Civil Services Chronicle- July 2010 issue

Here are some pointers:

  • It should ideally take 5-6 days to go through an issue of CSC if you have recently started to prepare for the exam (apart from newspaper reading on a particular day).
  • If you have gone through 7-8 issues of CSC, it should take around 2-3 days to go through an issue (apart from newspaper reading on a particular day).
  • Reason: As you read more and more (CSC, books, newspapers), the level of knowledge and understanding increases and therefore, what you need to read and mark naturally reduces.
  • I am reading the magazine from Mains point of view. But I will let you know now and then what might be important for the prelims but not so much for the mains.
  • What I am trying to convey through this post is not the quality of articles or CSC july issue in particular, but about the orientation required for the exam, i.e. what is relevant when you read newspapers, magazines or books. But again, this is what I did during my prep and needn’t be followed if you disagree.

I am covering the magazine page-wise.

Page 8: This is an excellent article. It is loaded with facts and covers the topic comprehensively. Right from Indus water treaty to all the current disputes have been listed. Any particular project can be asked as a 2 marker: Baglihar dam, Kishenganga project, Tulbul, Nimoo Bazgo, Uri, Chutak, etc. Even this whole water issue may be asked as a 10 or 15 marker.  You need not mug up the exact figures of reservoir capacity, etc but need to know what river the project is on and what is the dispute about. So an important article from both mains and prelims point of view.

Page 14: The article is OK. You need to know what the oil spill problem was briefly and that it is termed the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  Again, no need to remember exact figures. Emphasise on the ecological effects of oil spills and its impact on fisheries and marine ecosystem.

Page 18: May come as a 2/3 marker. Need to know what G15 is and when it was formed and where the current meeting was held. No need to remember exactly which 15 nations constitute it. Just remember few of the countries and that India is a part of it which is why it is important for us. Just mark the important issues discussed and even if you don’t remember them in the exam, use common sense. There are certain issues which are discussed in every meeting/summit: economic crisis, international trade, developing- developed divide, etc. Also, note some other important forums like IBSA fund, Chiang Mai initiative and PetroCaribe initiative. Look up on the net if you don’t know about them.

Page 22: Not that important article. Just mark what ESCAP is and from the graph that Asia-Pacific is growing at a much faster rate than other regions. But at the same time, from the graph on page 26, note the fact that the social expenditure as percentage of GDP is much lower in this region. This can be used in essay, GS or even pub ad. Do read the India specific paragraph.

Page 28: Another not so important article.  Just note what Amnesty International is. It is not a government body and so it is highly unlikely that its report will be asked in the exam.

Page 32: A good article. Know terms like international currency, internationalisation of Rupee, currency convertibility (current account and capital account), Tarapore committee, etc. It is all the more important this year as the news symbol of Rupee has been adopted. (I came across D Udaya Kumar on wikipedia just now. Just remember that he is the designer of the symbol if you didn’t know as well.) Also, no need to remember the exact figures in the pre-conditions laid down by Tarapore committee.

Page 36: A good article. Caste based census is important from mains point of view as well as interview. The article contains good number of facts. When was 1st caste census held, when was last held, the two Backward Classes commission, etc need to be remembered.

Page 40: A good article on capital punishment. This is also an important issue. Facts stated should be remembered. What is the Supreme Court’s stand, how many executions have taken place in India, present situation in India and other countries. Also, note that you should not write in the exam that Amnesty International says so and so. Just write down that 58 countries have abolished or not carried out capital punishment in the last 10 years. So present it as if you know it as a fact. Pros and cons stated are good as it is primarily an opinion based issue. Also, 55 executions have been carried in India since 1947, the lowest among countries that retain it, is a very important thing to remember.

Page 44: Not important. Just remember what PIIGS is.

Page 60: India watch: relevant ones: slum-dwellers, defence tech commission, linking rivers projects, Dholavira (just remember what it is; the article is not relevant) and UID.

Page 64: India & World: the articles in itself are not relevant, just few things here and there: know what TAPI is, what is a sovereign wealth fund (look up wikipedia for better understanding), what is gross national happiness and India- China trade value.

Page 68: World watch: Nile basin pact important for prelims point of view as well. This is another point which you can write in a question on water issues in the mains. SCO important. SOFA important. Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline important (look up wikipedia for a better article on it). IONS important.

Page 72: Constitution watch: Governor article good, especially for pub ad. Latest development. Just go through the constitutional terms. MPLANDS important. Green tribunal bill important.

Page 76: remember terms like LIBOR, ECB, etc. PTA is important. Economic terms on page 78 important. Should know briefly about BASEL norms.

Page 79: National mission on clean power and Banking services to all important.

Page 80: S&T:  Should know STS and Atlantis. Akatsuki and Cassini for prelims, not so much for mains. Internet protocol important; IPv4 and IPv6. Look up on the net for more on it.

Page 84: Health and nutrition: none of the articles in relevant for either prelims or mains. But iPS is important. Rest assured there will be better articles in Chronicle where iPS would be covered.

Page 88: Kaziranga national park important. Also, should know what is the difference between national park, wildlife sanctuary and biosphere reserve. Look up on the net to find out. IUCN is important. Look up wikipedia for the IUCN red list classification. INCCA and article on GHGs important.  Green India mission and NAPCC very important.

Page 92: States watch: Should know briefly about Laila and Hogenakkal controversy. Other articles not important from UPSC CSE point of view.

Page 96: FDI in India: excellent article. Covers the whole topic in a nice manner. Terms and bodies like automatic route, FIPB, ADR/GDR/IDR, FEMA, FCCB, ECB, Repatriation and remittances, SEZs, EOUs, STPs, etc can be asked for 2/3 marks. India- ASEAN and SAARC + SAFTA has been covered well. Terms like MFN are important. IBSA, BRIC, DDA, DTAA and anti-dumping are of course very important. Pros and cons of FDI are important. The only thing irrelevant in this article was the box on page 104. There is no need to know sectoral caps. Such in-depth knowledge is not required.

Page 106: The article isn’t that good. But the issue of synthetic cell (Cynthia) is important. Newspapers covered the event very well. Look up on the net for a better article if you don’t have one. Genomes, chromosomes, DNA, DNA sequencing, etc are always important.

Page 136: The Qs which are relevant from CSE point of view: Q 3, 6, 7, 10, 16 and 19.

Page 141: People important: Ratan Kumar Sinha, Salil Shetty, Kamla Persad Bissessar, David Cameron & Nick Clegg.

Page 143: None of the awards are important from CSE point of view. But Antrix Corp is important. Look up on wikipedia. That much is enough.

Page 144: ICGS Vishwast important. National Defence University is also important. Kasturirangan Committee is not that important, but just get an idea.

Page 146: National Advisory Council is very important. Biodiversity article is worth a read.

Page 148: Should know about REDD. Look up wikipedia for it.

Page 150: Should know Pele is FIFA’s player of the century.

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82 Responses to Civil Services Chronicle- July 2010 issue

  1. Kartikeya says:

    Great post sir. . .
    Almost all the queries regarding preparations are cleared. .

    Just two more remaining, How to go thru Hindu & the interview preparation. .

    Long live Anay Sir. .
    Anay sir ki jai ho. . 🙂

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi kartikeya
      sorry, cant go thru hindu as it’s not available in the epaper format online…but u can apply the same logic as i did for ET and ToI
      regarding interview…it’s very difficult to give an exact idea regarding the interview through a post on the blog…
      moreover, interview is very subjective in nature and hence there’s no std way to prepare…
      but i will surely give some do’s and dont’s abt the interview later…right now every1’s concentrating on mains 2010 or pre 2011…

  2. MANISH says:

    HI SIR
    thanks for this kind of valuable info
    first time since my childhood i am getting this kind of great info for this exam
    sir i need your special help to join coaching ,i have the same subject like u have
    my thinking is that
    for gs and psycho = vajiram
    for PA =sriram
    but i need your suggest because in my circle no one can guide me for this exam

  3. Pavan says:


    you are setting an example by showing the kind of dedication required for this exam by coming up with posts as promised. Inspite of your busy schedules you take up time to write so detailed blogs and no coaching center can match up for this kind of info. This blog has everything for an aspirant. Now we have everything in our court to make use of these rare and precious rawmaterials.

  4. debu says:

    hey thanks a lot

  5. Pritam Maske says:

    Hii Anay,

    Is the allocation of cadre done before training ?
    And is it done randomly or home cadre is given?whts the process of allocation?

    Thank you

  6. VIKAS says:

    Hello Sir,
    Thanx a lot for providing the tips about HOW TO READ Chronicle. Sir, I am in final year aspiring for civil services but couldn’t get enough time to study for CSE as my college hour is 9:15am -4:15pm; So, if you can provide some info regarding strategy and time management. I’ll be grateful

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi vikas
      yes, it’s difficult to manage with engineering…even i cud not study tht much…
      kindly go thru the gs prelims post…i have listed the books and the strategy i followed…
      u shud go thru the blogs of other successful candidates as well and decide ur strategy…

  7. keshava murthy says:

    thanQ very much for ur valuable guidence

  8. Akanksha says:

    Thank you so much Anay sir for your suggestions…

  9. Kartikeya says:

    Hi Anay Sir,

    Is economic survey of previous year necessary for the Prelims examination ?

    I am appearing for CSAT 2011. So do I have to study Economic survey 2009-10 or not?

    And what is the importance of five year plans? Do we have to study them ?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi kartikeya
      economic survey of the previous yr shud be gone thru as i have explained on the blog…but the latest one comes out quite late…so there isnt much time to cover it just before the prelims…so covering the previous one is ok…
      5 yr plans r very imp as they explain how development has taken place in our country…wht were the requirements in various periods…why the policy changed frm time to time…how we have performed and wht improvements need to be undertaken…
      it’s imp to go thru the plans for GS, pub ad, essay, interview and few other optionals like economics, pub ad, etc as well..

  10. ANJALI says:

    THANK U VERY MUCH SIR..It really helps to study on right track.

  11. Saurabh says:

    Hi Anay,

    First of all Congratulation!!!

    Ultimate work u did….I highly appreciate ur work …thnx for it… One thing i want to knw On what basis u decide which article is relevant? So that I can also decide which topics is relevant.

    Thank u.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi saurabh…thanks
      it is very difficult to explain the basis on which i decided whether to cut an article or not…it depended on analyzing the requirements of the exam by gng thru previous yrs’ papers… importance of certain issues… gng for facts rather than opinion most of the times… and trying to guess whether i cud use the data elsewhere (in a Q not directly related to the issue)…

  12. Prashant says:

    Hi Anay,thanks for your efforts.where can I get India year book besides I&B Ministry in Delhi,although I am having its soft copy but hardcopy is more convenient to handle.

  13. himanshu says:

    thank you so much sir…i have never come across such use guidence regarding magzine reading before yours…thank you so much.

  14. anjali says:

    hello sir….hope u r enjoying mercdz nd Chicago very much….sir i read all of ur blog,orkut profile,facebook..its all very helpful….grt job sir..sir i hav a query tht as i will be writing th exam in may 2011 and its aug 2010 now so shd i do th prepn only frm spectrum 2000 pgs wala for pre or go wth books-dd basu,bipin chandra,fadia and fadia,morgan now and look for these books aftr pre.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi anjali…yup, i m good, ty
      u will have to do them simultaneously… i went thru few books but concentrated on revision as well as relating wht i read…so spectrum will give u a basic idea…but for better understanding of polity..u need to go thru dd basu…same with history…
      try to cover GS and 1 optional before the prelims…and the 2nd optional after the mains…doing all 3 right in the beginnig is gng to be tough…

  15. Raju Radder says:

    Hi Anay,
    Hope u r doing good. Buddy i have joined the classes in B’lore itself. Now the prob i’m facing is 1st optional is final, its Pub add.
    But after reading ur post on selecting the optional still i’m in confusion for second one. But i have left with the following optnls,
    1.Kannada literature
    2. Psychology
    3. Geography
    4. Socialogy

    So based on ur experience and the overlapping of the syllabus with GS mains… optional u advise me. Sorry i’m writting here Kannada Litr bcz i have scored very good in Kannada sub in high school and +2 exam i,e 90 plus but after jng Eng i stopped wretting kannada itself, u suggest me the adv and disadntgs of the above optional and pls try to give me sol buddy.

    1.What ll be your advise on Geography since i’m from Eng (Comp sci) bagrnd.
    2. Abt Sociology, bcz pub add+sociology may be boring since needs to study for 1-2 yrs
    3. abt Psychology, but i dun’t have good coaching centre 4 Psychology in B’lore.

    Pls dude.. sovle my confusion.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi raju
      i suggest the best way is to get in touch with some1 who has taken these optionals in the classes u attend…
      as for psychology..u can go thru my psychology mains post to get an idea…get baron frm some frnd and glance thru it…if u like wht u c…then, psych might b a good choice…
      for kannada litt…since u r in bangalore, i m sure u will find many who have taken it as an optional…i m not in a position to comment on it as i dont knw nething abt it…
      for geography again…i cant comment as i dont knw nething abt it as an optional…
      for sociology…adv is tht it has got good overlap with pub ad and GS both…u can get in touch with tanvi sundriyal (air 6)…her blog is
      go thru the blog to get an idea abt sociology…
      but i guess all said and done…u have to make the final decision…nobody knws more abt u than u urself…so take advice frm others but decide urself…

  16. Chetan Saini says:

    Hi anay sir.

    1. Sir which magazine is better out of Competition Wizrad and civil services chronicle. u ever went through wizard……….. ???

    2. sir regarding pub admn strategy i have got following pts 4m ur blog:

    – use knowledge of paper 2 in paper1 also i.e answers should be always india based.
    – use flow charts , diagrams if u can.
    – make synoptic notes as they help in final revision.
    – write pub adm paper2 as G.S paper. i.e use information 4m newspapers, magazines etc.

    – write introduction and conclusion in paragraphs rest try to write in between in points form.

    sir anything other u waana tell about writing answers in Public Administration (specially for paper1), which can be helpful.


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi chetan
      1. i m sorry, didnt go thru wizard…but as i said, only 1 wud suffice…decide which 1 it’s gng to be and stick to tht…all r good…
      2. i have replied to some of the queries asked on paper 1…kindly go thru the comments section as well…esp for paper 1

  17. Deepinder says:

    Hello Sir,

    For one query regarding the resources for the topic “Promoting well being across life span” in Psychology, you suggested the WHO report of 2005 as one of the resources on net. I went through it but I am unable to understand what all I can include from that report. This is the link of the pdf of the full report :
    Sir, please let me help me understand what to include from this report. This understanding will help me select data for other topics also.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi deepinder…
      m sorry, this is not the report i was talking abt…in the report tht i went thru…each stage of the lifespan was discussed…this one is only abt infancy and childhood…
      i will try to find out tht report and get back to u…


    hello sir
    sir i’m searching a good institute for public administration so plz tell me Pavan sir would provide a good material and helps in understanding the concept?
    if not then plz suggest me some other institute
    waiting for your reply

  19. Gaurav says:

    Hi anay,
    I am giving mains this year. Can you please guide me on the following:
    – how many month cronicles should be covered
    – I am still undergoing pathak sirs coaching for psychology as i started last oct. How should I go about completing paper2. Paper1 I have covered on my own (except the last topic)
    your guidance would be vital sir.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi gaurav
      u shud cover at least last 6 months’ issues of choronicle…but do cover newspapers regularly…
      for paper 2…kindly go thru the post…i depended heavily on the internet…and linking the topics…so for each topic…try to think of 15-20 points on ur own…discuss with frnds and just note down the points…in the exam, if u have enough points and have linked the topics well…u will have enough content for any Q…it is better to follow this approach coz the Qs in paper 2 r very general in nature…so books dnt help tht much…use as much of ur GS knowledge as possible…

  20. aahil says:

    sir..i have a query about doing psychology after my prelims………………is it a right move?

  21. akhi says:

    thanks a lot sir for ur help…pls tell me..for mains, 5 issues of chronicle- june,july,aug,sep,oct wud be sufficient or do i need to read from jan onwards??? and shud i read yojana…if yes, startin from wich month??

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi akhilesh
      yup, past 5 months’ issues wud b sufficient provided u have been reading newspapers since june…
      i didn’t read the yojana…so can’t comment on it…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi akhilesh
      i feel chronicle would b enough…i didnt read yojana…shud go hru at leastthe last 5 month issues…but newspapers r the key…more than anything else…

  22. Mrunal Patel says:

    On a lighter note, man why you’re reading Chronicle July 2010?
    You’re a topper now!! If I (ever) get selected, I will never touch the books again.

  23. Mrunal Patel says:

    btw, thanks for the article, You explained it really well, how a magazine should be prepared from exam point of view.

  24. sharath says:

    Hi Anay,
    I need to fill up my mains form and send it in a couple of days. The new cadre allocation policy announced by persmin in 2008 states that persmin will carry out the process of job requisition well before the commencement of the exam and intimate the state governments on the vacancies available in each of the services – ias, ips, ifs . This is done before the exam is conducted and published in some website(god knows which). So my question is can i know the no of vacancies for ias in each cadre( say gujarat -6, karnataka -4)? It will help me in making an informed decision.
    We are uninformed on how to go about filling up cadre preferences, it is a shot in the dark. Shed light,sir?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi sharath
      i dnt think u can come to knw abt the number of vacancies in advance…moreover, vacancies r divided into insider and outsider category and within tht into general, sc, st and obc…so u will get to knw abt the number of vacancies only in the month of august, 3 months after the final result has been announced…and cadre alloc comes in dec of tht yr…
      so no point in thinking abt it…just fill the form acc to ur preferences…

  25. Richa Sharma says:

    Hii Anay,
    first of all many congratulations to you for the success :), its like complete treat to read your blog as far as civil services preparation is concerned. i have taken two attempts and could not even clear prelims, and currently i am pursuing M.Ed (DU), it would be kind if i can get some valuable suggestions to prepare for CSAT simultaneously with my course.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi there…thank u
      i m sorry, i dnt have any idea regarding CSAT…as far as i knw…upsc hasnt declared anything…so it’s best to wait and prepare gs and 1 optional in the meantime…

  26. Ishan Agrawal says:

    sir thanxs alot for your valuable institute is providing this step by step prep for upsc as u did thanxs a lot …sir i want to know as trends in upsc changes as happend this year in prelims… which institute is worth to join for gs ….vajiram or sriram…sir i am very confused in these two..i am giving cse in 2011..

    2.what to do for paper 1 in pub ad ….i am not comfortable with starting few philosophical unit and also same with paper 2…rest i am doing as u said in your post making some imp cuts and writing notes from newspaper regularly from may2010…sir one more thing how do i get to know whatever i am writing from newspaper is worth for upsc

    thanxs u
    great future ahead sir
    god bless u

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi ishan
      1. for GS…srirams is good as personal attention is provided…
      2. for pub ad paper 1, do not worry too much…just go thru the books i have listed…and make notes in order to simplify the things…

  27. Richa Sharma says:

    hii Anay
    as far as CSAT is concerned i have got my reply through your replies to other posts… 🙂 my other question is that if i appear for Prelims 2011 then from which to which month’s newspaper and magazine should be covered?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi richa…
      u need to start as soon as possible…try to go thru the papers on a daily basis and a good competition magazine…
      plz go thru my GS mains post…

      • Richa Sharma says:

        thanks Anay,
        I am reading newspapers from June 2010 onwards but do i need to go through some earlier issues as well?(i shall do that if necessary) and second is that my introspection of last failures suggests me that am poor in mugging up facts.. i can very well understand the underlined concepts but i get confuse with facts.. what is the way out?

  28. Ishan Agrawal says:

    sir one more thing i need to know as u said in earlier post that cronicle is imp from last 6-7 months issue…i am planning for make notes from it …i will start from July it worth to make notes from july 2010 as hopefully i will be writing mains in 2011 or i will start it from January or feb 2011…

  29. Aparna Shukla says:

    Hi Anay,
    nice blog, I must congratulate u on ur success, but I am absolutely stupefied, by your patience, all the best for everything man.

  30. Sachin T Shetty says:

    Hi Anay Sir!!
    U dont know me but i had scrapped u in orkut some 3 months back. m an aspirant myself and in my first attempt i couldn’t clear mains. But this time m preparing a lot more harder than i did last time and the mains are from oct 29th. My optionals are History and Public Administration. History is not the cause for concern for me but it is Public Administration which is giving me sleepless nights. Sir, i would be really grateful to you if u give me some valuable tips regarding writing the answers in mains. I would be obliged if u help me out. Thank you Sir, and we all are proud of u. Jai Hind.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi sachin…
      dont worry too much…for answer writing, kindly refer my posts…
      i suggest u take guidance frm pavan kumar sir if possible…he’s the best for pub ad…
      kindly call him on 9911366520 and plan accordingly…

      • Sachin T Shetty says:

        Thank you sir. I will contact him. I did take guidance from Manoj Sharma Sir. Hope i will do well. Thanks again. Your blog is really helpful.

  31. Manu says:

    From where we can get Civil service magazines in Bangalore, is there a direct link for these publishers for getting it ordered and also how to get the old ones.

  32. pravin malik says:

    Hello sir,
    very helpful blog,
    whatever you have explained through this is really great . It gives insight of CSE. Thanks a lot sir!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. tanya says:

    hello sir..congrats for ur success…i have a shud we attempt ques of indias relation with world??? eg last yr there was a ques.. india – usa strategic cooperation, india-russia defence cooperation…in these type of ques , we have to just present the facts and data i think ?? or there shud be more of analysis???…pls give me a broad framework how wud u attempt sucha ques..thanks

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi tanya…thanks
      the best sources of info for such Qs r the newspapers…just keep cuttings and maintain them in different folders as i have mentioned on the blog…
      every intl dev is related to some other dev which u can easily understand frm the articles…so answer has to be mostly facts, yet some analysis based purely on those facts has to be presented in the intro and esp conclusion of the answer…
      kindly go thru the gs mains post for more…i have covered the china Q there…which is based on intl relations of china…

  34. NISARG KATKAR says:


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi nisarg…
      go thru newspapers regularly…and get the gs prelims by spectrum i have mentioned in the gs prelims post…just try to cover the book at ur convenience while u r pursuing ur engg…

  35. anaydwivedi says:

    hi neha…thanks
    u shud go thru the last 6 issues of chronicle…tht is april onwards at least…

  36. Narender says:

    Hello sir ,
    Your all the article has been great and helpful in many ways but i need ur help as i want to join coaching centre for 2011 .pls guide me which u think is best for Pub ad GS Pre and Mains and sociology. I will be greatful to u.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi there…
      for pub ad…get in touch with pavan sir..go thru my pub ad post…
      for GS…if u want to join a coaching instt…srirams is good…
      for socio..kindly ask tanvi sundriyal…her blog address is listed in my references post…

  37. Ishan Agrawal says:

    thanks for your valuable reply sir whenever i read ur blog i feel little motivated as u made things simpler n i realize that if we start with some plan then definitely we succeed …sir i have few more doubts to filter international affair to cover economy as i am very weak in that(for gs)

    3. sometimes in editorials or in articles some preventive measures are suggest by auther on certain issue…can v include that in ans.


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi ishan
      1. i covered intl affairs frm the newspapers…relate the events and prepare notes by classifying intl affairs into r/s b/w diff countries…like india- pak, india- china, pak- china, us- china and so on…keep adding points as and when u come across events in the news…
      2. dnt worry abt economics…kindly go thru my newspaper reading post…i covered economics frm the newspapers…
      3. yup, u can state the points in the exam as ur own…or if the author/ writer is an eminent one…and u remember the name in the exam…u can write tht as well…

  38. Ishan Agrawal says:

    sir one more thing..i currently read hindu and TOI regularly…sometimes hindustan times(only editorial part if its gud)…should i need to read ET also…as u said ET is god for eco part…

  39. Ishan Agrawal says:

    sir sorry to disturb u again bt i have one more to ask…i am unable to distribute time b/w all 3 paper in a day(gs +2 optionals) to manage all dese on daily basis…shuld i need to focus on optnls more…how to maintain a check and balance on prep…

  40. Ishan Agrawal says:

    sir if i focus on one den i feel i m legging in other n if i focus on other den i feel i m legging in 1st…sir pls help …how to make balance n cover things fast…

  41. Ishan Agrawal says:

    sir my optinals r pub ad n geography

  42. Himanshu Sharma says:

    Hello sir I am following your method and its really helping.I was reading CSC and came across terms like GATS,TBT,SPS,most favoured nations,GATT..

    Now I am going through wiki to understand them and know there basics and making notes accordingly but the problem is the extent to which I should be reading for eg in GATS there are 4 models and should I understand basic abt these 4 models and then write them or should I just know what is GATS and it just has 4 models..its just an example,I hope you got my query..

    Waiting for your reply


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi himashu…
      no need to go too much in depth…yup, it is difficult to gauge as to how much u need to knw…but u shud go thru previous yrs’ papers and analyze how much is enough…

  43. Swapna says:

    Hi Anay,

    Thanks for this valuable blog. It is helping me a lot in my preparations for 2011 exams. My optionals are History and Pub Administration.

    I have some difficulty in the Thinkers section. I am not able to form possible questions after going through a chapter on any personality. Please suggest few ways to get this done. Also, what was your approach while preparing notes on thinkers?


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi swapna…
      kindly go thru the kautilya notes i have uploaded…i made notes for all the thinkers tht way…
      plz go thru the Qs asked on thinkers…and find out if u can answer…u just need to knw 10-15 points on each and irrespective of the Q…ur answer is gng to contain only those points and of course, some relation b/w various thinkers themselves…
      if u r in delhi..i sugget u meet pavan sir and seek his guidance…if not, then just go thru prasad and prasad… note the concepts of each thinker…relate the thinkers among themselves and try to answer previous yrs’ Qs…

  44. Ishan Agrawal says:

    Thanks sir for ur valuable tips..belated happy diwali sir
    to u n to ur family

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