Indian Constitution

I am giving a list of the Articles, Amendments and some of the important cases which I mugged up. But please go through my earlier posts on GS pre and How to read the books (DD Basu part) if you haven’t. In this post, I am not covering anything related to the strategy.


Since almost all the Articles are quite important, I will provide a list of the Articles that can be left. Articles that have been repealed are not included in the list. You can surely ask me why I left a particular Article even though it might seem important.

So the NOT SO IMPORTANT Articles are:

6, 7, 8, 10, 119, 135, 146, 147, 209, 229, 233A, 237, 273, 276, 277, 282, 283, 284, 290A, 295, 296, 313, 336, 337, 371 (all of them A, B, C, …), 372, 373, 374, 375, 376, 377, 378, 392, 393, 394, 394A, 395.


Just go through the title and remember which Schedule talks about what.


Some of the important amendments that I tried to remember were:

1, 7, 24, 26, 35, 36, 42, 44, 52, 58, 61, 69, 86, 91, 92, 93, 94.

Some important cases:

1967 Golaknath vs State of Punjab/1973 Kesavananda Bharati vs State of Kerala/ 1980 Minerva Mills case

1978 Maneka Gandhi vs Union of India

2007 IR Coelho vs State of TN

2002 TMA Pai vs State of Karnataka/ 2003 Islamic Academy of Education vs State of Karnataka/ 2005 PA Inamdar vs State of Maharashtra

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16 Responses to Indian Constitution

  1. keshava murthy says:

    sir how many hour u daily dedicated to ur studies. kindly specify…. means GS, Optional etc…

  2. smriti says:

    hii sir,i m very happy to find such a helping senior to guide,who himself got astonishing AIR-5.i read ur interview in pd and feeling quite motivated.
    thank u sir .

  3. keshava murthy says:

    sir kindly give some tips to how to score good marks in essay writing?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi keshava…
      kindly go thru the essay post by puneet gulati…u can ask him Qs on essay prep on orkut…
      i dont think i m the right person to give tips on essay…

      • ankur dwivedi says:

        sir ,
        can u please specify if puneet sir has his blog for contact

      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi ankur
        m sorry, i dnt knw if he has a blog…u can contact him on orkut…
        for essay…u can even visit garima mittal’s blog…(air 8)…she has uploaded an essay…and got 117 this time…

  4. dolfin says:

    hello anay,
    are all the articles suggested above needed for gs? or they are for pub ad aspirants only?

  5. anaydwivedi says:

    hi there…
    i think it wud be a risk to leave it out even if u dnt have pub ad as an optional…
    for pub ad aspirants, there’s no option but to go thru them…

  6. prashant tembhare says:

    hI Aanay………..
    iam studying Indian polity………..i have one doubt abt amendements……..can i studied only those amendments mention by u which are importat?
    take care

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi prashant…
      i went only thru those amendments which i mentioned…others, in my opinion, r not tht important…decide accordingly

      • prashant tembhare says:

        Hi anay……….
        thanks buddy for clearing my doubt……..i definitely follow ur advice…….
        thanks again
        take care

  7. prashant tembhare says:

    Hello anay
    i have one doubt abt the cases u mentioned ………from where i get the details abt this cases…..i mean do u know any source from where u studied these cases……….
    thanks god bless u

  8. reeta says:

    hiiiiiiii sir

    congrats for ur success in cse, i am also preparing for that,, i am in final year ,, i think it will take at least 2 or three years for me to crack this exam, can take this gap after graduation will it affect my score in interview,, i mean they will ask me what did u do during this 2or 3 three years after graduation,, plzz rply

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi reeta…thanks
      dont worry abt the gap…as far as cse interview is considered…it’s not sth which will affect the marks they award u…
      but u shud definitely be able to convince anyone (whether cse int or any other int) tht this is wht u want to do…and so u dnt mind devoting all ur time and energy towards ur goal…moreover, knowledge always helps…and studying for cse is one of the best ways to gain better understanding and knowledge than wht u had before…
      for example, one of the places where work exp matters a lot is for getting admission into mgmt colleges…and in my iim interview…they insisted i had wasted 3 yrs since i left my job and was not pursuing a degree either,etc etc…and kept on repeating the same sentence again and again…but i was able to convince them tht i made the right decision…and got selected…so no worries…

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