Psychology- sample notes

I am uploading some of the notes I prepared for psychology from June 2009 to September 2009. Kindly go through the Psychology mains post for the strategy and sources I referred.

I will explain how I prepared the notes. But I repeat- this is the strategy I followed in 2009 for psychology. If what you are doing is very different, don’t worry. There are n number of ways to score. Just chalk out a plan and try your best to implement it.

MK: Morgan and King/ MP: Mukul Pathak sir’s notes/CK: Chaplin- Krawiec

Paper 1- Chapter 2: Observation

Since I prepared every topic as a 60 marker, for observation I collected 15-20 points which I could later expand in the exam. An easy way to do that is to compare the given topic with other related topics. So if observation alone comes as a 60 marker (most likely it will be in conjunction with some other topic), just link it with case studies, experimental research, interview, etc.

Paper 1- Chapter 3: IRT

Since IRT can be asked as a 60 marker, I prepared the basics in detail. There is no point in collecting 20 pages on it. Sometimes questions asked are very difficult to predict and attempt even when the topic has been prepared. In that case, I attempted some other question. But I didn’t go much beyond the basics. Every thing has to be balanced in the limited amount of time available for preparation.

Paper 1- Chapter 4: Growth and development

It is a topic which has been very well covered in the books. So I didn’t refer any other source. I just noted each and every thing I could find in one place so as to make revision easier. A lot of time can be saved this way.

Paper 1- Chapter 5: Attention

It is well covered in Mukul Pathak sir’s notes and the models are explained very nicely in Morgan and King and other books. So I wrote everything in one place point-wise.

Paper 1- Chapter 12: Stereotypes and prejudices

It is an important topic not only for the psychology paper but even for other optionals such as Sociology, Essay and for GS. Since examples can be included very easily, I concentrated on collecting the keywords and theories that explain the two. This topic should be linked to other topics in both paper 1 and paper 2.

Paper 2- Chapter 7: Rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS victims

I am posting this topic because it is a classic example of those topics where a lot of material is available on the net, yet the time which might be invested in collecting data which is relevant might be much more than what you would invest if you think about the points on your own. I just collected some facts from the net.

Paper 2- Chapter 11: Government policies for promotion of entrepreneurship among youth including women entrepreneurs

Again a topic where we need to use our GS knowledge. I noted some of the schemes and institutes which I could find on the net. I added all the schemes and various bodies which are working in this field that I had come across in the India Yearbook.

I have uploaded only the 1st page. Details can easily be found on the net.

Paper 2- Chapter 13: Psychology of terrorism

I concentrated on collecting as many theories, key words and points as I could. Enough is available on the net.

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  1. alok says:

    My regret to you that after securing 5th rank you are not getting your home cadre. Tough luck.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi alok…thanks
      but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter…there’s no limit to wht we desire…
      had i got my home state…well and good…if not, i dont mind gng to any other state…
      if i wanted to live only in mumbai (or maharashtra)…wudnt have taken the civil services exam in the 1st place…cud have easily achieved tht in the private sector… 🙂

  2. Pavan says:

    Thanks for the notes as promised..I will be waiting for the upload..

  3. Pritam Maske says:

    Hi Anay,

    does this cadre allotment done before the training itself?
    frm the above post i came to know tht u didnt get ur home cadre..
    Is it true?

    About Public admn : What sort of information do i need frm newspaper to append my pub admn answers?

    Thank you.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi pritam…
      no…cadre allotment isn’t done yet…it comes in january next yr…a table showing ias vacancies in different states is provided in august…based on tht i might be getting MP (my 4th choice) as maharashtra doesn’t have any insider general vacancy this time…and my 2nd and 3rd choices (guj and raj) both have 0 outsider gen vacancies…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      for pub ad…kindly c my answers (esp the one on corruption)…most of the data is frm the newspapers…

  4. dr.govardhan gopal says:

    thank u sir for all the good posts..even my optionals are pub ad n psy..i wanted to ask one thing previous yrs questions in CSE mains ,specially for optionals help us our preparation..i guessed u might ve got an idea of what 60,30 ,20 markers to expect from each chapter from q papers…secondly is wikipedia a reliable source of info,as it can be tampered with…thirdly do the answers or essay we write warrant the need for supreme vacabulary as of those in the editorials of hindu…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi govardhan…
      1. previous yrs Qs are very imp…very often Qs r repeated…and it’s only the wording which changes…so u MUST go thru Q papers of previous 5 yrs…and as u correctly pointed also helps in understanding wht all is reqd for the exam…and the type of Qs asked…
      2. i depended heavily on wikipedia…and i dnt think u need to worry so much abt the content u find…neways, references r given at the bottom…so u can always verify…also, for science and psych topics…it is definitely the best source…saves a lot of time and effort…
      3. no…on the other hand..u shudnt use difficult words…language shud be as SIMPLE as possible…it applies to all the papers…be it gs, optionals or essay…

  5. Sridevi says:

    Hello Anay,

    Thank you for the very nice blog. and Congratulations for your incredible feat:). The spectrum book you have referred to is titled “spectrum handbook of general studies” right? I went through the site and found that the total number of pages of the book is 1200 and not 2000 as you had said.So this doubt:).


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi sridevi…thanks
      yup, thts the book i have referred and thanks for sharing the link…i will put up on the blog so tht there’s no confusion… 🙂
      sorry, i didnt count the total number of pages as for different sections (history, geography, etc) separate page numbering is done…but definitely the thickest book i referred for the exam…moreover, the font is small so tht 1 page equals 2 pages of a normal book… hehe
      all the best…feel free to ask Qs whenever u want to…

  6. Sridevi says:

    Hi Anay,

    Are there any online coaching centers for IAS exam? People like me who cannot go to Delhi will be benefited greatly by this.


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi sridevi
      m sorry, i dont knw abt any online coaching for ias…moreover, some of the sites and blogs i have visited recently…it’s difficult to rely on them as either they r not updated often or there’s enough reason to doubt the veracity of information provided…
      also, going to delhi can be counterproductive if u end up at the wrong place…so it’s more abt having faith in certain teachers…

  7. Phoenix says:

    Hi Anay,

    So you have prepared notes for all the topics in paper 1 and 2 in 60 marker format is it?
    And before preparing it u’ve referred Mp’s notes, std text books and then clubbed them all together. I presume this would consume a lot of time. But its always good to prepare one’s own notes. i would go by your suggestion to prepare it this way.
    I was asked to refer Applied psychology by some IRS officer and cicarelli… Are they good enough?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi there…thanks
      yup, i prepared all the topics in the 60 marker format…even though some topics r highly unlikely to come for 60 marks, or it is difficult to find enough material for 600 words, in such cases i tried to link tht particular topic with other topics mentioned in the syllabus…
      yes, i did it exactly the way u put it…club everything together and add to it if u still feel sth needs to b added…yes, it certainly consumes a lot of time…but the exercise is worth it…u learn a lot during the time u prepare the notes…and it helps u a lot in linking the topics and in better understanding…moreover, once u r finished…it doesnt take much time to revise+ the more u revise, the more u will remember in the exam…
      yes, i have heard of the book…it’s by smarak swain, IRS…but m sorry, i havent gone thru cant comment…y not get it frm some1 u knw…and glance thru it…
      as for ciccarelli…it’s good for some topics…i remember i read maslow’s theory (latest update has been given), concept of eustress and theories of emotion frm it…

  8. aahil says:

    sir cn i do psychology after prelims……………………wll that much time wll suffice?.kindly reply

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi aahil
      which is ur other optional…psychology can b left out provided u have completed the other optional properly before the prelims…but it does require time…so depends on ur ability to balance things…

  9. aahil says:

    one more thing sir cn i leave ancient and mediaval indi as i cn mug it up 4m the megazine i refer…………………wll that do……….nd wll cover culture n personalities 4m spectrum………i kno m writing in different post but i din get the answer in other post…………. sorry 4 that

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi aahil
      i wud suggest the spectrum (1200 pages one) for ancient and medieval…do it for the prelims and u may leave it out for mains..
      but do ask rashmita panda (air 13 with 356 in history) for better sources…she must b knowing much more in this regard…

  10. Chetan Saini says:

    Hi sir… Great work once again………………….. some queries
    1. Sir , how u prepared notes from internet…….. u noted down the things or copied it 4m net and took print out after editing the content…………. Ur way of highlighting imp points with red font is really good…

    2. sir, how is economic times of saturday and sunday… it’s too costlyy…:):):):)

    3. sir how many no of choices of states they ask for the applicant to fill in the mains exam… u have mentioned u filled ur 4’th choice as Madhya Pradesh…… after this also there was options to fill the states…….

    4. sir i have not got the thick spectrum book of G.S u talked about……………. is in this thick book the following things given-
    1. International and national institutions
    2. indian culture

    sir is gng through spectrum for economy(the separate book 4 economy which they have) sufficient or should i go through mishra puri…………………

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi chetan…thanks
      1. yup, i did it like tht…wherever easy to just copy-paste and edit…did tht…took printouts…sometimes did write it down when books were the source…
      2. yup, et on sat and sunday is costly…if tht’s sth u dnt want to invest money in…on sat and sun visit and go thru the epaper…copy-paste the articles u think r relevant…precludes the need to spend 10 bucks…
      3. yup, all the cadres need to b filled…21 i guess…or mayb 22…not sure
      4. hmmm…i will have to check…intl and natl instt is given for sure…but dnt knw abt indian culture…for economy..just cover tht spectrum (1200 pages one)…it is more than enough…

  11. Chetan Saini says:

    sir one more thing….

    1. Did u practised any yoga or meditation to improve ur concentration daily………….. sir my mind keeps on wandering here nd there wen i m studying ranging 4m issues of hot girls to sachin tendulkar to many useless thingsss……… that’s y my productivity is wery low…….. Please suggest something sir…………………..

    2. Sir Is TOI also a good u mentioned it gives data in tabular formmm……………….

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi chetan…
      i didnt practice yoga or meditation…but do exercise every day…concentration comes with motivation…so if u really want to b in the civil services…it shudnt be much of a problem…
      yup, toi is good for current affairs…

  12. MANISH says:

    Hello sir ,thanks once again for such valuable info
    1} sir i want to know how u prepare the geography part for pre and mains
    1.a}sir from the last 5 year i saw that the pattern of history question had changed in GS-1 paper so how u prepare for this new pattern
    2} what we should write in 2 marks question in GS paper , and India ‘s relation with other countries , we should write that why that particular topic was in news or something else ,ex; like WiFi ,3G etc.
    3} sir i want your view about jamia millia coaching ,because i have to take their scholar ship exam next week , next year i will take my Ist attempt ,sir some time i feel fear so how i should overcome this fear ,i am confident but some time u know……..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi manish
      1. for pre i just did the geography section in spectrum (the 1200 page one)…and the geography special issues of chronicle…for mains, i didnt do nething as there’s no time…i concentrated on current affairs and i feel geography in the mains is more abt current affairs than core knowledge…
      2. pattern has not’s just tht they ask Qs in a different way…i didnt do nething other than write wht i knew…kindly go thru the gs mains post for more on last yrs’ Qs…
      3. yup, current relevance of a topic is very imp…so write 1 line on basic info and rest on current part…as i explained for biometric atm in my post…
      4. i m sorry…i dnt knw nething abt jamia milia coaching…and there’s no point in thinking abt other things..just concentrate on studies and rest will take care of itself…

  13. Rohit says:

    Hi Anay,
    I am wondering as to how much flexibility and originality we can bring in the answers of pubadm and psychology Paper-1. Since they are mostly about theories ( leaving out few units) and have a set of priciples etc and the questions are just twisted where essentially we have to write the same stuff ( though a little bit moulded as per the question) ; hence according to you how can we make those answers( paper-1) more creative ( apart from few GS points here and there) ?
    In paper 2 I found a lot of scope for original answers .Kindly help.


    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi rohit
      yup…it’s a balancing act…i feel u can really improve on it through proper guidance…for pub ad i showed my answers to pavan sir at srirams, delhi…and through his feedback i kept on writing answers with the required content…it took me arnd 3-4 months to fully understand wht kind of answers need to b written…even though we all have enough knowledge, for pub ad it’s the way u write the answer which matters the most…so i suggest u get in touch with pavan sir if possible…9911366520
      for psych…kindly go thru my post on psych mains…again, the answer-writing strategy was same as for pub ad..but i showed my answers to mukul pathak sir at vajiram…
      for paper 2, u can include as much of ur gs knowledge as u want since the Qs themselves r such tht there’s no other option…
      i hope it helps….feel free to ask for clarifications

      • Rohit says:

        Thanks a lot for your reply Anay.. Can I directly just call Pavan sir ..I mean I am based in Lucknow I need to initmate him through mail etc?

        Also, I am not understanding one thing that if the question pertains to difference in theories etc..then most answers would be the same so how can one make his answer different?

      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi rohit
        yup, u can call pavan sir directly…if he’s busy he might not pick up or might ask u to call later…so keep trying until u get to talk abt everything u want to discuss…
        difficult to answer the 2nd part…all i can say is u will realise it when u start writing answers and with proper feedback u will certainly improve, and tht is wht u r looking for…

  14. Keshav Kamal prashar says:

    another great post ……as usual ! 🙂
    thanks a lot sir .

    i m sorry that those stupids have not provided Maharastra general vacancy this year…
    but as you know … there must be some good hidden in that also 🙂
    take care .

  15. aahil says:

    i contacted pawan sir……. he told that fadia nd fadia is sufficient apart 4m prasad n prasad………. he stressed to read the news paper……. bt since u made it…… i would like to know wll that enough coz m doing that much……….really scared nd as i m doing self study in pub ad nd gs…… wll self study do along these books…….

  16. aahil says:

    one more thing sir…….. m reading fadia n fadia bt its difiicult to understand by 1 reading as me 4m engg. background………. wat measure can be taken to make pub ad a fun……

  17. vishal sangal says:

    i have a i have finished the chapter of personality topic wise from syllabus.Now the question that has come is 2009 mains is ” critically evaluate the relative merits and demerits of psychometric measures of personality and intelligence”. i request u to only discuss the structure of these structure according to me will be

    first part of answer=merits of psycometric measures of personality along with their limitation +demerits of psycometric measures of personality along with their limitation.
    second part of answer=merits of psycometric measures of intelligence along with their limitation +demerits of psycometric measures of intelligence along with their limitation.
    psycometric measures=pensil and paper tests(questionaires,MMPI,16 personality factor questionaire)+interviews+behavioural assessment(direct observation+rating scales+freequency counts).Now plz tell whether my structure is correct or not .correction if any plz do tell

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi vishal
      u shud always start with the basics…so i wud say
      1st: explain wht u mean by psychometrics: 60 words
      2nd explain wht is presonality and wht is intelligence briefly: 100 words
      3rd explain the different psychometric measures available for assessment of both of them: 60 words
      4th come to individual merits and demerits (1st personality and then intelligence): 300 words: preferably in points
      and then conclude by writing sth on the future trend when it comes to studies on personality and intelligence: 100 words
      u may write a little more on each if u can manage it in the allotted time…i have just given relative figures…

  18. jitendra Kumar says:

    Thanks for the help which you are providing.
    Psychology is my 2nd optional. I haven’t started it yet.i am in Computer science.
    What are challenges or difficulties which i might face during its preparation apart from the books and the Mukul P’s notes? and how much time will it take to complete?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi jitendra…thanks
      psych takes relatively more time to prepare as compared to pub ad…i dnt knw abt other optionals…as i had these 2…
      in psych…u need to understand and relate the topics…do not emphasise on mugging up…
      some topics might b less interesting than others…but tht is there with any optional…so just go ahead and do everything u can…

  19. rishi1235 says:

    Hi Anay sir,

    This is my last attempt and i scored a worst 236 in psycho this year(however got 300 last year).What should i do?
    I saw your notes .they are wonderful but i fear as i have not done such comprehensive exercise in psycho.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi rishi
      u neednt worry…just study topic wise and try to write down at least 10-15 points for each topic which u can later expand in the exam…tht way u will b able to relate the topics and wudnt have to waste time in the exam thinking wht to write…
      also, kindly go thru the answer-writing tips as well…i neglected some basic things such as keywords and underlining, etc in my earlier attempts…shudnt miss out on those…score can increase by 20-25 marks without any change in the content…

  20. Ramesh says:

    Hi sir,I know this may be stupid.But just the information posted in the 2 sections-rehab of hiv/aids victims and stereotypes and prejudices,Im able to get info but not so much information for topics in a single web page or in google books how much ever i search.How do you exactly search sir.can You give me the web page for that hiv/aids data?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi ramesh
      the info i have posted hasn’t been taken frm a single site…for stereotypes, i referred wikipedia and then searched the net randomly…copy-pasted material as and when i found sth relevant and good…
      for hiv/aids…i made the points myself…for certain topics it is better to think abt the points rather than searching the net…

  21. surjeet says:

    thanks for providing these invaluable inputs …
    I m bit confused about optionals b/w sociology and pshycology ….
    if u could provide some insight about the booklist and some effort estimation …. please suggest basic books to start up with Psychology……so that i can test my level generation of interest …..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi surjeet…
      u can start with baron’s intro to psychology…
      as for socio, i cant really comment..i have read little bit of anthony giddens and it seems to be equally interesting…
      i guess garima mittal will b able to help u beeter as she had both of them as her optionals…

  22. dr.govardhangopal says:

    my optionals are pub ad n psy.i m taking classes for both..
    there was a speculation of csat being introduced from 2011.
    but now faculty in vajiram have said that,it wont be introduced from 2011.
    sir wat was ur basis to choose psy over pub ad 4 prelims..
    i found that psy questions were pretty much easy n direct…hardly needs any thought..
    but in pub ad mcq options ran very close to rigth answers…
    more over pub ad n geography havent done well in 2010 prelims…ravindran sir told..
    whats the idea of choosing a popular optional n proportional prelims
    how much had u scored in psy each time in prelims..
    i thought of joining srirams for GS in oct…so that free interaction n discussion with faculty is possible,specially in areas like economy n intl.affairs .vajiram is very crowded ,it takes days to get our doubts clarified..wats ur opinion..
    thank u..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi there…
      csat is definitely gng to b there…it has already been confirmed by the govt…the syllabus will b announced soon…
      as for prelims…if u want to knw abt the old pattern..then i guess the total marks matter…
      in my 3 attempts my net scores were:
      1st attempt: gs 70 psy 70 (*2.5)
      2nd attempt: gs 97 psy 75 (*2.5)
      3rd attempt: gs 87 psy 71 (*2.5)
      yup, vajiram is very crowded…i do feel tht srirams is better as far as personal attention is concerned…

  23. dr.govardhangopal says:

    what would be the cut off 4 psy in prelims…as against pub ad…

  24. tejaswi says:

    hi anay…
    i heard der is postal coaching of if i get dat for psychology..wil i get mukhul pathak sir’s notes in it..?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi tejaswi…
      i m sorry, i dont knw abt vajiram postal coaching…y dont u call up vajiram and enquire…
      but pathak sir revises his notes quite often…so keep tht in mind while asking them abt the postal coaching…

  25. Vijay says:

    Hi Anay…This is Vijay from a small town of Dombivli,Thane District,Maharashtra…I’m preparing on my own for 2011 CSE.
    My query are as follows :
    1)I went through Laxmikant’s Polity, D.D.Basu & Kashyap to check the latest Constitutional Amendments..And i could only find till the 94th Constitutional Amendment Act in all the three books..But today, when i checked the latest amendments on the net,i could find till the 113th Constitutional Amendment Acts..So could you help me out (and probably others too…) with regards to latest Constitutional Amendments Act from “95 to 113” and probably more..?
    It would be of great help…
    Cheers !!!
    2)I have a doubt regarding the “Committees & Commissions(Appendix)” given in Laxmikant’s Public Administration Book…
    There are ’71’ Committees & Commissions given in Laxmikant’s P.A Book from ‘1812-2008’,of which 9 are explained in detail…So is there a need to go ahead & study the remaining 62 from net or would it be appropriate if i just concentrate on the 9 given committees in the book..?
    Please Reply…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi vijay
      1. u r getting confused between constitutional amendment bills and const amendment acts…a bill doesnt become an act until and unless it is passed by the respective Houses and gets President’s assent…so the 108,109..113 u r talking abt r just Bills (proposals) and havent become Acts as of now…so say 113th amendment act gets passed first it will become the 95th amendment act…doesnt matter if 109,110, etc r pending or cudnt be passed…i hope u got the idea…
      there is no need to remember the constitutional amendment bills…u need to remember only the Const Amndmt Acts…i have provided a list of the Acts which i deem to b important from the CSE point of view in my post on the indian const…kindly go thru it…
      2. i m sorry, i dnt knw abt the committees and commissions in the book…i didnt go thru laxmikant…but yes, u need to remember the imp committees as a Q was asked on them last yr in the mains…so go thru the paper and then decide which committees to remember..needn’t be each and every1 of them…just the imp ones which keep getting mentioned many times here and there…like appleby report, santhanam committee, ARC 1, hota committee, ARC 2, etc

  26. tejaswi says:

    just checked their(vajiram and ravi) website..dey have no postal guidance for psychology…tough luck!!

  27. Vijay says:

    Hi Anay…This is Vijay from a small town of Dombivli,Thane District,Maharashtra…I’m preparing on my own for 2011 CSE.
    My query are as follows :
    1)I went through Laxmikant’s Polity, D.D.Basu & Kashyap to check the latest Constitutional Amendments..And i could only find till the 94th Constitutional Amendment Act in all the three books..But today, when i checked the latest amendments on the net,i could find till the 113th Constitutional Amendment Acts..So could you help me out (and probably others too…) with regards to latest Constitutional Amendments Act from “95 to 113” and probably more..?
    It would be of great help…
    Cheers !!!
    2)I have a doubt regarding the “Committees & Commissions(Appendix)” given in Laxmikant’s Public Administration Book…
    There are ’71’ Committees & Commissions given in Laxmikant’s P.A Book from
    ‘1812-2008’,of which 9 are explained in detail…So is there a need to go ahead & study the remaining 62 from net or would it be appropriate if i just concentrate on the 9 given committees in the book..?
    Please Reply…Tk cr.

  28. dr.govardhan gopal says:

    my optionals are pub ad n psy..
    its almost certain now that there wont be CSAT in 2011..they ve told us in coaching class..
    i wanted to ask what was d basis 4 u to choose psy over pub ad…
    how much had u scored each time in psy prelims…
    i saw that in pud ad prelims options are very close to right answer..on the other hand psy papers were relatively easy…
    wat ll be cut off in psy n pub ad prelims…
    is there any basis to choose a popular optional in prelims…wats whole funda about proportional representation….please let us know…thank u

  29. mohan kumar says:

    hi sir
    congrats 4 air 5 in cs2009.i m planning 2 appear in cs 2011 with phychology and pub ad.presently i m going through ncert 11 and 12th std.plz give me hierarchy of books 2 b followed after finishing ncert.i m in job so i wouldn’t b able 2 take coaching.what plan 2 follow 2 complete optionals during job?is it necessary 2 attend mukul patak sir classes?can’t i do with his classnotes obtained anyhow?when 2 start making notes?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi mohan…thanks
      i have listed the books for pub ad and psych both on the blog…i didnt refer many books…for psych internet is a good source and for pub ad govt websites r good many times…plz go thru the blog to understand my strategy…
      i dnt think it is necessary to attend classes…if u like studying on ur own and r comfy with tht…then follow ur own plan…try to get the psych notes provided by mukul pathak sir…
      making notes depends entirely on ur style of studying…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi mohan…
      u can definitely prepare on ur own…notes would do…just go thru the books i have mentioned for both psych and pub ad…and other books if u feel u need to go thru them…coaching institutes arent the secret to success…it’s YOUR hard work which matters the most…so give it ur best!!!

  30. xmnotes says:

    thanzxs …. for this useful pyscho notes sir.
    tell me 1 thing that, do we need to write govt.policies for promotion of entrepreneurship? do we need to write all the govt.policies?


  31. shreya says:

    hi!! first of all congrats
    i have a kind of weird question. u appeared with psychology right and i am studying it because tremendously intrested in it. i differ on freud theory emphasizing the human male preoccupation with size,because according to him size emphasizes stability,luxury and above all strength. i beg to differ. wat u think.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi shreya..thanks
      dont worry abt ur interpretation of it…just understand the concepts and write wht u think is correct according to u…
      i dnt have any views on freud being right or wrong…i just read the concepts he gave and linked them together…

  32. Pritam Maske says:

    Hi Anay,
    Is the approach for writing answers in Psyc 1 and 2 different??Is it tht we must give only indian examples??
    Whats the difference between the psyc 1 and 2?
    thank you..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi pritam
      no, there’s no difference b/w paper 1 and 2…i concentrated only on the Q i was answering and not the paper…yup, indian examples need to b written…but no prob if u have examples frm other countries as well…tht wud make ur answer better…

  33. Rahul says:

    hi anay…i know it might sound foolish but how often did you sit online?…i mean everyday for some time or once a week to just go through few selected sites??

  34. sachin says:

    hello sir
    i want to know abt the difference between policy and act?
    is it imp to write case study in answers?
    how we can write and include the current issues in paper1 as it is more theoretical?

  35. sonam says:

    sir congrats on your grand sucess
    I m very tensed sir because my problem is very simple yet drastic at the very first i have taken geography as my 1st optional and got coaching from ALS but still not satisfied with it due to my irregular class visits as i was not satisfied with their frustrated 3-4 hours class duration .now exactly after one year i decided to go through the preparation earnestly.but one thing come in my mind that I have studied physics till12th why not opt it as my 1st optional as i liked it also.but problem is that i m unble to decide physics or geo. plz help me to come out of that trouble? plz give me some links from where i can get proper guidance of this subject?

    thnx sir
    plz respond me plz plz plz …………………………..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi sonam…thank u and sorry for the delay in reply…hardly get time to b online these days and i have quite many Qs to answer…
      as far as geography is concerned…u can get in touch with ghanshyam thori (air 25)…and for physics abhijeet agrawal (air 24)…their blog addresses r given in the references post…
      talk to them and decide accordingly…the level of exam is tht of graduation..

  36. Manasa says:

    Hello Sir..I am very much excited to see this blog. Is there a chance that I can talk with you once. I sincerely appreciate your effort. I am planning to write civil services next year and want to take Public Admin and psychology. If you do not mind giving your number can u email it to me. It would be a great inspiration.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi manasa…
      all the best for ur prep…do ask Qs whenever u feel like…i will try my best to reply asap…m @ mussoorie and it’s very hectic here…hardly get any time…so talking on the phone wud b quite difficult…sorry for tht…but i do try to reply to queries on the blog whenever i get a chance to…

  37. Priyanka says:

    hi Anay!!
    First of all hearty congratulations on ur great success!!
    Well,I want to appear for CSE next year…but a bit confused about optionals..
    1)I have decided to go for pub ad as my 2nd option..but confused with geography and psychology…which should be opted??
    I am not sure but have heard that psychology has got less syllabus as compared to geography and is easy to it??One more thing I wanted to ask is …questions in psychology, are they hard to interpret?? are they so abstract??
    2) Is really there any need of coaching or self study is sufficient?
    3)Just wanted to ask about CSAT which is going to be introduced next year??

    Waiting for ur reply…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi priyanka…thanks
      1. kindly go thru my post on choosing the optionals…if ur confused b/w psych and geography…i suggest u ask ghanshyam thori (air 25)…he’s there on orkut and fb and his blog address is listed in the references post…he had them as his optionals…so wud b able to tell u in detail abt it…
      2. self study is sufficient provided u r confident with wht u r doing…some answer writing practice and guidance is reqd for pub ad…but tht comes later…in the initial stages, u can surely do without coaching…
      3. no idea abt the CSAT…as far as i knw..upsc hasn’t declared nething…so best to prepare gs and one optional at the moment…
      hope it helps…plz feel free to ask Qs whenever u feel like…

  38. Priyanka says:

    hi..anay!! just wanted to ask mukul pathak sir’s class notes are the notes u have mentioned here or the other notes of pathak sir’s??

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