Public Admin- sample notes

I am going to try to explain how I prepared the notes. Examples, etc can either be prepared beforehand or you may come up with something then and there while writing the answer. Also, linking various topics is extremely important as it leads to a complete answer. I don’t mean topics only in Pub Ad paper 1 and Pub Ad paper 2, but also relating topics in Pub Ad paper 1 and Psychology Paper 1 OR Psychology paper 2 and GS.

PA paper 1:

I have posted the notes I prepared for Kautilya from Prasad & Prasad. Through this I attempt to achieve the following:

1. How to reduce what you have to read for the exam, in order to make it manageable to revise.

2. The content remains the same, it’s only the presentation and wording which changes depending on the question asked.

3. How you can look forward to relating the topics once your notes are ready.

So this is everything I did for topic 1 from chapter 1 of paper 2. Similarly, I prepared for Mughal Administration from Fadia and Fadia & tried to revise the 2-3 pages I had again and again so that I would be able to remember the content in the exam.

Next is a topic from paper 1, Chapter 12: Public borrowings and public debt

I covered this topic from Fadia & Fadia and searched on the net for some facts. After I was finished with enough content to write a 60 marker, I did not refer anything else. I emphasised on revising as many times as I could the content I had.

Also, I would like to point out that most of the data I collected even for paper 1 topics was that of India. I never differentiated whether the topic was mentioned in paper 1 or paper 2. Answer had to be based on India. This is what the right orientation and approach is all about, and was taught very well by Pavan sir.

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72 Responses to Public Admin- sample notes

  1. kumar says:

    hi sir ,awesome posts,and sorry for raising a silly doubt may be,but as u mentioned in your posts regarding the texts u referred for optionals be it pub ad or psycho,your references seems to have gone beyond that had been stated,like using prasad and prasad or ciccarelly meyers etc,as a beginner should we compile and refer these texts too or can they be left out..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi kumar…thanks
      i have mentioned only those books tht i covered…prasad & prasad is an imp book…how can u leave it out? fadia & fadia doesnt cover the thinkers…
      for psych…u may leave out ciccarelli if u think it’s gng to be difficult at this point of time…just refer morgan and king & baron…but cover the syllabus topic wise as prescribed by upsc rather than aiming at finishing the books…

      • kumar says:

        thank you sir,its really turned out to be a silly doubt,neverthless your prompt reply and the zeal to reach out to millions of strugglers makes me proud to be in your league,god bless you.

      • Ruchika says:

        Hi Anay,

        This is regarding your approach towards writing fact pertaining to India on fact based topics like public debt etc.

        Kindly tell me how to follow such holistic approach while writing concept based answers. For instance, in Good governance – apart from what the concept is all about and how it originated what else can be included to make it more attractive. Also, what all can be included from Indian perspective in it.
        There are similar other topics in paper-1, chapter-1 for which I would like to know about the additional info pertaining to India that can be added or if such questions do not require the info as I asked for because of them being only “conceptual”, then also kindly let me know.

        Waiting for your reply…

        Thanks in advance


      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi ruchika…
        u have to include facts abt india always…irrespective whether it’s paper 1 or 2…
        for GG, etc u will get plenty info frm the newspapers…kindly refer my answers tht i have uploaded…
        do not differentiate b/w paper 1 and 2 answers and write as many points and facts as u can in an answer…

  2. debu says:

    hey anay thanx for this blog…really helped a lot and also realised how much we still have to do…

  3. prakash says:

    hello sir congrats on ur great success.
    can u pls help me regarding sources to cover on each topic of public administration.
    that unit wise…
    we hve to much sources, it is tough to choose….
    pls help…

  4. rajesh says:

    hi anay…i went through your public administartion post….great work friend….but i am in a silly doubt please tell me….you said to refer to fadia and fadia for paper 2 also..but in market 2 books are available…”public administration in india” by fadia and fadia and “indian administration” by the same…so one of the both has to be studied……kindly clear my doubt….thanks

  5. rohan says:

    can u please tell the source of study for the following topics-
    1.State theories and public policy formulation
    2.politics and administration with special reference to city management.

  6. shashi says:

    Hi Anay, thanks for ur blog.. I have one question..
    This strategy of preparing notes ,u have done for only for ur 3rd attempt or u had done it earlier itself?
    and ur preparation of notes was done between June to Oct or Between Nov to Feb..?

    • shashi says:

      Just for clarity, u prepared notes between prelim and mains or after writing ur first mains..?

      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi shashi
        i prepared notes topic-wise only during my 3rd attempt…
        i started after prelims…june- sept end…and did it for both psych and pub ad…but more on psych as i concentrated much more on psych and for pub ad…newspapers do a very good job…

  7. shashi says:

    (Corrected spell mistakes:-))
    Thanks anay for ur reply. Actually, i went till interview this year but could not clear finally.(2009 was my first mains). I planned to make these kind of notes after mains so that i can give my best in 2010. But after mains thot take short break, but break extended till Jan.. In Feb read for prelims, march 4th result came, cleared and prepared for int.. May 6th broke my heart… wrote prelims on 23rd.. Now preparing for MAins.. but now i think if this is the right time to make notes or better to read as much as possible… So in this situation, i asked u, if ur entire prep for 2009 mains was between June and Oct or some part was done earlier itself….

    • anaydwivedi says:

      as u knw…this was my 3rd cant say i didnt knw nething abt the exam earlier…
      but as far as preparing notes and revising them again and again goes, i started right after the prelims…

  8. Nisha Chandran says:

    Hi genius,
    Thank you for your reply. But i didn’t see anywhere you have mentioned the names of the books , for Public administration Main exam I have checked you blog too. Sorry to bother you again, please give me the names of the books, wont trouble you again.
    Waiting for the names of the books
    Thanking you

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi nisha…everything’s there…kindly c the pub ad mains post…u need to go to the archives…and look up june section…it was my 2nd post…
      hope u find it this time…hehe

  9. Rohan says:

    Plz upload GS answer sheet of mains , It wud give clear idea of writing expected ans.Thanxxxxxxx!

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi rohan
      i m sorry, i didnt write any answers for GS…however, i have attempted to give an idea regarding the approach to GS answer-writing in the GS mains post…kindly go thru it…
      june archives…it was my 1st post on the blog…so dig deep…hehe

  10. Nisha Chandran says:

    I am so sorry, i over looked it. I got the list, Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much.
    Hope you wont mind if i will disturb you in future.
    You are really doing a good job.
    Thank you once again

  11. Pankaj says:

    Hi Anay,

    Many thanks for all your suggestions!!!

    I am writing mains this time with PA as my second option. In June I was a little confused where to start from as I am working and just had a faint idea about PA (studied for about 1 month last year, that too superficially). Then somehow I found your blog and I had my “Eureka Moment” 🙂

    I have moved with a good pace since then, have join Pavan Sir’s Test Series (He is a great man, thanks again for letting us know about him).

    But I have to ask for 2 favors from you. I know its kind of mean when you have already done so much for us, but I have no choice, so kindly bear with me 🙂

    (1). I am not able to make synoptic notes along with my study as it is taking more time for me to grasp the concepts.
    (2). I did not studied IYB while preparing for Pre. Never thought of its use in mains 😦

    So, can you, somehow provide me your notes for PA and IYB. Your notes are perfect for me or anyone. Just a humble request.

    Anyways your suggestions have done wonders for me. Many many thanks for that.

    Pankaj Nirwan

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi pankaj
      1. if u r not able to make detailed notes…then just try to get the key words and 15-20 points on each topic..u can surely expand them in the exam later…
      2. kindly go thru the “book reading” post…i have suggested few chapters and imp things u need to do for the mains if u havent read IYB before…

      i m sorry, i dnt have my notes with me…gave them to my frnds and unfortunately they r now scattered…but anyways my notes were acc to my convenience…wudnt have been of much use to u…so try to complete this exercise even if it takes time coz u will realise the benefit once oct starts and the time for revision arrives…

      • Pankaj says:

        Hi Anay,

        Thanks for the reply. I will do that.

        One more thing, what do you suggest about ARC reports, they seems to be a good source but are too vast and time consuming…. If you have idea about the important parts from that too, kindly let me know.

        Thanks in advance

  12. Rohan says:

    Yup that is ! but some example wanna give idea on write ups and give direction to preparation , pointers r excellents but as practical is important with theory example is imp with pointer so do guide us on it plzzz buddy !

  13. aahil says:

    i went through your blog……… my perception about pub ad is the same as yours……. revise n times 1/n no. of books….. but m gettng a bit scared sometime or other when i read others blog as they provide with a huge list….. i want you to plz comment on that….

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi there…
      i guess u shud believe in ur strategy and try to execute it to the best of ur abilities…there r n number of strategies…
      it didnt bother me wht the person on the left or right was doing as long as i was confident tht i was on the right track…tht i knew thru the assessment of my answers by pavan sir…

  14. Kartikeya says:


    From where did you get the data in rs. mentioned on the notes on public debt trend in india. . I looked over it on the internet but i am unable to find it. Please give the website. . .

    • anaydwivedi says:

      i found it on the net…m sorry dnt remember now…y dnt u go thru dutt and sundaram…mayb the relevant chapters in the book might have the data u r looking for…

  15. keshava murthy says:

    sir how many hour u daily dedicated to ur studies. kindly specify…. means GS, Optional etc…

  16. congrats sir for your achievment.. I wrote upsc prelims twice but cleared once in my second attempt..i scored 285 (124+161) in 2008 mains…what should be the strategy to score more marks in 20 marks and 60 marks question.. some says diagrams works and others says quotes and exampls works,,, what will u suggest sir

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi kiran
      i m sorry, i m not able to make out which paper u r asking…285 is in gs? if so, paper 2 score is good…in paper 1, some improvement is reqd..for tht concentrate on basics…go thru dd basu, bipin chandra and other sources…
      for 20 and 60 markers…kindly go thru my posts…i have covered answer-writing in gs mains, pub ad mains and psych mains posts…the basic premise for answer-writing remains the same…also, kindly go thru the answers i have posted for pub ad and psych…even if not ur optionals…i m sure u can apply the concept to ur optionals as well…if u feel my strategy was appropriate…

      • sir 285 (124+161) was my public administration score…. thats why i asked about diagrams and quotes and examples… i m from chikmagalur in karnataka state.. i m doing self study… is it possible to you sir to verify and correct, if i post the answers framed by me for previous years questions paper……

        in 2010 prelims i have got 64*2.5 in pub admn and 60 in gs is it safe score to clear prelims this time in GM category

      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi kiran…
        for paper 1, get fadia&fadia and also go thru my post on pub ad mains…did u write examples on india? it is very important to do so.
        as far as prelims is concerned, there’s no point in thinking about it. Let the result come out. Until then we have to concentrate on the mains. All cut-off theories and other things by coaching classes or people are purely based on guesswork and hence speculation.
        for answers, u may send them to me on but my feedback wouldn’t be authoritative at all.

  17. keshava murthy says:

    sir kindly give some tips to how to score good marks in essay writing?

  18. Pritam Maske says:

    Hi Anay,
    I have prasad nd prasad for administrative thinkers…Shd i have to do all the thinkers from prasad nd prasad??there are 18 thinkers mentioned in prasad nd prasad…
    Thanks in advance

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi pritam
      yup, i did all the 18 thinkers…except for marx all the other thinkers r imp…but u may use marx in some Q or the other for an added perspective…
      try to make notes like i have explained for kautilya..tht way it will hardly take a day or two to revise all the 18 thinkers and with 4-5 revisions u will not only remember the points but will also be in a position to relate the thinkers…like the way they asked kautilya and weber Q last yr…

  19. Vishal Sharma says:

    hello anay sir,
    i read ur blog….sir i m prep 4 cvl serv .. and my 1st optional is PUB ADM .. Sir i live in patiala …so cnt go to DElhi 4 prep
    i wud b vry grtful if u tell me hw shud i write ans for PUD ADM.. plz tell me wt does UPSC asks..approach for starting .. ending..conclusion…..cetain dos and donts in mains for GS and PUB ADM.. and SOCIO
    thank u vry mch

  20. Vishal Sharma says:

    hello anay sir,
    i read ur blog….sir i m prep 4 cvl serv .. and my 1st optional is PUB ADM .. Sir i live in patiala …so cnt go to DElhi 4 prep
    i wud b vry grtful if u tell me hw shud i write ans for PUD ADM.. plz tell me wt does UPSC asks..approach for starting .. ending..conclusion…..cetain dos and donts in mains for GS and PUB ADM.. and SOCIO
    thank u

  21. Himanshu Sharma says:

    sir,I am totally new to Pub Add.

    could you please suggest me some chronology to prepare pub add as I thought that if I prepare topic wise in syllabus then the whole concept of interrelating paper 1 and paper 2 will not be there as both will be prepared in isolation

    Sir,I one more thing.I know that you have told about preparation but Paper 2 normally scares me both in Pub Add. and Sociology as it is too much general in nature and I think how can I write a more marks fetching answer at all India level.Could you please solve this silly doubt of me?

    Jai Hind

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi himanshu
      i cant think of any other way but to go topic wise…mayb u can try to relate the topics beforehand…there r many topics such as financial admin which r in paper 1 as well as paper 2…another thing u can try is to cover 1 chapter of paper 1..then 1 chapter of paper 2…tht way u wudnt feel u r preparing for them in isolation…
      dnt worry abt paper 2…as i said…concentrate on the Q and not the paper u r answering…yes, Qs r very general as far as paper 2 is concerned…but with answer-writing practice and preparing points for each and every topic…most of the Qs can b answered pretty easily…

  22. deepak shukla says:

    hi sir,,

    what r the best sources to study n prepare notes for public policy ,fibancial administration ,personnel adm ,civil services ,administrative reforms.

    did u read economic survey and arc reports repeatedly

    sir i m continuing my clases of pub ad by pavan sr.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi deepak
      yup, i read arc reports…only recommendation summary…so noted 20-25 points per report which were easy to remember…u can quote them either explicitly or as ur own suggestions in all the papers…as for economic survey…i have explained on the blog how i did it…but if u r thorough with the newspapers…it wudnt take much time…

      for public policy: nocholas henry…for financial admin: fadia and some other sources for facts…like the internet…dutt and sundaram here and there…for personnel: again fadia…
      as for the classes by pavan sir..i hope u r getting a good idea abt the approach and orientation reqd… do not miss out on answer-writing and getting ur answers evaluated…

  23. deepak shukla says:

    hi sir ,,
    Excellent notes ..
    wat is the best source to study n prepare notes for
    Public policy
    Personnel administration n civil services.
    Financial aministratiin
    And administtative reforms.

    Sr did u read economic survey n arc 2 reports repeatidly ,.

    i have joined pavan sr classes for pub add sr ..

    best wishes …

  24. deepak shukla says:

    and also civil services activism

    • anaydwivedi says:

      for civil services activism…i discussed with pavan sir and my father as i was not very sure abt it…do ask him abt it…
      the basic premise is tht a civil servant has to be proactive when it comes to upholding the ideals and goals of the Constitution…(mug up the preamble for this purpose)
      so civil service activism includes all those steps which wud enable a civil servant to do the same…eg holding public meetings, asking for feedbacks, making people aware of their rights, ensuring quality of goods and services provided by the govt is up to the mark, inspection, monitoring, reports, etc…
      there r many points which u can add to it…even the Q asked last yr…civil service neutrality and civil service activism is an excellent point in itself…

  25. ajit says:

    sir i would like to know ur reviews on jts institute ….. plz help me if u can enlighten me on this ……

  26. shashank says:

    thank u sir,,,

    it would b a great help sr,
    if u can upload notes that u prepared for any topic in personal add n civil srvc (recruitmnt trang)

  27. vighnesh says:

    very good attempt

  28. Veera.yajamaan says:

    Hi dwivwdi,

    i am happy for your concern to guide the peoples.
    I am taking the civil service eaxam in 2010, which is the first and last attempt i can take.
    (because of my age). i am commited to do this.
    I am taking Public administration as my 2nd option .
    Can you suggest me regarding this and the best prctice , since i have only one attempt

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi veera…
      kindly go thru the pub ad mains post…if possible, take guidance frm pavan sir at sriram’s delhi…he’s gng to start a crash course right after the prelims results…

  29. prashant tembhare says:

    Hi Anay………..
    could u plz tell me………… is that necessary to remember all the definations given on pub admin in chapter Introduction?….iam studying meaning, scope and importance topics……….plz guide me……….thanks
    take care

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi prashant…nope, u dont need to…in fact, u shud avoid mugging up unnecessary things…just get an idea of wht pub ad is…and various viewpoints…but there is hardly nething which u need to remember verbatim…

      • prashant tembhare says:

        Thanks a lot man……..
        Iam referring fadia and fadia for paper one of pub admin……also iam making notes on each topic from book as per the syllabus……..but i have one doubt how would i make my notes effective ……….can u suggest me any idea?plzzzzzzz
        thanks a lot

  30. Pritam Maske says:

    Hi Anay,

    I m very confused abt writing the answers in paragraph form or pointwise…
    Many ppl says tht we have to write answers in para form and not pointwise..
    R u sure tht writing answers in pointwise willl not deduct any marks…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi pritam
      as i said..i followed wht i believed in…i was comfy with writing in points the way i have written for corruption answer among others…pub ad 2…all answers were in points…gs almost all answers were in points…so if i scored, i dont believe there can b a reason y others cant…

  31. tejaswi says:

    hi anay..i was unable to get the updated details of some topics in personnel management..tried in some govt website but where can we find the updated info of pesonnel admn..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi tejaswi
      i went thru fadia and fadia…since i had psych as the other optional, included some behavioural aspects of training, work culture, etc…
      other examples i took frm day to day events…like size of the bureaucracy…need for lateral entry…specialist vs generalist…

  32. Chetan Saini says:

    Hi sir…
    Is it possible for you to upload more of ur sample answers and sample notes of public administration……………….. If possible please do it sir,,,it will give us valuable insights into writing answerssss….


  33. varsha says:

    hello sir,
    first of all hearty congratulations for ur success….i have a query regarding CONSTITUTIONALISM in chapter 2 of pubad(paper-2)…..could u pls let me know the sources for this topic as i couldnt find adequate material….

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi varsha…thanks
      i just understood the basic meaning of constitutionalism as a state where the Constitution is held supreme…it is the supreme law of the land and everything from administration to policy r in accordance with the principles, goals and ideals laid down in the Constitution…tht’s it…there’s nothing more reqd as we can use our knowledge of indian constitution, its origin, values laid down in it, etc and write a 60 marker…so u can compare constitutionalism with other forms of governance like a monarchy, etc where laws are laid down according to the whims and fancies of few…
      i hope u got the idea…feel free to ask for clarifications…

  34. abc says:

    hello sir i would like to know to about the length of introduction and conclusion and what basically they must be consisting of, in public administration? Moreover , which newspaper and magzine would be perfect for these public administration related details that you have put in your answers?

  35. shiv says:

    sir u have written dat1) once u had enough content 2 write a 60 marker u didn’t go for further facts & 2) d content remains d same,its only d presentation & wordings changes depending on d Q asked Plz clarify d above said things Won’t d factual requirement of an ans will vary depending upon d Q asked ? Can’t there b many Q asked from d same topic? Hope u got an idea abt wat i want know Thanks in advance

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi shiv…
      i dnt think it’s possible to knw each and everything on a given topic…u can only remember limited number of facts and events…
      so acc to me it is better to focus on a few things and go thru them thoroughly and change the wordings/ presentation acc to the Q but state he facts that YOU knw…
      so for a Q on corruption…there r infinite things u can write…but my strategy was to knw certain basic facts, events, suggestions, etc thoroughly…and write an answer based on wht i knw best…

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