8) and more so because she had psycho and socio as her optionals…so she might b able to guide u better…u can find her blog address on her orkut page…hope it helps

  17. Mohammad Imran says:

    Hi anay sir,
    first of all, congratulations!
    I talked to pavan sir on the number that you have provided here and learnt that (unfortunately) the test series comes as part of the entire coaching package. I can tell you that his very tenor had a genuineness and empathy about it, so i can well imagine the guidance i am losing out on.anyways, could you tell me what the next best thing to do would be? i would like to test myself at a place that adds value to me.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi imran…thanks
      kindly call up pavan sir again and enquire…it wud be better if u go and meet him…i m sure he will suggest sth for u…tell him abt ur requirements…and i m sure he will help u out…

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