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Sorry for the delay in reply

Hi there…I am sorry to have not replied to the queries. I haven’t had the time to do so. Moreover, I feel I have shared almost everything regarding the old pattern. I am completely out of touch with the current … Continue reading

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Post list

Post number Title Date published 1 General Studies – Mains 9 June 2010 2 Psychology Mains 9 June 2010 3 Psychology Answers 10 June 2010 4 Public Administration- Mains 10 June 2010 5 Public Administration Answers 10 June 2010 6 Importance of mains 10 June 2010 … Continue reading

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As I have pointed out, there is no one strategy to score but many. You have to just chalk out yours and try your best to implement it. Keeping in mind this maxim and the fact that there are many … Continue reading

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Psychology- sample notes

I am uploading some of the notes I prepared for psychology from June 2009 to September 2009. Kindly go through the Psychology mains post for the strategy and sources I referred. I will explain how I prepared the notes. But … Continue reading

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