I am Anay Dwivedi, rank 5, Civil Services exam 2009. This blog is for CSE aspirants. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you want…

Thanks and all the best.


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  1. avinash purohit says:

    i have given mains twice. In 2008 830 score, in 2009 872 score. In pub adm score only 251. Give some ram ban, by which i can score above 300. I am give detail of other subject in mains, Socio-294( 147 both), GS 237( Pap i-145, Pap ii-92),Essay 90.Anay what did u write in ur pub adm pap i. please enlightining us so that we can reach the zenith of succeess.

  2. pankaj kumar mishra says:

    sir ,i live in raipur ,chhattisgarh.I am in B.Sc. second year and planing to attempt the UPSC in 2012 .Could you please throw light on what strategy shall i follow for the comming two years regarding news paper reading, magazine selection,standard reference books and the way i must began and end my preparation satisfactorily so as to achieve top 10 ranks in first attempt.I am taking public administration and chemistry as my optionals.I would like you to tell me precisely the refernce books list of both pub ad and G.S. and also i must admit that i cannot afford coaching classes can it hamper my preparation. or i can crack the exam with only refernce books.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi pankaj
      kindly go through the posts…esp the gs prelims on how to begin ur prep..
      do go through blogs of other toppers like rashmita panda, prakash rajpurohit, tanvi sundriyal, shubhra saxena to name a few…u will then have to make a plan for urself and try to implement it…
      for pub ad, refer the pub ad mains post…for chem, u can get in touch with abhijeet agarwal (air 24)..he had chemistry as an optional and scored really good in it..
      coaching classes r not at all necessary for the prelims..for mains, for optionals such as pub ad, answer-writing is important…u can think about it once u’ve taken the prelims..right now, concentrate on imroving ur knowledge and getting the content ready…

  3. Ali says:

    Anay, I need help with my History optional (mains)… Im based in Hyderabad…
    Can u put me onto someone who has cleared the exam and could help me out in this subject?
    any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks

  4. manoj prakash jadhav says:

    respect sir my optional papar is 1st history and psychology i want reference book of psychology i have purchase a mukul pathak notes part -1 morgon &king intro of psychology which book should i refer part -2 sir i want tips about main exam the geography ,int &relation, sci &tec core economice ,history

  5. dipke mahendra says:

    good evening sir, i opted psycho as a second optional i m graduate in the sub but i found some difficulties that how to refer the books in the mains point of view

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi dipke…
      as i said in the psych mains post…i referred the books only according to the syllabus prescribed by upsc…
      so if i was gng thru the 1st topic of 1st chapter…definition and scope…i wud refer morgan and king or barons and look up the chapter where it was covered…
      plz go thru psych mains post for more…

  6. SUMIT says:

    boss, plz post complete strategy of psychology (pre & mains) like public adminstration(books for pre & mains,strtegy for pre & mains).thanks…….

    • anaydwivedi says:

      kindly go thru the posts…i have already done it…
      how can i comment on pub ad pre when i didnt have it as my 1st optional??!
      also, psych pre is not imp now as csat is gng to be introduced as far as i knw…

      • sumit says:

        actually by mistake i wrote pre for publis ad…….. boss i am appearing for RAS exam 2010,,,,so i need of basic knowledge of books for pre of (psychology)…………hope u dnt mind…

      • anaydwivedi says:

        for psych pre…
        1. morgan and king
        2. barons
        3. mukul pathak sir’s notes
        4. leventhal for physiological psychology
        and look up wikipedia or the net whenever u have doubts…

  7. sumit says:

    thanku so much boss………

  8. raviraaj says:

    hi anay,
    do u knw anybdy who will guide like u in sociology ?

  9. lata sisodiya says:

    hi anay
    i hv given mains twice n given interview dis year but couldnt succed in final.
    dis time i hv got 1120..pub ad is my second optional..m constantly getting 290..so cn u pls guide me that how could i improve my score in pub ad…recently i hv joined sunil gupta sir”s mains test series..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi lata
      try to assess where u missed out and keep up the hard work…m sure ur goal isnt far…1120 is a decent score…just missed out
      for pub ad…kindly go thru the pub ad mains post…it was my 2nd opt as well…so u might find it useful…
      i went to pavan sir for pub ad…and frm 309 and 287 in my 1st 2 attempts it jumped to 367…he’s really good…i suggest u meet him..it isnt late…

      • lata sisodiya says:

        hey anay thnx for replyin”.
        i vl definitly work out on ur advice…
        cud u pls give me any contact no.of pavan sir.. one thing i want to ask dat i rely more n more on books..
        isnt it right approach???

      • anaydwivedi says:

        hi lata…
        u can contact pavan sir on 9911366520
        it’s ok if u rely on books a lot as base knowledge is certainly very important…but do write points frm all different perspectives by thinking beyond wht the book says and also give examples frm current events as much as u can…tht wll make ur answer complete…

  10. lata sisodiya says:

    hi anay
    tdy i met pavan sir..
    nd hv shown him my answers…..he is very genuine n knowledgble….he told me the approach to write a scoring answer.
    thanx a lot anay as dis tme i hv to improve my score in pub ad…

  11. Mehak says:

    Hey anay,
    Do you know anyone who can guide me for Sanskrit or Physics.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi mehak…
      for physics u can get in touch with abhijeet agarwal (air 24 with 344 in physics)..he’s there on orkut and also has a blog for civil services aspirants
      as for sanskrit, i m sorry…i dnt knw anyone personally…although i knw tht rajiv raushan (air 23) and sanjay kumar khatri (air 67) had it as an optional…

  12. kailas says:

    sir, please send me the list of books of pub.admin. you have reffered topicwise.

  13. ankur dwivedi says:

    hello anay sir .
    I am b.tech final yr student. I want to prepare for CSE. SI rI am thinking to adopt one subject ‘mathematics’, and for second i m in doubt.
    Sir i am from hindi medium background but in the learnt english also ,while selecting 2nd optional i am in doubt? please guide me sir
    also sir should i take medium hindi or english? also i think i am comfortable with english only in maths, will interview progress in the same medium in which my papers are there(english/hindi)?

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi ankur
      for maths…kindly get in touch with prakash rajpurohit (air 2)…http://prakashrajpurohit.wordpress.com…he’s the topper in maths and will surely guide u well…
      as for medium of exam…appear in the one u r confident…i dnt knw tht much abt it…y not talk to prakash and ask him if maths in hindi is possible…
      for the other optional…kindly go thru my post on choosing the optionals…thts all i can say…
      interview can b in the same language in which u take the exam…so if u write in hindi…u can take the interview in hindi…but u can opt for english as well…
      but if u write the exam in english…u HAVE to take the interview in english…cant opt for other languages…

  14. ankur dwivedi says:

    hello anay sir,
    I have seen scores of many aspirants in CSE.it seems that by selecting optionals maths/physics/chemistry or some engineering subjects , good score can be obtained rather than opting arts’ subject.
    I think right now that i can do some arts subjects also.
    so what will be better for me? to opt art subject or technical one?my b.tech. is in electronics and communication engg.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi ankur
      it entirely depends on ur interest and aptitude…it is not abt an optional but abt the person-optional fit…
      kindly go thru my post on choosing the optionals…

  15. ankur dwivedi says:

    thank u sir
    sir , as you have given link http://indiacode.nic.in/coiweb/welcome.html
    , will it be sufficient to study constitution with its help (clauses in serial) as well as from “introduction to indian constituion”,,,,,,, because i am not getting the book “constnl laws” by dd basu

  16. ankur dwivedi says:

    thank you very much,sir

  17. Ravi says:

    Hi anay,
    First of all let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on your splendid success. I want to know a little about scaling done in mains examination but i find unsatisfactory answers everywhere. I was wondering if you could throw some light on it. I am planning to take Maths and Physics as my optionals and want to understand how much marks should i target for in these examinations, because from what i understand, the marks i actually score in the exams are not the marks that are used for determining the merit. They are scaled to appropriate levels. Do you have any understanding on how this is done? If not the exact procedure, any information from you would be helpful.

    thanks in advance .. and all the best for your future in civil services ..

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi raveesh…thanks a lot
      yup, i am afraid u will find an unsatisfactory answer here as well…nobody knows much abt the process…so wht u hear is also based on a lot of speculation…as far as my opinion is concerned, i feel it all depends on an individual’s interest and aptitude with respect to an optional rather than the scaling process, etc…
      for maths…please refer prakash rajpurohit’s blog..he’s the best for maths…u may also get in touch with rahul dwivedi…
      for psysics…abhijeet agrawal is the person to get in touch with…
      yup, tht’s correct…prakash told me tht he did 300/300 correct in the exam and he got 215 or so in the paper…so tht’s true…but how upsc came up with tht number or wht it did for other optionals is difficult to predict…

  18. rajshekhar says:

    Hi anay,
    I find that my notes making habit is similar to yours and i too cant read too many things moreover i have the same optionals too.
    Found your Blog customized for me. 🙂

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    I turn to you for any future suggestions. Do help me..

  19. ankur dwivedi says:

    hi sir,
    i wish to take maths and electrical/chemistry as optionals, and will give these papers in english medium , but basically i m from hindi medium background so i m not confident to face interview in english . sir., suppose interview goes very much disappointing due to language problem, so how much minimum marks are awarded in such a case in interview

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi ankur
      dont worry abt the language…just concentrate on the mains and do visit prakash rajpurohit and abhijeet agrawal’s blogs…interview is completely subjective in nature for which u neednt worry right now…

  20. priyanka pandey says:

    i dont just wanna clear upsc but want to achieve in a honourable popular way like u people i.e. i wanna get my rank b/w 1- 10. So how shld i prepare for dat. i dont wanna leave any stone unturned for my success which is my childhood and my parents dream with a ray of hope to get it true. my family bad situation motivates me 2 get success asap.

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi priyanka…
      work hard..thts the only mantra…dnt knw whether aiming top 10 or top 50, etc wud b the way to go for it…but just focus on studying and have patience…

  21. phanikrishna says:

    Hi sir
    It is nice to see your blog and it is really very helpful.

    I have one query. Iam currently working so could not attend any coaching. But i feel the need to get my answers evaluated,for GS and PSYCH especially. Whom do you suggest to approach and wheather it is possible without attending personally to get my answers evaluated, as iam in a remote location of jharkhand,far away from Delhi.

    Thank you

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi there…
      i dnt knw whether it wud b possible to get ur answers evaluated w/o being there in delhi…all the good teachers r extremely busy and it requires quite a lot of effort to seek their guidance even when u r in delhi…so i feel being in jharkhand is gng to make it even more difficult…

  22. amit mane says:

    i am currently working in Pune.whats your opinion about classes in Delhi? i want to study in pune itself. is it really necessary to go to Delhi ? i am opting history and pol. science as optionals. this is my first attempt, but studying from last 2 years though in a very random way.

    amit mane

    • anaydwivedi says:

      hi amit…
      gng to delhi isn’t necessary if u r confident abt ur prep and knw wht u r doing…
      some guidance for answer writing might b required…but tht comes at a later stage…for prelims and covering the basics…coaching isn’t tht essential…just chalk out a strategy and try ur best to implement it…

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