Test series for pub ad

I spoke to Pavan sir today. He told me that he is going to start test-series from June 23. It would also include discussion and analysis on the same day itself (as many students have to travel long distances).

During my preparation, I went to Pavan sir for writing tests and getting feedback on my answers. So if you have any queries, you can surely ask me here.

His number is 9911366520. Speak to him if you are interested.

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51 Responses to Test series for pub ad

  1. Mehul sharma says:

    Sir your blog is a great help………..thanx
    please can you guide me about CSAT if you have any idea……….
    I have decided for history and public add as my subjects for mains…….are they a good combination………..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi mehul..thanks
      i m sorry, i dont have much idea abt the CSAT…upsc hasnt declared nething yet…so its best to wait…in the mean time, prepare GS and 1 optional…
      as for the optionals, history and pub ad r very common and considered good optionals…it entirely depends on ur interest and aptitude…

      • Prem says:

        Hi Anay,
        Thanks for this blog. This is very helpful, specially for those who are doing self study.

        I need your help regarding ..how to write ans in Psycho II paper .. for instance,
        What are the psychological consequence of crowding? (2009 )
        Whenever you get time, if you can please write a 200 word on this or any other topic it would be of great help..

        Thanks in advance :).

      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi prem…thanks
        internet is certainly the best source for paper 2..esp wikipedia…for crowding, just search google and you can easily get at least 15 points…just apply them to india and examples can b from everyday life…
        i will write on this topic and scan it in a day or two…just remind me by replying to this…

      • Mehul sharma says:

        Thanx sir……….bt if u cud just suggest me which buk shud i start my prepation wid……….NCERT or Spectrum or sum other……………………..plz…………

      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi mehul…if u havent started ur prep…go with spectrum…


    hello sir, kindly guide us how to go step by step in psychology for mains…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi mahendra…i have posted the strategy i applied for psychology…kindly let me knw if u have any queries…

      • MAHENDRA PANDE says:

        haan sir ji..do u have ur and pathak sir notes wid u…sir tell me wen u ll b online.. u ve given ur yahoo id on my orkut account…u r online in messenger or in gmail…kindly convey me…

      • anaydwivedi says:

        sorry mahendra…i dont have any notes,etc with me as of now…u can get pathak sir’s notes easily in delhi…
        there’s no particular time i m online…

  3. Mehul sharma says:

    sir i m nt able to decide my second optional from b/w the following subjects:
    pub add
    Hw do i decide????????????
    plz help………………….
    sir i hv even heard dat dere is no proper guidance available for chemistry………is it true???????????

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi mehul…m sorry, dont have any idea about chemistry…y dont u ask some1 with chem as an optional…abhijeet agarwal…air 24 had chem…he’s there on orkut
      as for socio…u can ask tanvi sundriyal…air6 she had socio and pub ad as her 2 optionals…she’s there on facebook…

      i cant help u with pavan sir’s notes…also, notes r not wh u shud be concerned about in pub ad…it’s the approach and orientation which matters…

      • Mehul sharma says:

        sir then wh buk or online site shud i refer to get an idea bout pub add as a sub……..as mentioned in ur sub selection approach to read sumthng about the sub b4 deciding upon it………thanx…………

      • anaydwivedi says:

        for pub ad, go thru the syllabus..it’s available on upsc.gov.in
        go thru last 5 yrs’ mains question papers…search on yahoo or google…
        and there’s no basic book for pub ad i can think of…i just referred 3 books…easiest of them to go thru and get a feel wud be administrative thinkers by prasad and prasad…


    sir aap online mil hi gaye…orkut pr ho kyaa aap…

  5. neer joshi says:

    Hello sir,i found your blog vry helpful…kindly tel me..some good books 4 mental ability,i am from medical stream…dts y askn u…i hv takn pub-ad as fst optional n sociology as second…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi neer…thanks
      for mental ability…the best book i can think of is quantitative aptitude by R S Agarwal…it has got questions which even a person who hasn’t had maths for yrs will b able to attempt…and the level is good enough for CSE…so i wud suggest 1st to have a look at the kind of mental ability questions being asked in the prelims in the last 5 years and then go through R S Agarwal…
      as for the optionals, both r good…interest and aptitude matter the most…

  6. keshava murthy says:

    sir can u tell me how to read news paper from the point of CSE

  7. Prem says:

    hi anay .. just a reminder for 20 marker psychoII paper πŸ™‚

    • anaydwivedi says:

      ohhh…will have to find an answer…a friend has taken my answer-sheets…when she returns, i will find out…
      cant write one off the cuff as severe pruning has taken place in my brain…and lots of info has been lost…hehe


    sir could you please guide me personally my mail id: sachinmarshal16@gmail.com
    please mail me your mobile number i would not disturb again and again you, i”ll call only once
    plz sir its DO or DIE condition for me

  9. Ghanshyam Jeph says:

    Hello sir..
    i have decided to take public ad. as my optional subject sir can you please give me the guidance and the notes and books i should refer , as of i am having notes of Mohanty , actually i am not understanding the topic from there so sir please guide me…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi ghanshyam…kindly go thru the pub ad mains post…if u r in delhi…get in touch with pavan sir at sriram’s mukherjee nagar…go thru pub ad test series post for more…

  10. shashank says:

    hello sir,,
    how r u?
    hope u didnt forget me…/
    sr as u said, i consulted pawan sir n i have joined his classes n lefr kaizer ,.

    thank u sir ,,


    to Shashank
    hello shashank
    how would you rate pavan sir in comparison to O.P.Minocha sir and other faculty at Kaizer (Puri sir)

  12. snehasish says:

    hi anay,
    for pub ad I follow the books of awasthi and maheswari. Is it enough to follow these books only? Or I shall refer any additional books.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi snehasish
      kindly refer to my book-list…in my opinion, fadia and fadia is much better than maheshwari-awasthi…compare them and decide accordingly…

  13. Keshav Kamal prashar says:

    Hi Sir πŸ™‚
    thanks for such a great help…. is following things as said:)

    take care ..!

  14. prashant tembhare says:

    Hi anay…..
    can i ask u one thing………most questions are repeated or not in pub admin 1 and 2?
    I mean as per the syllabus……?
    thanking u

  15. Rohit Bansal says:

    hello sir…..i wanted to whether pavan sir take classes for pub ad or not.. i mean regular classes…………….for upsc..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi rohit
      yes, pavan sir takes regular classes for pub ad as well…y not speak to him and get an idea…9911366520

      • rohit bansal says:

        thanx a ton sir………. wll cntct him.. wll it be worth to do a regulr class/

      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi rohit…tht is y i have given u his number…y will i suggest if it wasnt worth it… πŸ™‚

      • rohit bansal says:

        again thanx a lot sir…….. i jst meant that u were nt a regular stdent .so is it gud goin regular clases………..nyways i gt my answer,,,,,,,,,hve alrdy talked 2 him………………….thanx again//

      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi rohit…
        yup, i didnt join regular classes only because i had taken 2 attempts…so had basic knowledge of pub ad…
        pavan sir will guide u well…he will surely tell u not to join classes if he feels u dont need to, by assessing ur answers…
        but if u r just starting out…i wud suggest u join…

  16. VIVEK PANDEY says:

    hello sir,
    can u pls list name of books 4 pub-ad,topic wise which u followed in ur prep .

  17. Phoenix says:

    Hi Anay,

    Couldnt get through prelims in my 1st attempt. Disappointed with the results released recently. I did badly in GS. Now that the pattern is going to change for prelims i have to again start preparing them in detail.
    Since this is the blog on pub ad test series, i would like to know should i start practising pub ad answers from now it self though am not appearing for mains this time?
    If yes, then can i scan my answers and send ’em to pavan sir as i am hyderabad based?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi there…
      dont be disappointed… i knw it’s easy to say so…but u have to realise tht the exam tests our resolve and we have to learn frm our failures…moreover, i knw so many people in the top 10 over the yrs who cudn’t clear the prelims in either their 1st attempt or even during later attempts…so give it ur best and keep working hard…
      to answer ur Qs…yup, u can prepare pub ad as if u r appearing for the mains so tht one of ur optionals is ready when u appear for prelims next yr…therefore, the load wud b considerably less after the prelims…
      i dont think pavan sir can check ur answers online… for tht there’s no option but to move to delhi…but if i m not wrong…there r some really good classes for pub ad in hyderabad…in fact, hyderabad is considered the hub for really good coaching on anthropology and pub ad…so enquire frm some candidates who r frm hyderabad…there was this sir, i dnt remember his name..mayb braintree classes or sth…kindly enquire…

      • Phoenix says:

        Thanks Anay.
        I had taken coaching for pub ad in braintree for weekend batch. But since you mentioned about pavan sir so much i thought he was the ultimate person to approach. I dint opt for anthropology. Dint like the subject so much. I’m preparing for psychology on my own.
        For economy as you suggested i will be very regular with newspapers and will refer internet when i face with some difficult terms.
        1. My other concern is general science. What did you do about it? TMH has very vast content for biology, physics n chemistry. What do you suggest me to do for this?
        2. There was an over expectation for current affairs. And UPSC bowled us over. But it need not be the same in 2011. There could be some questions. Did you refer manorama or some other current affairs book besides the newspapers n magazines u mentioned?

      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi there…
        yes, i have heard abt braintree…but i dnt knw much abt them…pavan sir is good..tht i can vouch for…
        1. for basics..i went thru spectrum…the 1200 pages one…but for other specific things…just looked up the terms on wikipedia, etc as and when they were in the news…
        2. no i didnt refer manorama…it has got too many irrelevant things as far as the cse is concerned…i did only the books i mentioned and concentrated too much on revision…it’s imp to remember wht u go thru…

  18. anamika paul says:

    hello sir,
    as suggested by my friend i referred yr blog n really found it to be useful.sir i vl be starting with pub ad now but m in real dilemma regarding the coaching institute.i have heard a lot about mohanty sir. as u have mentioned abt pavan sir also can u please suggest me who vl be better since i do nt have any basic knowledge abt the sub .

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