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Post number Title Date published
1 General Studies – Mains 9 June 2010
2 Psychology Mains 9 June 2010
3 Psychology Answers 10 June 2010
4 Public Administration- Mains 10 June 2010
5 Public Administration Answers 10 June 2010
6 Importance of mains 10 June 2010
7 Essay strategy – Puneet Gulati, AIR 319 with 140 in Essay (2009) 11 June 2010
8 How to choose the optionals 12 June 2010
9 Coaching classes, test series, correspondence courses I attended/enrolled for 13 June 2010
10 Test series for pub ad 19 June 2010
11 GS Prelims 19 June 2010
12 Tips on covering the books 22 June 2010
13 Newspaper reading 24 June 2010
14 Public Admin paper 1- sample answers 6 July 2010
15 Public Admin- sample notes 6 July 2010
16 Indian Constitution 20 July 2010
17 Upcoming posts 20 July 2010
18 Civil Services Chronicle- July 2010 issue 26 July 2010
19 Psychology- sample notes 9 Aug 2010
20 References 21 Aug 2010
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  1. Sandeep says:

    I have a general query about psychology, didn’t know to which section should i pose. I want to know, about when should I start answer writing practice, I am doing the course for the first it that chapters are related and I have completed the whole syllabus once, I should start writing or I can write answers as I complete few chapters?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi sandeep…u shud go thru the Qs asked in previous yrs’ papers after u finish a particular chapter…
      write 1-2 answers completely and for other Qs just think wht u wud have written..or write just the framework and points briefly…
      tht way u will b able to analyze to a certain extent whether ur prep has been up to the mark…

  2. Dona says:

    Its a general query.i am in a confusion of whether or not to prepare for 1st optional in prelims as there’s gonna be csat?
    as i live in kolkata, from which coaching inst. in delhi, should i bring postal materials for gs? please suggest
    what should be the ans.writing strategy in mains.point wise or paragraph?
    waiting in anticipation,

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi dona
      as for answer-writing strategy…kindly go thru my posts on gs mains, psych mains and pub ad mains…doesnt matter which optionals u have…answer-writing strategy in my opinion remains more or less the same…
      i feel u shud start with 1 optional…finishing 2 optionals after prelims is gng to be difficult…u need to finish at least 70% of one of the optionals before the prelims…so start as soon as u can…
      if u want to get postal material…try jts instt in bangalore…i have been thru their gs notes for prelims…they r good…

  3. ramakrishna says:

    At the outset Congratulations for ur great success. we are very thankful to u for ur able guidance in all the aspects. Though I have appeared in mains twice earlier my scoring has been low (pub ad and geography) and after having gone through ur blog I have made out my mistakes. But the problem from my end is that i’m poor at remembering figures and putting them in pointers like u have done. I here by request u to kindly give ur mail id so that i can post an answer for ur consideration and inputs in improvising my answer writing. I would b thankful to u if u can also let me know someone who can post us a demo answer for geography as well, since i haven’t been able 2 score high inspite of it being my 1st optional.

    Thanks n regards,

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi ramakrishna…thanks
      u can mail me on…but i dont check the mail tht frequently…so might answer in 2-3 days time…
      as for remembering facts and figures, i guess the only way to go abt it is to revise again and again wht u read…at least 3 revisions…also, try to relate the facts and of course there is no need to remember the exact figure…e.g. i just learned tht india’s carbon dioxide eq emission per capita per annum is 1.2…but didnt remember the other figures…just tht world avg is twice…so 2.5 apprx…US is 20 times tht of 22-23 approx…and so on…similarly our gdp (nominal) is just over $ 1.2 trillion…so no need to remember it in rupees…just convert on the spot…gdp (ppp) is 3 times tht of nominal…etc…so by relating the facts..the task becomes simpler…

      for geography…u may contact ghanshyam thori (air 25 with 332 in geography)…his blog address is
      feel free to ask Qs…all the best

      • RAM PRAKASH SHARMA says:

        respscted sir.
        i am a simple and avrg student …. i hav taken addmission in raus ias study circle….. for psychology n public addd….. classes will start from 12th of nov 2010…. i want to do civil service… but som time i lost my confidance…. giv me som tips n idea for prepairing… how i shud start……. i dont knw any thig…..

        for this kind of easy work i will thankfull to you sir….

        thanking you……..
        ram prakash sharma….
        dist- gaya.. bihar

      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi there…
        i m sorry, i dnt knw much abt rau’s study circle…it was good few years back…but dnt knw how it is now…
        plz go thru my gs prelims, gs mains and pub ad mains post to knw my strategy…also, i have listed the classes i attended…u can knw abt some good coaching instt frm there…

  4. ramakrishna says:

    Thanks a ton…
    I wish n pray that u’ll remain to b as approachable, friendly and as transparent n helpful as u r today 4 d rest of ur life…..
    All d very best in every walk of ur life…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      thanks ramakrishna…all the best to u as well

      • RAM PRAKASH SHARMA says:

        thank you sir for ur support……
        as i have paid the money for psycho in raus.. now you tell me from where i can take d coaching for public add in delhi.. i hav seen ur notes.
        plese tell me sir……….

  5. Mahak khanna says:

    Hello sir,
    sir i just wanted to ask that for the language
    paper 1 we have English as compulsory
    and can we choose english for language paper 2 also ?

  6. Mahak khanna says:

    Sir please also let me kno where frm do i get the list of indian languages allowed for the paper…………..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      One of the Indian Languages to be selected by the candidate from the 18 languages included in the VIIIth Schedule to the Constitution…
      u will get the list in the mains form…or on the upsc site

      • MAHAK KHANNA says:

        SIR…..i am going thru the history section for GS…….So i just wanted to kno that is dere any site or buk which provides the previous year question paper for GS subject wise……….like all the questions asked only for history in the previous years GS papr………….

      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi mahak…
        there r many Q books available…just find out in the mkt…if i remember correctly…vishal’s publication must be having the book…

  7. veena says:

    what is the ideal time to start practice on writing essays on optionals and general studies? Is it advisable to do it right after completing each topic?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi veena
      i assume u r asking answer writing for optionals and gs…
      for gs, i didnt practice answer-writing…just practiced statistics Qs as i have already stated on the blog…
      for pub ad…i covered the topics as and when pavan sir announced he would take a test on a given topic…there used to be 1 test every week…so i practiced answer-writing during the test only…
      for psych..i wrote 5-6 answers and showed them to mukul pathak sir for feedback..but didnt write answers for psych thereafter as i felt i had got the idea…so concentrated on making notes and collecting as many points as i could on a given topic…
      for essays, i aimed at writing 1 essay / week between the prelims and mains…but eventually i was able to write an essay every 10 days…and did it from june to sept end…wrote arnd 8-10 essays…

  8. Rahul says:

    Hello Sir,
    First of all, accept my heartiest congratulations on your sterling performance in CS exam.Words can’t sum up the appreciation I have for ppl like you who take initiative to help others despite their busy schedule. I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors!

    I went through all the queries posted here but my query is still unresolved. Actually, I just want to know the sequence in which MAINS exams are held so as to know the time gap between the optionals. I am planning to take Sociology & Psychology as optionals. Hence, I would like to know the gap between GS & Sociology and Sociology & Psychology.Please provide me the total sequence in which exams are held (if possible) so that I can plan better.
    Also, I would like to know your approach of reading newspaper “The Hindu”. I take almost 2 hrs. in reading this paper & feels that my approach is wrong. Plz guide me how u go abt reading the daily & which pages are important. Please help. I shall be highly obliged.
    I am a 1st year MBA student & planning to take CS exam in 2012.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi rahul…thanks a lot
      1. regarding the exam time-table…here is a site where i found last yr’s time-table:
      the sequence of papers remains more or less the same…u can compare it with 2008 and 2007 time-tables…just try to search for them…
      in all my 3 attempts…had the GS paper on the 1st day…the essay and english lang paper on 2nd day and indian lang on 3rd day…there’s a gap of one day…before the optionals begin…usually pub ad and history r the 1st 2…psych is usually 10-11 days after the GS papers…but i just noticed socio right before psycho…check for 2008 and 07…if it has been like tht…
      but do not worry too much abt it…if u prepare well…it doesnt matter whether there’s no gap or 20 days gap…had tht been the case, many engineers wud have opted for engineering subjects or science students wud have opted for phy or chem…it’s more abt interest and aptitude…
      2. Yup, u shud be taking arnd 35-40 mins on an avg for a newspaper…i tried to do it for the hindu…but was unable to do so as there’s no epaper available for it… i will b gng to delhi towards the end of this month…will get hold of an issue and do it…but try to understand the way i have mentioned it for toi and et and chronicle as well…the basic premise remains the same…also, do not go for a particular page, writer, column, etc…u have to decide wholly on the basis of a particular article’s relevance for cse be it on any day, by any writer on any page…
      all the best…feel free to ask for clarifications or any other Qs…as for hindu, it wud b better if u remind me arnd the end of this month…

      • RAM PRAKASH SHARMA says:

        Hello Sir,
        First of all, accept my heartiest congratulations on your sterling performance in CS exam.Words can’t sum up the appreciation I have for ppl like you who take initiative to help others despite their busy schedule. I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors!

  9. raj says:

    Congratulation! sir my qurey is , my english is very bad . how should it improve regarding cse .i completed BSc.Agri & started prep. for cse. i am regular reader of the hindu , chronicle,yojna ,kurukshetra,frontline. According to your exp. this is sufficient or no. Now i using notes of brilliant tutorial. chennai. These are sufficient /no. my opt. is geo.& piol .sci.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi raj…thanks
      for improving english, newspaper reading is the best method. mark the words u do not knw and look up in a dictionary later.
      kindly go thru my blog on gs mains…i have provided a list of books/newspapers/magazines i went thru…
      i m sorry, i dnt have any idea abt brilliant tutorial notes…i guess prakash rajpurohit (air 2) might b knowing…kindly ask him on his blog
      for geography…u may get in touch with ghanshyam thori (air 25)…his blog is

  10. anubhav says:

    please provide me with blog of ias selected with mech engg. as option
    thank u…

  11. Pritam Maske says:

    Hi Anay,

    Sometimes i do get demotivated while preparing…
    You failed in ur first 2 attempts…Wht drive you to continue and go forward ?
    inspite of failing how did you regathered ur concentration and motivation…
    It would be great help if u can give me some advice on it….

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi pritam
      u have to focus on studying and have to forget abt result, etc…can’t tell u nething other than this…

      • RAM PRAKASH SHARMA says:

        sir i hav comleted psychology…..
        now i m going for public add… n… g.s. so where i shuld join… i am thinking abt sri ram… for both g.s n pub add…. and where is d sri ram… were u joined it… one is in mukharjee nagar onother one is in old rajendar nagar.. u just tell me were you hav joined i will join that…… sir please answer me…. i m in very trouble……….

  12. Arvind Pandey says:

    Hi Sir,
    this is arvind. I have gone through ur page, and found it quite helpul and full of informations and valuable help for CSE aspirants.
    I have also gone through the other UPSC topper’s blogs as well. Sir, my optionals are geography and Hindil Lit (medium is Hindi. Unfortunately I did’nt find a single blog realted to these two subjetcs where I could get matters like startgies, course materials etc on these two subjects on any of their blogs.
    Sir, I would be highlygreatful, if you could give me link/s or mail-ids of the successful candidates/ur friends, so that I could connect to them and can talk for my specific queries and doubts regarding the above two subjects.
    waiting for ur reply in anticipation

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi arvind
      i don’t knw abt blogs…but i know some of the selected candidates this yr with ur optionals…
      for geography, plz get in touch with ghanshyam thori (air 25)…he’s there on orkut and fb…also, he has uploaded his notes and maintained a gmail accnt for the purpose…u will find it on his blog
      for hindi litt…u can contact tarun rathi (air 19)…he’s there on orkut and has formed a community to assist civil services aspirants…
      hope it helps…all the best!!!

  13. Aman Jain says:

    Congrats sir for great success
    I want to ask following things:-
    1. How did you prepare for 2-marks questions particularly history. I found 2009 questions very weird. Which book /material is to be referred?
    2. something abt writing style. I got 99+120 in GS; 132+118 in PA & 120+119 in psych. in 2009 mains.
    I have done lot of self study but as I looks at my scores all are in small range of 220-250. I think that there is some problem in my writing style. So please tell what should an answer contain to get 60% marks. In essay I got 75. I wrote on “Globalism Vs Nationalism” I wrote in a very planned manner(as I perceive). i expected 120+ marks. I am in total dilemma abt mains preparation this year . I am working at Bokaro steel city. No coaching or other help is available. It will be nice to you if you please provide ur contact no to discuss the issues.please help me.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi aman…thanks
      1. yup, the history 2 markers were out of the blue…i didnt prepare for it as i felt the marks i could secure were not commensurate with the effort and time invested…so i felt happy when the questions asked were weird as most of the candidates couldnt answer…but i suggest u ask rashmita panda (air 13) for some good source…she had history as an optional and might tell u abt an easy way to prepare…
      2. it is very difficult to tell u one way or the other to write the kind of answers which wud fetch u 60% marks…i feel u require some guidance as it’s very important to have the right approach and orientation…i suggest if u can move to delhi it wud b helpful…but if not, then kindly go thru my answers…i wrote my answers the same way in the exam…

  14. Anuj Nigam says:

    Hi Sir
    i am a yr student nd wants to prepare for civil serv. i just want to ask you that how should i start preparing for this exam nd what are the basic books for GS nd Pub. Admin.
    Since i live in Lucknow(U.P) there is no one to guide us so please help me out nd also the strategy of preparing it.


  15. Nilanjan Majumdar says:

    Hi, I am Nilanjan, frm kolkata. 2011 asprant.
    First of all, accept my heartiest congratulations on your sterling performance in CS exam. Words can’t sum up the appreciation I have for ppl like you who take initiative to help others despite their busy schedule. I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors!
    But i hv a problem, my opts r HISTORY & ANTHROPOLOGY. I went thru Hist blog which is excellent but i cud n’t find any ANTHROPLOGY help blog. So , cud u tell me about HOW TO PREPARE , BOOK LIST (CHAPTER ORIENTED), TOPPERS BLOG OR E.MAIL ID .

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi nilanjan…thank u
      i m sorry, i personally dnt knw neone with anthro as an optional here at the academy as well…kindly find out from some1 who took it as an optional abt the good coaching institutes…

  16. ankit says:

    hello sir…congratulations on ur success in cs exam…
    sir i want to ask u about how to make stategy from begining to clear any exam??????

  17. amz bhagat says:

    Hi mate…I want some guidance relating to CSE preparation…I am in first year of my graduation and I am doing graduation in social sciences specializing in Pol.Science, Sociology and Economics.. I want to know how can I go through general studies preparations side by side..which basic books should i read..Ncert Books(if yes, which classes and which one’s) or Spectrum books or anything else….I mean knowing histroy, geography, polity, constitution of India is very important, so which books should I go for…
    Secondly, I am having bit difficulty in managing time for studies .I mean my uni’s program is very rigourous. 5 days 9-4 and i reach home by abt 5pm everyday….So how much time u think should one devote to studies everyday (at this time, its ma 1st sem at uni) so that I can enjoy some time with my frnds and family aswell with studies….

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi there
      for gs prelims…kindly go thru the post for the books and sources i referred…
      as for time mgmt…yes, it does get difficult sometimes…but doesnt mean tht it is not possible…many clear the exam while working…so it entirely depends on wht suits u best…i feel 4-5 hrs of consistent effort everyday wud suffice…

  18. Ramesh Sadasivam says:

    Hi Anay!
    Congrats for Topping CSE !
    Am B.Tech IT graduate and working for a Software Firm in Bangalore.
    Presently Doing week end classes at JTS institute,Bangalore.
    My Optionals are Public Admin,Tamil literature.
    Still after detail analysis,I am facing difficulty .
    How to measure my progress in Preparation of GS in Preliminary point of view.
    Prelims GS Questions asked in Previous years in vast area.
    How to Prepare Geography & History for Prelims in point of cracking the exam?

  19. MAHAK KHANNA says:

    SIR…..i am going thru the history section for GS…….So i just wanted to kno that is dere any site or buk which provides the previous year question paper for GS subject wise……….like all the questions asked only for history in the previous years GS papr………….

  20. anjali says:

    sir wanna ask tht wud it be better to join mukul pathak sir classes on regular basis or purchase th notes frm shopes in mukharjee nagar and do self study?

  21. Nilanjan Majumdar says:

    At the outset Congratulations for ur great success. we are very thankful to u for ur able guidance in all the aspects.
    History, Anthroplogy r my opts. But i didn’t find any info about Antho. So pls u help me.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi nilanjan…thanks
      m sorry, i do knw iva sahay (air 3) who took anthro..but she doesnt have a blog or a page on fb/orkut…
      y dont u enquire abt a good coaching instt…i have heard hyderabad is considered good for anthro…u can get classnotes frm there and prepare on ur own…

  22. sunny222 says:

    sir,how did u managed job and self-study…nd how u keep ur motivation level high..sir my mind just oscillates between future,enemies and frustrations…sir how to keep the vison of getting good marks in exams high….and what upsc looks for in answers…..can it be good idea if we know something about a question in exam and then we write it in a presentable manner with little known facts and extend it to a long looking answer.

  23. soni says:

    sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me by giving me some details for maths and english lit.
    thanx sir plz reply
    i m waiting for it

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi there…
      for maths, kindly refer prakash rajpurohit’s blog…address is in the references post…
      for eng litt…i can contact neha bansal (ias 2009 batch)…she’s there on orkut and fb…


    hello sir,
    i want to know abt the difference between policy and act?
    is it imp to write case study in answers?
    how can we write and include the current issues in paper1 as it is more theoretical?

  25. Abhishek Singh says:

    Sir,my optional are public administration and geography.plz suggest me whether i should take coaching for GS from Sriram or public administration from Pawan sir(i can afford only 1coaching).
    2)Are Indian administration and Public Administration by Fadia and Fadia are sufficent or i should study from Goyal and Arrora along with these books

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi abhishek…
      i wud suggest u got for pub ad coaching with pavan sir…gs answer-writing and orientation can b taken care of provided u study well…but for pub ad, guidance is required…
      no, the 2 books by fadia r sufficient..but plz go thru the pub ad mains post for some other sources u might need to refer…

  26. Abhishek Singh says:

    Sir,now i cn use my hard earned money and time in a proper way by takng coachn 4m pawan sir.
    I al alng cam 4m a remote place in asam 2delhi 4preparatn f civil services.Thanks a lot sir.

  27. anaydwivedi says:

    hi rushikesh…
    kindly go thru the newspaper post to get an idea abt my strategy…

  28. Sir,sry 2disturb u i wnt 2knw 1mor thng.joining pavan sir cls 4m octobr 2 january,2011 wl be f much benefit or joing da test series f pavan sir aftr prelims exm 2011 wl be helful.i did my graduatn in comerc n hv strtd civils preparatn 4m august,2010.i m a freshr in pub add.watng 4ur rply


    hello sir,
    is it imp to write case study in answers?
    how can we write and include the current issues in paper1 as it is more theoretical?

  30. soni says:

    hello sir, i dont know much about psychology but as you said that subject need a lot of hard work.plz tell me can i prepare for it without any coaching as i cant afford it.
    kindly tell me the resourses.
    other thing is that plz tell me about geography As in the market i found alok sir notes but i dont know the proper quality of it.sir plz tell me as i am new in this field so dont know much about the preparation so tell me what should do
    whether go thru notes with contents of the syllabus or start ncert with some standard text books?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi there…
      kindly go thru my posts on gs…cant help u much with geography as it wasnt an optional for me…plz get in touch with ghanshyam thori and others with geography…u can find them in the references post on my blog…
      as for psych…plz go thru psych mains post…no need to attend coaching if u can understand the concepts on ur own…

  31. Vijay says:

    Hi Anay…This is Vijay..Well,out of sheer curiosity,am asking you this query..?
    During the final interview,many a times i have read that we as candidates are asked about our hobbies(which we have mentioned in our biodata at the time of filling mains application form..).So how did you tackle those queries..?
    I mean..i can mention two hobbies i can think of at this present moment.
    1) Newspaper Reading
    2) Introspection
    So how can the UPSC board members ask questions regarding these 2 hobbies..?
    Also how did you prepare for the interview stage..?
    If you could help us out,then that would be great…
    Thanks..Tk cr…

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi vijay…
      yes, Qs on hobbies r very frequently asked…u have to be really prepared for it…
      for ex my hobby was playing table tennis…so i cud b asked nething frm dimensions of tt table to origin of tt, to ping pong diplomacy to world rankings or y india is not as good as china…etc etc…even recent events like changes in ball diameter, points system, etc cud b asked…
      as for ur hobbies…newspaper reading: they may ask which newspapers u read..all abt tht newspaper…even Qs remotely related to it…say u state ToI…they may ask Qs abt the jain family, etc…
      abt introspection…u must knw its origin…its relevance in psychology…schools like structuralism, etc which used it extensively…wht u introspect on…how it helps u in day to day life…etc
      hope it helps…

  32. Prachi says:

    hi sir, m a beginner, goin to join vaji for gs dis oct……bt many ppl say its not dat good,is it true? do they focus on answr writtin durin mains course? n wat ’bout sriram’s gs ? i heard its good bt didn’t find a singl student 4m sriram gs course. i need to join an insti where i can improve my answr writtin skill .which one is bettr?really confused, plz help me out.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi prachi…
      cant comment on either as i joined only vaji way back in 2007 and the pattern has changed considerably since then…
      but sriram’s is better in some ways as personal guidance is it’s USP which is extremely imp…

  33. sandeep sharma says:

    hi, sir
    i m student of 4th yr. veterinary science from mhow veterinary college. i took psychology as 1st optional but confused for 2nd optional whether i choose veterinary science or any other. i also refer public. ad. but i m not comfortable with this sub. plzzzzzzz suggest me.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi sandeep..
      if u r not comfy with an optional…plz dont choose it…dnt see wht others r doing…only wht suits u…
      if u r comfy with vet science..go ahead and take it as an optional…kindly go thru my post on choosing the optionals for more…
      all the best

      • sandeep sharma says:

        tnx sir
        i wanna ask that is thr any scaling in mains exam. what should i do for new format of upsc especially for paper-2.

  34. swati says:

    hello sir,
    m in 3rd year of B.E. rite now n i m confused abt whether i should join coaching rite nw or should move to delhi after my engg………
    plz suggest smthing……….:(
    plz reply

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