Newspaper reading

I tried to do it for The Hindu. But couldn’t do it properly at I need either the newspaper or epaper, which isn’t available.

Anyways, it doesn’t matter much as 2 examples (ToI and ET) are enough to get an idea. Just apply the same concept to Hindu as well. I will try to get hold of an issue of the paper in the next few days and let you know.

The Economic Times, Tuesday, 29 June 2010, Delhi edition

(available on

Page1: Look up terms such as base rate if you don’t know. Also, the G20 article is worth reading. I wouldn’t have cut it. But it gives an idea about how negotiations involve give & take and what is the talk of the town as far as world economy is concerned.

Page 2: I would have cut the article on India- Canada civil nuclear deal. Facts such as it’s the ninth one for India, other 8 are also given, etc are important.

The article on good Taliban is worth a read as it gives a decent idea about the present situation.

Page 3: The article on Centre defending CRPF is worth a read. It gives a very balanced viewpoint on the whole issue. I wouldn’t have cut it. But certainly would have remembered government’s reply as CRPF action is totally justified and is based on logic and reasoning and not emotions.

Page 4 to 10: irrelevant

Page 11: note terms like TDS and look up on the net if you don’t know.

Smart cards for NREGA workers is worth cutting. It can be used as one of the points in answers involving use of smart cards, ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness of government schemes, etc.

The article on FATF is important…know what FATF is…what is money laundering and PMLA…i would have cut the article…

Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development is worth cutting. Government is funding it.

Page 12: A very good article on malnutrition that I would have definitely cut. This is why ET is very good. As most of the edits are written by serving/retired govt servants, it results in a very balanced and fact-based article. NFHS data, correlation between land productivity, women’s education and other factors such as sanitation, safe drinking water, good governance with malnutrition is definitely worth noting. Data on anaemic children and women, protein deficiency among Indians, etc is important.

Other articles which are good but I wouldn’t have cut them: the one on mobile tech, look up terms such as 3G, CDMA, LTE, BWA, Wi-Max, etc on the net.

As I have said many times, my S&T prep was from the newspapers only.

Article on structural reform is worth a read. Look up what structural reforms mean, what is Keynesian economics, stimulus, etc.

Page 13: I would have cut the article ‘Environmental governance & a new authority’ as it gives good info on the proposed NEPA, but noting that nothing concrete has happened as of now.

The article ‘Right climate for energy peg’ is worth a read. It conveys the problem of balancing development and  protecting the environment at the same time.

But I wouldn’t have cut it as it is short on facts.

From the article on aggro business, look up FCI, NCDEX, MCX, if you don’t know.

Pages 14 and 15: irrelevant. But look up BIS if you don’t know what it is.

Page 16: Terms like ULIPs, teaser rates, etc should be known.

Even though today’s ET in the classroom on CTS is not that relevant, but it is one of the few columns I always looked forward to reading. Gives very good info most often.

Pages 17 to 23: irrelevant.

Page 24: ‘Abolish death sentence’: it is a typical Hindu-like article. Strongly opinionated. Yet, I would have noted how many countries have abolished death sentence, how many have retained it, number of executions that have taken place in 2008 and 09, etc. No need to remember what Amnesty International says. But yes, cost factor when not abolished and on the other hand using captured terrorists for better understanding of their psyche, etc are good points to write in an answer on capital punishment.

I hope it was helpful in getting an idea of how to read the newspapers. I will look into Hindu in a couple of days.


The Times of India- Thursday, 24th June, Delhi edition

(available on

I will point out the relevant articles and reasons why I would/wouldn’t cut some of the articles.

Page 1:

Cabinet decision on rupee…it’s relevant but it hasn’t been decided yet. I would still cut it as it talks about the whole procedure of selecting the symbol which may not be described again later.

For those with pub ad, the matter of absentee cabinet ministers is worth cutting. In the exam, do not take names in this matter. Just write, some ministers have been absent…it’s alarming as political factors are playing more important role than governance…

In the news digest, the only one relevant and to look forward to is the Canadian PM’s apology on Kanishka…you should know what the matter was and who is the Canadian PM.

Honour killing issue not worth cutting as you are not going to write specific names/incidents in the GS paper. It is a wider issue which needs to be known in its entirety.

Page 3: irrelevant

Page 4: irrelevant

Page 5: irrelevant

Page 6: irrelevant

Page 7: irrelevant

Even though city section rarely has news relevant for the exam, yet I glance through it as sometimes it might have some important news.

Page 8: irrelevant.

Page 9: irrelevant

Page 10: irrelevant

So, 10 pages take around 15 minutes. With practice you would be able to decide whether an article is relevant or not by just reading the heading or 2-3 lines at most.

Page 11: irrelevant

Page 12: You should know what super 30 is…also coz this year the PM invited the teacher for a meeting. No need to read the whole article. Also, the only line I found relevant was “the Internet has grown the fastest in this world. It took 38 years for radio to reach the people, 13 years for television and just 4 years for the Internet.”

Finished the page in less than 5 minutes.

Page 13: irrelevant

Page 14:

Loharinag Pala is important. May be asked for 2 marks.

Kanishka is important. If you don’t know what it was, definitely cut the article.

Page 15: irrelevant

Page 16: The article on China’s support to Pakistan on nuclear plants is important if you haven’t cut an article on this before. This can be used in China-Pak r/s. I would have definitely used it in China’s peaceful rise doctrine had it happened last year.

China’s pudina patent also important. Also, remember terms like bio-piracy and TKDL.

Page 17: For those with pub ad, Karnataka’s Lokayukta resigning is important. Do not take names. Just write recently Lokayukta of Karnataka resigned…giving reasons.

Also, CVC request for tackling corruption important. It’s a government body. So CVC recommendation can be written in the exam straightaway.

Page 18: only the article on Tamil conference is important. But it’s not worth cutting. You should cut some article which presents the facts and not what TN CM has to say. Where the conference is being held, what is a classical language? Which all languages in India have been declared as classical languages, etc should be known.

Page 20:

The only relevant article and a very good one is that by Prakash Singh on Maoists. He has presented some new points such as security forces themselves being one of the biggest arms- providers to the Maoists (as they attack and decamp with weapons). The solutions he provides, local police: CPF ratio, etc and also terms such as ‘irregular war’ are important.

Rest of the articles aren’t good. Indo-Pak is the usual blah blah, nothing new. Honour killings one is just opinion based. No tangible info.

Page 21: only relevant one is the article on LHC. I wouldn’t cut it. Only look up LHC, ‘god particle’(Higgs boson), etc on wikipedia. This was my standard preparation for science and tech.

Page 22: Only know 2 lines about who Nikki Haley is. If she wins, it might be asked (even though probability is low). But if she loses, forget about her. But there is definitely no need of cutting the article.

Page 23: irrelevant.

Page 25: just note down terms like HNI, MF, ULIP, etc if you don’t know them. The article on HNI is useless. In fact, the article today (Sunday, 27th June) on the increasing concentration of wealth in India is very good, which actually uses the same data.

Page 26: irrelevant

Pages 27 to 30: irrelevant

Page 31: Just know why John Isner and Nicolas Mahut were in the news. But I think probability of being asked in the Mains is very low.

Page 32: Just know Clean Sports India movement. But again, very low probability of being asked.

So, with some practice, it would take 30-35 minutes to finish this issue.

Do ask me questions. If you feel some article I left out was relevant or an article I chose was irrelevant, kindly let me know.

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  1. bulumu says:

    thanks a lot sir for taking so much efforts.. eargely waiting..

  2. Garima Upadhyay says:

    Hi Anay!!
    Could you also please tell how you reduce a book to 1/10th of it’s size? Especially a book like Baron (psychology) .

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi garima, u did it correctly!!!
      i gave tht suggestion for books like India yrbook which we have to cover fully for the prelims…
      books like baron need to be studied only selectively as u r gng to cover the syllabus topic-wise…

      to reduce a book to 1/10th of its size in ur notes, u need to mark only the important things which u deem to be relevant for the exam…write the points BRIEFLY in the notebook so tht u understand wht baron was talking about…

  3. himanshu says:

    sir i just went thru abhijeet’s profile…nd only one word to say pagal ho gaya…do we hav to read so much for clearing cse? sir aftr reading ur blog it seems cse is a cakewalk..but aftr abhijeet’s blog i really got mad…..sir wht to do

    • anaydwivedi says:

      i too went through his blog just now…look, it’s not necessary every1 applies the same strategy…he read extensively and which is a good thing…i didnt have tht much time as i relied completely on the newspapers…so didnt have much time for as many books…but i m sure, and u better ask abhijeet, tht when he mentions a book…say dutt and sundaram…it’s not tht he would be reading it frm cover to cover…but only selectively when he had had a doubt…
      u can go through the blogs of prakash, tanvi, rashmita, and other toppers as well..and one thing will be clear to u…there r n number of strategies to score high marks…just plan urs and try ur best to implement it…

  4. pankaj kumar mishra says:

    sir can u please post the blog address of prakash ,tanvi and rashmita?

  5. suraj says:

    Hi sir so please suggest me what all to read from Hindu,TOI and ET with page No pls.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      suraj…there’s no particular page, section, day, writer, etc which i looked forward to reading…the only criterion is what is relevant for the exam and wht is not…
      kindly go thru the newspaper reading post for more…

  6. Garima Upadhyay says:

    Anay when you prepared notes for psychology, did u write a 60 marks answer on every topic and that’s why u never had to refer the books, sources , etc, again??

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi garima…
      no i didnt write 60 marks answers…i just wrote the points…it’s not possible to write 600 words or so on each topic…i just wrote 15-20 points on each topic so tht i had enough content to expand it and write a 60 marks answer in the exam…

  7. keshava murthy says:

    sir really thankfull for valuable effort

  8. Debu says:

    hi anay.
    on page 16 along with China news there’s EU-India news also, is it not important??
    can you please give some detailed view regarding international matters as every matter seems important.
    please do explain newspaper reading in the hindu context also through

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi debu…i felt there was nothing tangible in tht article…terrorism co-op…it’s always there…no matter which r/s we r talking abt…even india-pak have co-op on terrorism as an aspect of their r/s…piracy isnt tht important…yup, frm business point of view it might be…but not from CSE point of view…and this piracy thing is gng on for decades..nothing has happened…plus it was just a routine visit frm some EU official…didnt even make front page news…

      a pointer is tht in intl relations…concentrate a lot on india and its neighbours…usa, russia, asean and little bit on countries such as uk, france and israel…

  9. suraj says:

    Thanks a lot for your concern on your follow CS students . your Awesome an hatsoff to you.
    and was the news of Sachin tendulkar becoming a IAF Officer not important.
    please if possible one day just suggest me on bangalore edition of TOI , ET and Hindu pls it will be helpfull for whole karnataka people because there r no good tutorials or teachers to guide us

  10. suraj says:

    hi is ignou notes good for public admin

  11. vikrant says:

    i found ignou notes to be very good but too vast..please tell me if it is worth spending some significant time with it…thanks

  12. Devendra. says:

    Hi anay thanx for ur valuable write up… please come with analysis of hindu paper based on ‘today’s paper’ in the hindu website…

  13. Sangita Goswami says:

    Thanks indeed for the ET articles…
    I am going back home as I am not well.

  14. Arti says:

    Sir, you really deserve to be a topper. Sir, Can you please elaborate more on Pub ad paper 1, since qns here are linked to current affairs. What type of examples, case studies or Facts related to Indian admin can be put here.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi arti…i never answered a question thinking it’s paper 1 or 2…just answer the question and take examples frm india…if u knw abt other countries, do write…but 70-80% should be abt india and the rest, if u want to write…abt other countries…

  15. Arti says:

    I meant that qns in pubad paper 1 are not linked to current affairs directly.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      yes sometimes u dont have an option but to write wht is given in the book…eg cpm/pert question this such questions write the std thing u knw..and then add tht such techniques help in improving the efficiency as out of 520 infrastructure projects in india…approx 330…or 60% r behind schedule leading to cost overruns…and therefore it is necessary to apply scientific methods to each and every project module…etc etc…so i gathered info frm newspapers and applied it wherever i cud…

  16. keshava murthy says:

    hi sir
    since most of the aspirants are regular reader of HINDU than Times, so kindly give an statergy how to read Hindu as per CSE

  17. keshava murthy says:

    sir for basic psychology understanding, which book u suggest?
    i am reading Ciccillary

  18. Simar says:

    Hi anay!! Your blog has really helped my preparation!
    Can you please tell me what is the ideal time to start cutting articles from the newspapers? I am going to write my prelims in 2011. The strategy to tackle current is really confusing me…I cannot seem to figure out how to approach it. I have so far decided to read the newspapers thoroughly, jot down facts from prelims point of view everyday and cut articles and file them and then at the end of the month revise the articles ive cut to highlight main points. But in the 2 months ive done it…the bundle of articles has become quite thick and unmanageable 😦
    Cant seem to understand what to do!

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi simar…yup, the number of articles tht get collected becomes quite scary…but mark the imp lines and try to revise..thts the best u can do…it will surely help…

  19. Rahul Pawar says:

    Hi Anay…Hearty congratulations!!
    i am an engineering graduate from Pune and would be appearing for cse in 2011..i’ve chosen Pub-ad as an optional but very confused over the other optional… earlier i had decided to go for psychology…since both of them will be analytical i am having 2nd thoughts for Pali literature…can u plz elaborate upon Pali literature..that would be a life saver!!….thnx.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi rahul…thanks
      m sorry, i dnt have any idea abt pali literature…y dont u ask rahul dwivedi (air 40)…he had pali as an optional…
      u can find him on orkut or fb…he’s there in my frnds list as well on both orkut and fb…

  20. Atul.M.Pawar says:

    Hi ANAY sir……..CONGRATULATIONS for ur stupendous success!!!!!!!!
    Sir i’ll be giving the cse-2011 attempt…….my optionals r pub ad & anthro…………regarding pub ad ur blog has been of tremendous help………sir if u could plz help me regarding anthro…… giving me link 2 any of the successful candidates who had anthro as an optinal…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi atul…thanks
      m sorry…i dnt know neone (personally) with anthro as an optional…even i m trying to get in touch with the successful candidates who took anthro…
      will let u knw when tht happens…

  21. just_another_bloke_deluded_by_hope says:

    Hi Anay,
    I just love the way you blog, perhaps the most useful source for aspirants I have come across so far. I say so coz I regularly scrounge for any tidbit of information in the blogosphere which might give prove to be that “extra” edge. I must confess the way you have systematically organized your preparation, makes getting through CSE, appear like a cakewalk.

    On a different note, I got the impression that we need to pay heed to recommendation and survey data of governmental organizations, but how come TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences)’s survey fall into the acceptable of source of information for Mains answer?

    One more question, does targets quoted by PM or Cabinet Minister’s or for that matter ministries’ target, hold any substantial value for Main’s answer. For instance is it OK to include when PM says that India aims to double its foreign trade with country X within next 10 years.

    Kindly reply and thanks a lot for your painstaking effort to respond to all the queries (including mine too, hopefully ;-).

    All the best for your future endeavours.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi rahul..thanks
      as far as data is considered…yup, u can quote govt org’s surveys directly…but tht way u wnt get so much info…for other credible sources of info…such as tiss or ET survey, etc u can write it in the exam w/o specifying the source…for eg…and i remember this frm my prep…u get to knw tht there r 2,23,000 registered SHGs with the govt…now this data might be through some source not necessarily a govt report…a body such as tiss might have published it…and it seems credible…then write in the exam tht there r 2,23,000 registered SHGs in india…without mentioning the source…as if it’s a fact u knw just like u knw india has 28 states and 7 UTs…i hope u get the point…but had it been mentioned in a report published by planning commission, and u remember the source, then u can surely write…according to the PC…india has…
      of course…u can write in the exam…in fact when deciding the policy…as far as i knw..the concerned minister plays the most decisive role…so if pm says we need to harness more solar energy to the extent of 20 GW by 2020…u may write it…
      kindly ask for clarification if the doubt persists…

  22. rohan says:

    How did u prepare for case studies in pub ad?i means which is the best sourece/note available in the market?
    and from when can we collect/read/revise newspapers/magazines for next year mains?plz substantiate and help

    • anaydwivedi says:

      i didnt write any case study in the’s a waste of time and word limit…i concentrated on writing as many points as i could and not case studies, etc
      start reading the newspapers as soon as u can…not ony knowledge will improve…but also ur understanding of the various issues…

  23. rohan says:

    also from where to study the topic State theories/fiscal and monetary policies because there is dearth of material in those topic

    • anaydwivedi says:

      for fiscal and monetary policies…fadia and fadia is more than enough…general studies will help u here…also, first read on the different types of budgets frm nicholas henry…
      public policy is best described in nicholas henry…go thru the models…

  24. Atul.M.Pawar says:

    ok………..thanx a lot!!

  25. debu says:

    hey anay isn’t “INDIA has finally become a member of the elite global body Financial Action Task Force” this news important?? (pg11 ET 29th june)


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi debu…thanks…yup i missed it…FATF is important…can come for 2/3 marks…even money laundering is imp and PMLA…i will update the post…thanks for bringing it to my notice…good going…

  26. vinod says:

    hi sir…congrats on ur success…would like to know whether magazines like civil service chronicle etc. can be a substitute for newspaper reading as they cover almost all the current affairs and developements in a more organized manner than the newspapers do. if yes..plz suggest some good magazine…thanx in advance.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi vinod…thanks
      nope, i m afraid they cant be a substitute for newspapers…in fact 90% content shud be frm newspapers and only 10% frm magazines as far as current affairs is concerned…

  27. Dr MEENAKSHI says:

    Hello sir, congratulations for your success and thanks for the information you are providing through this blog.sir i am from rural background, & also preparing without coachings can it be a obstacle in my performance.kindly suggest the blog for more information about geography as it is my optional along with pub ad. thank you in advance

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi meenakshi…thanks
      u can clear the exam w/o coaching as well…the content has to be entirely urs…coaching plays a role only to guide u when u r confused or are not able to get the results u expect…
      for geography…as far as i know, tarun rathi (air 19)had it as an optional in the mains…kindly visit his orkut page and join the community he has started for ias aspirants… u may ask ur doubts there…

  28. maddy says:

    Hello Anay,
    I got 1 serious problem. HOW TO STUDY POLITY & CONSTITUTION.
    Its been horribly hopeless. Every single planner, guide say ‘imp articles from…’,’I read DD basu.’ But what does that mean? I have DD BASU, Laxmikant, kashyap. but whenever I open that books…. AAkho ke samne andhera cha jata hai. Plz tell what do you exactly study for polity? Do you memorize article nos. and amendment nos. which are imp art. and amd….. PLZ HELP

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi maddy…
      there r hardly 5-6 cases i remembered…10-11 amendments and yup, arnd 400 articles…not verbatim…but a general idea of wht each article was abt…
      wht i will do is tht put up a list of:
      1. articles which arent important…(as most of them r imp as u pointed out…)
      2. imp amendments…
      3. imp cases…
      there’s no other way but to keep REVISING it again and again…little bit of mugging up together with lots of linking various things has to be done…

  29. Syam says:

    Hi, Anay, Thanks a lot.

    I thought the article on “Mid-air misses on the rise since 2007” was also important.

    He defines what is airprox. He says flights have to maintain a vertical distance of 1000 feet at the altitude of 41,000 feet or the horizontal distance of 9km.

    In addition to that, the article on Indo-Pak also had one important point.

    For New Delhi, it is Pakistan’s failure to book the perpetrators of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, dismantle the terror network on its soil, stop infiltration of militants across the LoC and rein in jihadi leaders who continue to indulge in inflammable rhetoric against India. Islamabad, on the other hand, suspects that India will not yield an inch on Kashmir, the river waters dispute or on its ambitions in Afghanistan.

    Let me know your opinion, Anay!

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi syam…
      the article on mid-air misses is too specific…how will they ask it in the exam? u may read it for gaining knowledge…but frm CSE point of view…i feel it’s not relevant…
      indo-pak certainly is relevant…but wht is new in this article…i read articles everyday in the newspapers, watch tv shows, debates, etc on these issues…so it is not gng to add nething other than the number of articles i have to revise just before the exam…
      but yes, for a beginner who has started reading newspapers just recently and preparation for CSE has just begun…then whichever article, provided it is relevant for the exam, containts data he/she doesnt worth cutting…

  30. akhi says:

    hello sir..i started readin 3 newspaper from 24th may itself..and i cut only imp articles..but still these cutting r getting bulky day by day..and they r scaring did u manage to revise the optional load is also too much..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi akhilesh…
      yes, by sept end u will have abt 1000 articles with u…r u marking the imp lines in the articles when u go thru them? this will reduce the amount of time u require to revise them…
      also, do segregate them into different folders as it will be helpful in gaining a broad perspective when u read all the articles on intl affairs in one go…on climate issues in one go..and so on…
      as i said in the post…i preferred revising the articles over revising the books…and u have 2 hrs each day in oct to revise these articles…i think u will b able to do it…

  31. akhilesh says:

    hello sir..ya i do mark imp lines…i have also separated them into diff folders..wud start revising…thanks…i have 2 more queries…1stly..some articles in ET have core economy and difficult to understand eg..fridays editorial on tratde and dev..wat shud i do bout such articles…shud i make an effort to understand them ??..2ndly wat all things shud be read from chronicle magazine…every article(including opinion based) or only india watch, world watch, ..etc ??…did u read yojna??? i read ur interview in julys chronicle…there its written srirams gs class notes r very good… quite confused..( vaise i think thes mags make up stories themselves as it has mentioned u studies only 4 hrs in a day 🙂

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi akhilesh
      i read the article…it isnt imp as such…but yes, u shud knw the imp terms like SS, NN, NS trade, MFN, rules of origin, etc
      i read the whole chronicle..but it depends on the quality of a given article…yes, world watch, india watch, appointments, etc r imp
      didnt read yojna
      my chronicle interview was forwarded to chronicle people by sriram’s…so they inserted quite a few things on their own…i knw only pavan sir well…
      yup, i did study on an avg 4 hrs a day…tht is one of the “original” lines…sent by me…

  32. akhilesh says:

    i meant to say u ,’studied’…

  33. rajbir kaur says:

    hi sir,i read your blog,it is too helpful.i was too much confused about what to read about gs and pub ad,but now feel relieved.sir i have a ques-apart from hindu any other newspaper needs to be read or not and which is it.i have been reading only hindu newspaper and that also not so regularly since i was told not to devote more than one hr to newspaper,so sir should i read the previous newspapers also or if i start reading the newspapers now regularly and in depth it will suffice,sir please guide me on this

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi rajbir…
      as i said, i read ToI, ET and Hindu…u can start reading ToI and ET frm now on..not a prob…do it till october 1st week…and after tht, revise the articles u have cut…
      but try to cover all the 3 in 2 hrs…

  34. rajbir kaur says:

    hi sir,thanks for your reply,i have another ques regarding magazine- my optionals are geog and pub ad so is it necessary to read both yojana and kurukshetra and all the issues and if i have to read i should start seeing the issues from which month.Sir also i am planning to read news panorama magazine(the bigger one) is this magazine ok or i should read some other magazine

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi rajbir…
      i m sorry, i dnt knw anything abt the magazines u have listed…so cant guide u…i have never gone thru any issue of kurukshetra or panorama…
      yojana..i did read an issue way back in 2007…but cant comment on the basis of just one issue…tht too 3 yrs back…

      its upto u…i told u wht i did…and whoever these frnds and teachers r…if u believe wht they say…then go ahead…


    hello sir i saw your interview on Sriram coaching’s website is that true that you have taken coaching from that institute.
    should i join that institute for GS?

  36. rajesh shukla says:

    Congrats for your success sir !!!!(although am late in wishing it)
    I want to ask a question that how dod you kept your mind in control,actually as normal if i am reading or studying my mind is focussed but whenever another thought prop up in my mind my whole of brain switches it self towards it.
    by that i waste some most precious times of my study so can you please suggest me how to keep my mind focussed.
    Thanks a lot.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi rajesh…thanks
      it’s difficult to answer the question…i guess if u really want to achieve something u will automatically be able to focus on it…
      so when u study…just concentrate on the fact tht without doing so…the goal cant be achieved..and so each and every hour u spend studying is gng to push u nearer to ur goal…
      but if u r dng sth coz others have told u to do it…and not out of ur own will..then the task is gng to be very difficult…first convince urself as to wht YOU really want…
      1 more point…enjoy studying…knowledge is the best thing u can possess…

  37. Agneeshwar says:

    Hello Sir, I wrote mains last year with zoology and botany as my optionals. I could not manage two science optionals and landed up with poor score.My GS score this year was 228 (110+ 118) and 90 in Essay. This time I have dropped botany and selected Pub Adm as my second optional. I have few doubts regarding Pub Ad, Sir I have started preparing pub ad quite late (only since june second week). When I read a topic from Fadia I am able to understand it but when I look at the past year papers I am not able to answer many of them. Should I start preparing notes at this stage itself when I am doing first reading or should I do it in the second reading. I feel like I am running much short of time. I have done till now only Introduction and CPA.
    Secondly sir I have been reading hindu only, that also quite irregularly, I never made cuttings or notes, if I start reading Newspapers now, will that be helpful in my coming mains? PLz do suggest some strategy for the coming mains.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi agneeshwar
      for the topics…try to get the points as u study…no need to write each and everything if u dnt have time…just write the key words briefly…
      for gs, sorry to say…but newspaper reading is absolutely essential now…do not leave it out…try to be regular with at least 2 papers…

  38. abhay says:

    hiii sir,,
    can u plz tell me how can i improve writing skills,, do i hav to be through with grammer or is ther any other way,, if possible plz write in detail am waiting,,

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi abhay
      do not worry abt writing skills…simple language is what is required…no need to use difficult words,etc…
      in order to improve ur writing skills, if u r still worried… perhaps newspaper reading is one of the best solutions…

  39. Chetan says:

    Congratulations Sir. With this noble effort of your’s , now i can surely say that India has definately got 1 bright IAS officer.
    Hats off to you sir.
    I will be appearing in 2011 exam I have following queries sir:

    1. I have IYB 2009 book.Should i thoroughly read this. Will there be substantial changes in the book 2010 or 2011(which will be published next year).
    and sir is the Indian year book published by ministry of information and broadcasting the best source or the concise ones from publications like wizard or vishal are also good ones?

    2. Sir this is regarding the ARC-2 reports. I have complete print out’s of the reports and they are very good.
    sir they have excellent content in them specially for topics like personnel admn, financial admn, dist admn, urban and local govt etc………..
    sir how to make the best use or ARC-2 reports , jus going through their recommendations or any other way…..

    3. Sir i have got geography as my 1’st optional. Do u know any other noble soul like you which had geography as his/her optional and can provide valuable inputs to me, except Mr Ghanshyam Thori.

    4. Sir u have given excellent strategy about Modern India. Please tell whether we should do Ancient and medevial history also as 2 markers are asked 4m them.If yes please specify the source. and sir how to handle the culture part(literature, arts,architecture)

    5. sir i will be giving mains in 2011. so should i still start cutting newspapers articles right 4m now or just 4m next year march as you have suggested. Sir is it a wise idea to make notes out of the newspapers cuttings or just paste them as it is.

    6.sir how to handle Yojana and kurukshetra magazines. I enjoy reading them but hardly able to retain nything. shouls i make notes out of them or just underline the imp pts in the articles and then revise. Please Advise.

    7.Sir u have mentioned this on your blog
    “For paper 2, government websites are the best. Topics such as disaster (NDMA website), human rights (NHRC website),Controller General of Accounts, etc can be effectively covered. The sites are updated regularly and not only content but very good diagrams, flowcharts and organizational hierarchy is depicted.”Where exactly to find these diagrams in these website, i wasn’t able to find them…

    8. sir is fadia and fadia for paper2 a good source.I have heard that it very extensive and lengthy…… is it better than rajni goyal book on Indian administration.

    9. Sir u did not went throgh any coaching institutes notes for G.S. Are they useful??????????

    10. In the essay blog your friend has written this…..
    “One should also try remembering some quotations that one comes across while reading books etc. Maintain a notebook/word document for keeping track of such quotations.”
    Is newspaper reading good source for getting quotations or good lines or if any other source please tell.
    you used to make note of good lines which u came across while reading newspapers??

    11. 11. Sir please suggest a source for static part of India and the world….. like historical background of CTBT, NAM, EU, Middle east conflict etc……………

    Sir just one more request.please please please pease……… never make this blog inactive and keep guiding us
    God bless you…cheeerssssssssssss

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi chetan…thanks
      1. u can go thru 2010 one…99% of it remains unchanged…for prelims u need to be through with it…
      2. i went thru the recomm…try to remember at least 25 recomm frm each report…u can use them in ur GS, pub ad and essay papers
      3. try to get in touch with taun rathi(air 19)..he’s there on orkut..he has a community dedicated to CSE aspirants..
      4. m sorry, i left ancient and medieval…and culture part also…didnt have time…u can ask rashmita panda (air 13 with 356 in history)..she will b knowing of the good sources…contact her on orkut or fb or her blog
      5. i used to cut the articles and keep them in folders…kindly check out the post on newspapers…i suggest u read the newspapers regularly and keep the cuttings if u have time…
      6. i didnt go thru either…but if u r comfy with them…then underline and try to revise at least once…preferably before the exam…retention will b possible only if u revise
      7. go thru the about us of the organizations…m sure it’s there…i copied the flowcharts frm there…
      8. i dnt knw abt rajni goyal..sorry…went thru fadia and fadia based on the topics in the syllabus
      9. i didnt go thru any gs notes…just the newspapers and the books i have mentioned in the gs mains post
      10. i didnt emphasise on quotes..if u feel u shud…then yup, writing a few quotes..say 50-60 frm newspapers wud be a good idea to go abt it…
      11. newspapers r good…i cant think of something better…i didnt go thru any book for cant help u out with specific books…kindly ask others…mayb they will b knowing sth better…
      i will try to update and reply to the questions….feel free to ask whenever u feel like…

  40. Deepinder Kaur says:

    Hello sir,

    Congrats for your glorious success!!

    That’s a very useful insight you have provided sir. But I have a doubt. Isn’t the article Aman ki Asha( important?

    Thanks & Regards,

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi deepinder…thanks
      the article was abt the recent developments and initiatives taking place…it keeps on getting repeated…so i never found nething imp in terms of hard facts…
      but there’s no prob in gng thru it if u feel u can apply it somewhere…essay may b…

  41. chetan says:

    Sir aapke liye ek hi baat kehne ka man kar raha haiii………

    Anay sir jindaabaad jindaabaad……………………….
    anay sir jindaabaad jindaabaad

    Hamara DC kaisa ho Anay dwivedi jaisa ho
    Hamara DC kaisa ho Anay dwivedi jaisa ho


  42. chetan says:

    Hi sir, a query
    1. sir i have gone through fadia and fadia for paper1. Don’t you think it’s too lengthy. the same thing is repeated again and again.
    for eg chapter of promotion. definition of promotion is repeated again and again unnecessarilyy……….

    sir is avasthi and maheshwari also a good book. i read that also. it is concise and do not repeat the things like fadia. can it be used for paper 1 instead of fadia or as things are repeated in fadia we get good content in it to choose from……..

    what’s ur take sir

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi chetan
      as i pointed out in the pub ad mains post…i didnt go thru the whole book…just mark the imp lines and note the points…
      i must have covered arnd 40 of the 90 chapters or so in the book…so study topic wise and dnt aim at finishing the book…
      u can use maheshwari awasthi…but the problem is it doesnt contain as much info as f&f and is also not updated…

  43. abhay says:

    hiii sir
    from next year am goin to start my serius prep. as i will get over my graduation,, i need ur suggetion,, should i enrol for any other courses during my preperation in next year like LLB, MA,, or just join any coaching and mug up day and night,, plzzzzz am geting confuse, i have nothing for backup i am just doing bba, plzzzzzz

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi abhay
      it’s a decision which u will have to make…backup is imp but at the same time consistency and concentration is required for the civil services exam…
      i left my job…but then there r others who did llb or ma simultaneously…i suggest u ask tanvi sundriyal (air 6)…she did her engineering and then prepared for cse..but did llb frm delhi univ simultaneously…her blog is… she’s there on fb as well…

  44. alok says:

    Anay, could you give some tips for preparation of ‘Indian culture’ in GS Main?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi alok
      i m sorry, i just left it…didnt expect so many Qs in the exam from it… but had to write sth or the other in the exam
      i suggest u ask rashmita panda (air 13 with 356 in history)…she will b knowing good sources frm where u can cover indian culture for gs mains…
      her blog address is…u can also ask her on fb or orkut…

  45. alok says:

    Anay can you give example of ET on weekend. As on SAT and SUN it is weekly edition and not regular one.

  46. Himanshu Sharma says:

    Sir,I am going to appear in 2011.So,should I cut down articles or just note down information as your newspaper post is basically inclined to Mains point of view in that case I will have articles of an year which will be huge in themselves.

    and thank you very much for been so much co-operating.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi himashu
      yes, articles r gng to pile up…i suggest u go thru 1 exam oriented magazine and keep newspaper cuttings but just mark the facts…
      2-3 lines in the article wud be more than enough…it wont take much time to revise…
      for mains, of course u will have to mark much more and remember much more…so tht wud require slightly different strategy as far as newspaper reading goes…wherein u will have to also concentrate on relating the issues…

      • anaydwivedi says:

        u may note down info rather than cutting articles if u r more comfy with tht…
        but yes, looking at the trend…newspaper reading cant be overlooked…

  47. Himanshu Sharma says:

    Sir,I am appearing in 2001 pre,should I start collecting these articles form this point or just note important and relevat points in some register which I can view latter.

    Also Please elaborate as to how you prepared S&T from newspapers and from which preiod of year one should look from mains perspective in newspapers and also same for S&T

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi himanshu…
      for s& i explained in the newspaper reading post..i looked up the terms i came across in the newspapers on the internet…wikipedia is very good for this purpose…
      but keep it limited to a basic understanding rather than gng completely in-depth…it’s more than enough to just get an idea of wht 2G,3G and 4G r…rather than remembering the exact dates, capacity, etc…

  48. Himanshu Sharma says:

    Sir,I did not know in which thread should I put it…

    Please check your yahoomail and if you have checked then reply with your convenience only….


  49. Dipti says:

    Hi Anay,
    Congrats for ur success . and your blog is really helpful . 🙂
    I m dipti . I hv dn engg form spce . nw preparing for CSE-2011.
    I started making notes of newspaper in September.So for next year’s prelim news from which duration are important ? i.e (from which moth -to which month).
    do i need to make notes for previous months also?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi dipti…thanks
      do go thru the newspapers regularly…no need to go too much back in time…just b regular with newspapers frm sept onwards as u have stated…tht wud suffice…

  50. Rakhee says:

    hello anay sir
    This is Rakhee .In my first attempt in 2009 i had gone upto interview stage.But my GS marks were very less.So couldnt make it to the final list.Sir,i could not clear the 2010 prelims…

    Kindly suggest me how to start preparation this time..My morale seems to be actually very down…Please suggest an appropriate strategy.My prelims subject is Geography and Mains subjects are Geography and Pub ad.Also with the Csat almost confirmes and GS being my weak piont,how shall i go about in my preparation.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi rakhee…
      do not lose hope…keep working hard…since u made it to the interview…surely u have the ability to make it…it’s just a matter of everything clicking together…
      for gs…kindly go thru my gs prelims and mains post…u need to focus on newspapers…do not rely too much on coaching instt notes, etc…
      newspapers and any one magazine…tht wud suffice…try to relate the events and keep cuttings like i did…tht way ur GS will surely improve…

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