Public Admin paper 1- sample answers

I have uploaded two of my answers for pub ad paper 1. I have deliberately chosen theoretical questions as I feel in 2009, paper 1 was devoid of questions (except SHG and few others) where much creativity could be exhibited. Hope it helps.

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25 Responses to Public Admin paper 1- sample answers

  1. Syam says:

    Hi, Anay,

    Your answers made me spell bound. So how did you memorize that stuff? I mean to pen down things in such a coherent way even with exam stress is quiet a remarkable thing to do. Can you give some insights on that? How do you frame a mental framework of the subject?

    • YASHDEEP says:

      dear Mr. Anay

      A unique presentation strategy u have carved.
      simply beautiful.

      but really need to ask this , how’d u mange to mug up all this?
      was it only timely revision or any other learning method ?
      plz share if something tickles up.

      thanx for everything


      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi yashdeep…thanks
        kindly refer my next post on sample notes…i am gng to try explaining how i remembered most of the content and the fact tht content remains the same no matter wht the question is…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi syam…
      kindly c my next post..on sample notes…i tried to make notes by writing all the imp points and kept on revising them…whtever b the question…answers contain the same’s only the presentation and wording which changes…
      i will try to explain it in the next post…

  2. maddy says:

    Waiting eagerly for polity articles.
    Let it be in same format: Strategy, sample notes, and sample answer of mains.
    heard that you are going to Mussoorie this August. If you have’t figure it out searh LBSNAA on many interesting videos there. you can even Download them.
    But don’t waste much time….gee.. :D.
    Instead PLEASE write the article for brokenhearted fellows like us. OK bye.

  3. ENRAHUL says:

    Thank u very much for putting a dedicated effort to guide us. One thing ,i wanted some guidance frm u regarding CAT- approach and material u utilized in preparation for CAT 2009(online test).

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi there…
      m sorry..i dnt think i m the right person to guide u on CAT…just took the exam w/o much prep…solved only 4-5 aimcats (time) online…thts it

  4. Nisha chandran says:

    Hi Genius,
    I have asked this question to many people, but none gave me a proper reply.
    Hope you wont ignore it.
    I am pursuing my MA from Madras university in public administration. I am wondering weather the books of MA would be sufficient to finish the syllabus or not.
    If not, please name the books what one should go through to finish the syllabus of public administration for UPSC.
    Please, please, please reply me.
    Thank you in advance
    Waiting for your reply

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi nisha
      i m sorry, i dnt knw abt the books or the syllabus for MA pub ad…wht u can do is to go thru the syllabus prescribed by upsc and compare it with ur ma syllabus…
      certainly, not much prep is required as far as pub ad is concerned if ur general knowledge and current awareness is good…
      as for the books for pub ad upsc cse, kindly go thru the post on pub ad mains…there arent many books i have listed…u can easily go thru them and get an idea…
      i hope the reply was as per ur expectations…

  5. Dr MEENAKSHI says:

    hello sir thanks for tis it’s really helpful

  6. anubhav says:

    hello sir ,
    please provide me with blog of someone with mech. engg as his/her sub.

  7. basava prabhu gundalli says:

    hello mr.anay,
    First f al congrats fr ur achvmnt…I went thru entire blog of urs..,i found it to b very practical n quiet a simple approach…. i happen to b ur junior in vajiram 2009-10 batch for pub-ad n gs…i’d dis habit of relating pubad concepts while reading newsppr n i ws in dilemma wthr to continue dis activity r not as i found nobody doin dis, includin few f my i’m rly happy wen i read ur article abu dis bt plz do leav any suggestions(if any) to mould dis habit in a proper direction n it’d b evn better if u can post wit eg f using pub-ad concepts in n.ppr…
    Also,i faced similar probs during my pub ad course in v.ram as u did…oly first 4 chaptrs hv been dealt wel in ppr1 n rest literally “0”…mrovr i’m not in a condn to gt enrolled in any institute further.. so i’m also confsd as to wic material to start wit…plz suggest on dis…lookin frwrd for ur rply…
    thank u…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi basava…thanks
      in the answers i have posted for pub ad…m sure u will find most of the info is frm the newspapers where the Q provided the opportunity to include such info…eg the one on corruption…
      kindly get the books i have listed…they r more than enough for pub ad with little addition frm the net…as for guidance..if u feel the need later on…do contact pavan sir…

  8. Pritam Maske says:

    Hi Anay,

    Is classes really needed for public admn?or shd i join only test series in sriram?
    I stay in mumbai…..In dadar AA shah institute is there…do u have any idea abt how is it?
    Waiting for ur response.
    Thank you

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi pritam
      m sorry, i dont abt any institute in mumbai for cse prep…
      classes arent tht imp if u r confident tht u have a good understanding of wht is reqd to be studied and wht is not…
      yes, join the test series at sriram’s coz when it comes to pub ad…answer-writing is where the real prep begins…and orientation and approach is extremely important…

  9. Himanshu sharma says:

    Sir you said that you have used Fadi and Fadi for paper one but there is nothing in relation to NPA 3 and third Minnowbrook conference given in that chapter of NPA?

  10. Himanshu sharma says:

    Hi Sir,

    There is a question of previous year “There is a disaster of management in India than management of disaster”

    could you please give basic idea of how to tackle it in 2 ways 1)if agreed 2)disagreed

    *I would like to disagree and mould the discussion from previous times to modern times and then DM act 2005..basic abt NDMA,NIDM,battallion forces

    *Futher will conclude that although there is a genuine need of adding cloud burst,landslide and other man made disasters like oil spilletc. in the list and he fact that communication is broken during disaster leads in difficulty in managment

    *But due to the aforesaid reason(DM,NDMA) the managment of disaster has improved considerably

    now sir i find my answer very one dimensional i.e only relating to NDMA etc(may be due to fact that I have just started reading newspapers so not including current events)

    Could you please advise and answer this question in both manners..?


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi himanshu
      in my opinion, u r on the right track..i wud have approached the Q exactly in the same way as u have…
      yes, there is lack of coordination and unity of command as has been often witnessed…lack of resources and to a very large extent faulty planning…but in recent years govt has taken steps at all the 3 levels- national, state as well as district (local) for mgmt of disasters…then write abt ndma and other bodies/institutions mentioned on the ndma site…u can also include the recent recomm of ARC II in its 3rd report…
      conclude by saying tht even though legislations can b enacted and bodies formed…wht matters most is how the implementation is done…so provide some suggestions such as awareness on the part of the people, sensitivity of officials and organizations involved, educating the children, adhering to the laws such as building codes…etc to present a practical way for the future…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      and yup, adding recent events like the oil spill is really good…u shud do it as much as possible for all the papers…

      • Himanshu sharma says:

        and I would have drawn that diagram also which in on NDMA site

        Thanks sir,now i am getting some sort of idea and all credit goes to you 🙂

  11. Abhinav says:

    Hi Anay

    Thanks for the valuable help.
    You had mentioned somewhere that you included India specific examples/facts in paper 1 also.Is it possible in questions like these?
    Also the content in the sample answers is theoretical in nature like names of people etc.So the content has to memorized and the presentation differs for different questions?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi abhinav
      yup, i have replied to earlier queries on paper 1 answers and india centric examples…kindly go thru them…i didn’t differentiate b/w paper 1 and 2….only focussed on the Q i was answering…
      content has to b memorized no doubt…but it’s not just abt writing the content…u have to analyze it in ur own words as well…say a Q on taylor is asked…u might know his 4 principles, etc…but then apart frm writing the std thing…it’s always better to explain wht made him postulate the principles, wht was it’s impact, etc…so there lies the difference b/w the answers…

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